A Journey That Changed The World – Chapter 8 The First Meeting Between Fate

Chapter 8 The First Meeting Between Fate

Starfall City, Capital of the Avalon Empire , A purple-haired cat woman sat inside the Avalonian imperial palace garden. , She was watching the sky as a fierce storm brewed overhead. , The wind got faster, she saw a bright white flash lit up the sky. , Remembering the story her grandfather told her when she was a little girl. , Mumbling something as she rushed out of the room. , ”It can’t be!” , Making her way to the massive palace library making her way to the back room, rushed into the room, and grabbed a valuable book sitting alone on a shelf. , She sits down at a table as she opens the book and started reading. , The Avalon Empire’s history. , A warning from the past. , ”The land of Thrylos will be engulfed in a fierce storm, and the rivers will run red with blood. Empires and kingdoms will crumble as they fight to survive. , Only the boy who can bring the races together will be able to unite them against the impending disaster. , He is the key to stopping the storm and saving the land. , This boy is the firstborn in five millennia, and a white flash in the midst of the storm will signal the beginning of his journey. , He has been cast aside by his own family and travels with those who are opposite’s. , My descendants, you must find this boy at all costs. , Do not ignore my warning, for I have witnessed the divine power of the heavens and have been given hope by them. , It is they who have warned me of the coming storm and the importance of finding the boy.” , Cynrad Avalon, 1st Emperor and founder of the Avalon Empire. , ”So it’s begun, the time of bloodshed and violence, war will wash over the continent dying the land in blood.” , She left the library and went to find her husband. After running down a long hallway she hurried into a door with a bang. , Bang!~ , As a result, the man sitting at the desk jumped. , He was in his early 30s, blonde hair with emerald green eyes. A handsome clean-shaven face. , This is Osoric Avalon, emperor of the Avalon Empire. , ”Chloe what are you doing, You made me jump!” , ”Sorry Darling but the prophecy has begun!” , This sent the man into deep thought before summoning his butler. , Suddenly, an older man with red hair walked into the room before bowing. , ”Yes my Emperor, what can I do for you?” 𝘪𝘳.𝒸𝑜𝑚, Osoric replied quickly. , ”Tell my generals to increase security across the empire as soon as possible.” , Back to the forsaken forest , Talila stared at this strange yet handsome boy. , She was intrigued. , He seemed to be 13-14 years old, and he has scruffy snow-white hair, glowing violet eyes with a charming smile on his face. , Shaking her head at such thoughts. , ”So Archer, what will you do now?” , He looked at her for a moment. , Now that he was closer to her, he examined her even more closely. , She’s in her late teens or early twenties. , A pair of red eyes stared back at him, her silver hair shining in the sun. , She tied it into a ponytail that reached down to her plump ass. , Beautiful brown skin that looks smooth and blemish free. , Her pointy elf ears twitched and moved along with her emotions just like Archers did. , A pair of massive mountains sat firm on her slender but toned body that jiggled with every movement. , Archer stared at her jiggling mountains. , ‘So beautiful.’ , When she realized where he was looking. , Bop!~ , ”Ouch.” , Archer rubbed the spot on his head where she bopped him , ”Boy don’t be a pervert, don’t stare at women’s chests it’s rude!” , ”Okay, okay I’m sorry.” , He backed away so he didn’t get hit on the head while explaining what he was doing. , ”I’m going to go finish the wild dog quest, do you wish to meet once we finish our quests?” , Talila looks at this cheeky boy but nods with a small smile on her face. , ”Yes, let’s meet if you wish, Meet at the forest entrance.” , As She walks she away looked at this mysterious boy. , ”If you are not there little dragon we will leave, see you soon.” , Archer watched her walk away swaying her hips. , ‘She did that on purpose.’ , He turns and runs back into the forest towards the old man’s farm. , After a half-hour run, he arrives at the back of the farm, standing around trying to find any wild dogs. , That’s when he got an idea and takes out a wild dog’s corpse and smells it. , Sniff!~ , Taking in the smell and letting his nose get used to the smell of wild dogs. , Shaking his head, he sniffed the air. , After a few minutes, he smelled it in the air and run after it. , Talila P.O.V. , Walking back to the guys as she thought about the little pervert who kept staring at her chest. , What confused her was the fact that he just looked at her like he was appreciating her beauty, not the usual lusty looks she normally gets. , She was internally thinking. , ‘He was a very handsome boy who will grow into a gorgeous young man.’ , She felt her cheeks turn slightly red as she got closer to the others. , Shaking her head to clear such thoughts from her mind. , ”He is young, what are you thinking of Talila, yes, he is handsome, but that look in his eyes was a crazy one!” , She stopped in front of the others with red cheeks but failed to calm down. , ‘Damn boy!’ , Cecelia the healer tends to Darius a lion Demi-human lying on the floor, who was knocked out at the beginning of the fight. , Talila walked over and kicked the man. , ”Darius wake up you idiot, we have a goblin camp to find!” , The human knights, Radyn and Feyra were standing guard, and Novius was meditating to recover mana. , Cecelia asked what happened to the boy. , ”Where did that boy disappear to now, I thought he would have followed you, he seemed to be really into you, Hehe.” , Talila looked at the healer with a blank look. , ”He is a little boy, I turned 18 a few months ago.” , She walked towards a tree to sit down while Cecelia watched her. , Cecelia mumbled under her breath, not to piss the dark elf of anymore. , ”If he’s a little boy, then why are your cheeks red Hehe, We shall see Talila.” , Her wild imagination kicked into overdrive. , Back to Archer , He tracked the wild dog’s scent like a drug dog. , Running through the forest, he was getting closer to the targets. , After running for a while, he arrived at a clearing where he spotted a group of 10 wild dogs circling something. , As he climbed the tree, Archer saw what was being terrorized. , It was a black feline cub of some sort, it looked like a baby jaguar. , Sitting on the branch, he thought about his options. , Then an idea came to him. , He could create another spell due to ranking up. , Thinking about what he wanted to create, he remembered a spell from an anime he watched back on Earth. , Spell creation activated , He waited for a few minutes until he heard the notification he was waiting for. , Thunder step Created , Spell Creation cool-down activates until user ranks again , Arche selected the spell he just created. , Thunder step: allows user to teleport to spots he can see with his eyes, 10-meter range, 100 mana per jump , ”Well, this will come in handy, after killing these dogs I’ll check my new status Hehe.” , Jumping off the branch while silently casting the spell Cosmic Sword twice. , ‘Cosmic sword.’ , Silent Casting Learned , Thunder stepped in between the pack of wild dogs and the jaguar-looking beast while pointing his hands at them. , ‘Void blast.’ , Woosh!~ Woosh!~ Woosh!~ Woosh!~ , The four blasts flew forward hitting seven of the wild dogs, sending them flying and hitting the ground with a heavy thud. , The rest growled at Archer. , Growl!~ , Archer smiled and sang as he got excited over all the killing and blood. , Lunging forward and slashing a dog as he spun to search for another as he continued to sing. , ”Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall!” , Stabbing, slashing, and chopping were all that could be heard. , ”Humpty Dumpty had a great fall!” , ”HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” , ”All the king’s horses and all the king’s men!” , Archer laughed as he butchered the last wild dog. , ”Couldn’t put Humpty Dumpty back together again!” , He finished his song as he stood there breathing heavily and sweating. , His body still isn’t used to so much work. , That’s when he heard another growl behind him. , Growl!~ , He spun as quickly as he could. , But got tackled by the dog biting down on his left arm. , ”AHHHHHH!” , Crack!~ , Archer screamed out in pain as he felt the dog biting down so hard that he heard a crack in his arm. , The dog shakes its head as blood flew all over the place. , Getting covered in blood again. , His sword dropped when he got tackled. , Trying to get the wild dog to stop biting him. , He held out his right arm summoning another. , ‘Cosmic Sword!’ , Appearing in his right hand as he stabbed the dog in the ribs. , The beast’s jaws opened as Archer pulled his arm out while he blasted the thing with a Void Blast. , ”Erghhhh!” , It flew off and landed far from him, he slumped to the ground and looked at his mangled arm slowly repairing itself. , A/N – Leave some comments, power stones, and gifts. It all helps support the book. Artwork in the comments or discord, This content is taken from 𝘪𝘳.𝘤𝑜

Chapter end

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