Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 4 – [Falling Star Fist]

Chapter 4 – [Falling Star Fist]

Chen Liu retreated a few steps backwards, laughed happily at Chen Long and said: This is just sparring; well stop once a hit lands, Young Master Chen do not have to worry about losing too badly!

Long Chen gazed coldly at Chen Liu, and deeply felt the contempt behind that smiling mask. Indeed, if Long Chen did not undergo yesterdays experience, in the Yang family ranks, perhaps he would not even beat an outsider like Chen Liu.

However, right now, regardless of whether it is combat ability or tactics, he had undergone a world changing experience. Having just gained combat strength, deep down he is also raring to have a fight!

Chen Liu, I know your true colors, do not put up a front. If you want to fight then go ahead, however if I kill you accidentally, do not blame me!

Hearing such a resolute tone from Long Chen, Chen Liu was stumped momentarily. At the same moment when he decided to retaliate verbally, he caught Long Chens figure moving with surging Qi, throwing a fist at him!

Indeed you entered the Dragon Pulse Realm, but you are still not my match! Fine, if you do not know your place, dont blame me, Chen Liu, for not holding back!

Chen Liu lingered in the second level of the Dragon Pulse Realm for two years and had accumulated a huge reserve of Qi, right now instead of retreating he went forward with a big shout and threw a punch, opposing Long Chen directly.


The two opposing fists collided, causing an explosion of Qi, which pushed both parties backwards.

Feeling the strength of the opponents fist that was comparable to his strength, Chen Liu was startled: Well done, you actually concealed your strength deeply, the second level of the Dragon Pulse Realm!

Long Chen had also retreated.

Chen Lius Qi reserves are similar to mine, and he has more experience compared to me, if this fight is prolonged, I will definitely not be able to match him. Today is my first fight, if this ends with a loss; it will definitely hinder my progress in cultivation greatly, so even if I die I must not lose!

Thinking of that, Long Chens eyes turned bloodshot, his eyes turning quickly he suddenly saw a rock the size of a fist lying nearby.

He immediately cast his gaze away, stared at Chen Liu and said: Chen Liu, you definitely carry some weight, but I am stronger than you, try and take another fist of mine!ALL new hapters n nv()lbin(.)com

Throwing out a punch, Chen Liu was not to be outdone, and drew an explosive burst of Qi directing it to Long Chen!


This time, Long Chen was sent flying and fell violently towards the floor!

The old cripples son is indeed a cripple as well, with this pathetic strength of yours, how dare you even flaunt your strength in front of me, you ought to be beaten up!

Seeing Long Chen falling, Chen Liu knew that his strength was definitely stronger than his opponent and laughed loudly on the spot.

However Long Chen had already hopped back on his feet, his bloodshot eyes resting on Chen Liu. What Chen Liu did not see was Long Chen placing his left hand at his back.

You have actually not given up yet?

Chen Liu roared with laughter, and charged towards Long Chen again. Seeing how Long Chen desperately got cornered to the nearby wall, Chen Liu once again wanted to hit Long Chen with another fist and defeat him thoroughly. However at this point, Long Chens left hand jerked forward, gripping a black object and struck at Chen Lius face.

What is this?!

Chen Liu hurriedly used both hands to shield his face, and the black object struck his arm, from the pain felt on his arms, he could feel that it was a piece of rock.

Long Chen used all his strength to hit, but Chen Liu used his Qi to hit it away, thus not causing much damage to his arm.

Yet at this moment, Long Chen rushed towards Chen Liu, and landed a kick on his stomach. A loud bang sound was heard and Chen Liu gave a blood curdling screech, crashing into a willow tree and spurted blood on the floor, completely losing his combative state, only using a frightened gaze to look at Long Chen, with a face filled with disbelief.

YouYang Chen, you actually dared to hurt me, my elder cousin brother will definitely claim your wretched life!

Long Chen stood firmly and spit in contempt.

What kind of second level Dragon Pulse Realm practitioner are you, in front of my skills you will be killed easily!

Before Long Chen became a practitioner, he was involved in numerous fights. The move earlier was actually his ultimate move.

When the two fought he had thrown a heavy object directly at his opponents face. The face with the seven orifices and important organs is mans most important part of the body, and also the most vulnerable part. Chen Liu did not know what Long Chen threw at him, so he will definitely use his hands to block. While he deflected the rock, Long Chen had already simultaneously attacked him below where he had no defense left.

Thinking of yesterdays flashback where Chen Liu spit at Long Chen, and the loser in front of him that still threatened him, Long Chen walked towards Chen Liu and grabbed his collar tightly, sneering he said: You once called me a dog, you once spit at me, all these were the misdoings of your mouth, today I will not make things too difficult, Ill only seal this mouth of yours!

Chen Liu was frightened, and displayed an extremely horrified expression, even somewhat beggingly pleading with his eyes towards Long Chen. But before he got to speak, Long Chen had already punched him in the mouth, breaking all of his teeth. Chen Liu rolled on the floor crying in pain, full of regrets in his heart that were unfortunately too late.

Defeating Chen Liu, Long Chen suddenly felt his hair standing on his back. He hurriedly turned around and saw Yang Zhan and Yang Zhans father the second elder, Long Chens uncle, both standing five meters away.

They were actually just walking by, but happened to see such a fantastic show displayed in front of the martial arts hall. Chen Liu was Yang Zhans lackey, and was just beaten like that by Long Chen. Yang Zhan felt his rage rising, and stormed towards Long Chen with an imposing demeanor.

Yang ChenAre you courting your own death?

Without saying anything else, he sent a slap flying towards Long Chen.

From the palm which was backed with boundless Qi, Long Chen actually discovered that if he was not able to dodge in time, if the slap hits him he would without a doubt lose all of his teeth. Yang Zhans fury can definitely be seen.

Helpless Long Chen was inferior in strength, and could only sit around and wait for death.

He clenched his teeth tightly, the rage in his heart almost consuming him whole. This whole fiasco of being despised upon, living a life like a dog, he had had enough of it.

He swore that revenge will be exacted.

Why is it that he could slap me without questioning the truth, if my strength was greater than his, even with his father protecting him, would he dare to slap me so easily? If only I was stronger than him, it would already have been my turn to slap him!

This imminent slap was like a fuse, sending waves of pulsating vehemence.

A sound of pa was heard, and Yang Zhans arm was caught, only an inch away from Long Chens face. The wind pressure from the palm blasted at Long Chens face causing him pain.

The one who caught Yang Zhans arm was Yang Yuntian. Yang Yuntian sternly said: Zhan-Er, have you forgotten my teachings. We all are one big family, how can you easily strike, see if I do not punish you when we get back.

Shortly after he looked at Long Chen and said: Oh, you finally entered the second level of the Dragon Pulse Realm? With that said, you should be here for the martials techniques, if you want it then go ahead, but my father is there cultivating quietly, if you bother him, you will be punished severely

After which, without another look at Long Chen, he grabbed Yang Zhans arm and walked away.

Walking several tens of steps away, Yang Zhan finally could not contain himself and asked: Father, he injured Chen Liu, why did you not allow me to teach him a lesson? With that little ability of his, ten thousand of him would still be no match for me.

Yang Yuntian indifferently said: What do you want to show by constantly bullying a cripple, if you have any ability why dont you challenge your sister, Ling Yue or Yang Wu? Besides he is your aunts son, how can you treat him like a slave!

Yang Zhan gloomily muttered: The reason is not because of aunt, but only her eighth level of Dragon Pulse Realm ability. Father, give me more time, wont I be able to reach it as well?

Looking at their leaving shadows, Long Chen forcefully suppressed his rage within. However the debts of this slap today, and even the beatings and scoldings from before, he had remembered all of them clearly.

It is still the same line, do not give me a chance, if not you will rather wish to die than live.

After enduring for so many years, he has long since learned to control his emotions.

Looking at the martial arts hall, Long Chen threw aside any lingering feelings he had, he pushed open the stone door and walked inside.

As for Chen Liu, who was still lying in the same spot, he was only carried away after a long while at the command of Yang Yuntian.

Long Chen walked towards the tall pagoda within, raised his head and looked at the steel pagoda, and muttered: My very first martial technique is right here!

Casting his gaze to the side, there was a wooden hut. The Yang familys founder, his grandfather, was inside there cultivating. Outsiders usually did not dare to disturb him, and with the founder acting as a guardian, the martial arts hall was absolutely safe. Long Chen had fulfilled the conditions of looking at martial techniques, hence he was able to enter.

This old man, why is he acting so mysterious, when my father was younger he had already been in the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, only inferior to you by just a little, if he did not have the Dragon Jade, Im afraid he would already be someone who you would pin your hopes on.

With this slanderous thought, he stepped into the martial arts hall. After walking through several pathways, Long Chen had arrived at the internal section of the steel tower.

With my ability at the second level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, it seems that I am only able to practice Huang level martial techniques.

Yang family had a total of thirty three copies of basic Huang level martial techniques. Long Chen walked to this section of bookshelves, and from the first shelf, he chose a book called [Ferocious Tiger Punch].

Within a minute, Long Chen had placed the book down.

How it could be, why is this martial technique so easy?

After looking through these martial techniques, Long Chen felt that his five senses and comprehensive abilities were exceptionally great. He was able to understand completely the information written in the books.

If he could practice inside the martial arts hall, he felt that he could immediately cast these techniques out.

I am either a martial cultivation genius, or

The previous him from before had also looked through some simple techniques, but he had felt that it was difficult to understand. However the situation right now was totally different, so it could only be the effects from the mysterious Dragon Jade.

This mysterious Dragon Jade is inside my sea of consciousness, allowing my spirit to undergo changes, hence I am able to relax like a newborn baby, reading ten lines at a time, and even have a greater sense of my surroundings

Father, what exactly is this mysterious Dragon Jade, it can actually have such heaven-defying effects, not only could it transfer your cultivation Qi to me, it can even allow me to be a martial cultivation genius.

Looking through another several bookshelves containing basic Huang martial techniques, Long Chen felt that there wasnt any challenge at all. Therefore he went towards the intermediate section of Huang martial techniques, and it only contained five techniques. At a glance Long Chen had his eyes on one of the books titled [Falling Star Fist].

Body like a starry night, fist like a meteorite, as heavy as Mt. Tai, as fast as lightning

This [Falling Star Fist] attack capabilities are ranked near the top even among intermediate Huang martial techniques, Yang familys [Falling Star Fist] also had its own reputation, however according to what I see, it does not have that much difficulty to comprehend. I have already remembered the basic Huang martial techniques, so I will just copy this [Falling Star Fist]

Yang family secret techniques obviously could not be brought out of the martial arts hall, so after choosing a technique, one could only copy it.

One hour later, Long Chen had finished copying, and returned the martial technique back to its original position.

During the process of copying, I have already understood the contents inside, so now I will head out to practice. However, this intermediate Huang martial technique, I do not know if I am able to master it.

Huang martial techniques, are separated into 3 levels: basic, intermediate and advanced. Every three levels in the Dragon Pulse Realm is usually assigned like this. By choosing an intermediate rank, Long Chen had already crossed the level barriers in cultivation.

[TL Note: Basically this means that levels 1-3 are Basic Dragon Pulse Realm, levels 4-6 are Intermediate Dragon Pulse Realm, and levels 7-9 are Advanced Dragon Pulse Realm.]

With the uniqueness of the Dragon Jade, I should be able to achieve it.

Making up his mind, Long Chen walked out of the martial arts hall, and when he neared the stone door, a parched voice rang beside his ears.

Yang family martial techniques should be destroyed immediately once finished practicing. If one is discovered to divulge the secrets, they will face immediate execution!

Yang Chen looked back but did not see anyone behind him. He hurriedly replied: Yes, grandfather, Yang Chen will take his leave.

He chose the intermediate Huang martial technique, which can be considered as disregarding the rules. Afraid that the old man would discover something, he answered and quickly left.

Inside the hut, an old man opened his eyes, and helplessly exclaimed: I originally thought that this boy could be a talent that can be groomed, but he seems to bite off more than he can chew, and actually chose an intermediate Huang martial techniquewhat a pity. Long Qinglan previously could be said to have the greatest potential to enter the Deity Dan Realm

Chapter end

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