Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 41 – [Dragon Soul Transformation]

Chapter 41 – [Dragon Soul Transformation]

Seeing that Bai Zhanxiong seemed to have said something in front of her son and that Long Chens eyes had turned into a crimson blood red colour, Yang Xueqings anxiety reached new heights.

Bai Zhanfeng was still restraining her shamelessly. Their strengths were equal so when Yang Xueqing had been distracted from worrying about the safety of Long Chen, it was even more impossible for her to breakthrough his impediment.

Suddenly, there were gasps of astonishments.

Everyone, quickly look at what is happening to that boys body!

Momentarily, everyone concentrated their gaze on Long Chens body. At that moment, Bai Zhanxiong also felt that something was amiss. His expression changed as he realised that if he did not kill Long Chen, something dreadful might happen!

It was a [Dark Heavenly Finger] that struck in close proximity this time. Long Chen had been completely unprepared and the Yang Family members were all furious yet were helpless as they saw this scene!

However, in the next instant, there was a layer of red light that appeared beside Long Chen. Bai Zhanxiongs finger technique had actually been deflected away by the light. Bai Zhanxiongs entire body staggered back in mortification. His looks of astonishment were rather amusing.

At that moment, Long Chen had once again delved into his sea of consciousness and from his vision; he could see that the Mysterious Dragon Jade Pendant and Inherited Blood Essence had once again fused together!

The Dragon Jade completely turned blood red at a rapid rate. The blood red blood Qi containing the nine Dragon veins reappeared. And one sliver of the blood red energy once again circulated in the dragon patterns of the Dragon Vein!

Long Chen momentarily let out a jubilant expression. It was just like the previous time when he had learnt the divine ability [Blood Transmuted Qi] which seemed heaven-defying. Right now, it was on a different path of circulation. This means that he would learn a new type of divine ability which would be rather decent!

While watching the path of circulation, Long Chen had also circulated his own faint red Qi. Even though he was still in his sea of consciousness, he could clearly feel that his body was drastically changing. He could also hear the alarmed outbursts of the people around him.

When the Dragon Jade had completed the circulation in his body and separated from the Inherited Blood Essence again, Long Chen felt that his newly discovered divine ability was almost complete.

An ancient thread of information flowed into Long Chens mind. By the time Long Chen discovered what the name of this divine ability was, he had already withdrawn from his sea of consciousness and looked at his own body.

Currently, he had blood colored scales and sharp spikes protruding out from his entire body. His energy had increased tenfold. The Qi which had originally been a faint red, had now completely turned blood red.

Everyone was stunned from watching the massive changes to Long Chens body and even the battle of Founder Young, and the rest had gradually come to a stop.

These are the same changes as the previous night. The difference is that from now on I can control this transformation.

This is..[Dragon Soul Transformation]!

After feeling that his power had increased boundlessly, Long Chen smirked. He knew that everyone was astonished at the current changes of his body. There was perfect silence for a couple of breaths before someone unexpectedly muttered: This should be the Beast Warriors shapeshifting technique. When did he become the legendary Beast Warrior?

The three syllables Beast Warrior instantly appeared in numerous peoples mind. They could feel that Long Chen had drastically become more powerful. In the crowd, there was a mix of happiness and sadness.

Bai Zhanxiong, who had previously been slightly frightened was still standing in front of Long Chen but after seeing that terrifying murderous blood red aura, his complexion had turned pale white!

Before everyone snapped out of their shock, Long Chen had already locked his gaze on Bai Zhanxiong. Under the startled gazes of everyone, he turned into a blood red shadow that shot towards Bai Zhanxiong!

When he was in motion, both of his hands were rapidly forming the seal. There were a total of nine clear, blood red images of Dragon Gods that were violently traversing around his hands. They were giving off frightening dragon roars and the violent energy created from both of his hands made a lot of people feel that it was too sinister and cold!

When Long Chen used his now matchless strong body and the enormous yet strange Qi to form the most powerful [Seal of the High Profound Dragon], his bodys aura would cause even an expert who was at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm to feel suffocated!

This is such a strong move. It will be difficult for even experts who are at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm to use that move!

An eighth level Dragon Pulse Realm expert from a second rate family in the Poplar Town exclaimed in astonishment.

When the Bai Familys Master saw that Long Chen had unexpectedly used such a powerful move, with his higher insight, he knew that move was more than just terrifying. His expression instantly changed and he exclaimed: Zhan Er! Quickly dodge that attack!

However, it was already too late. After seeing Long Chen suddenly becoming so powerful, Bai Zhanxiong just couldnt believe it. When he tried to kill Long Chen previously, it was deflected by the blood red light. Now, he clearly felt that light had disappeared, giving him another chance to kill Long Chen, so he did not intend to dodge him!

Bastard, your father died by my hands. Today, you will definitely also die under my hands. This is the fate of your family. Your struggles are futile! The previous [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring] did not kill you. So, now I will let you taste it again!

[Dark Heavenly Finger Nine Orbits Yellow Spring]!

Oh really?

As he charged forward rapidly, the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] had already been completed and an immense energy brought an aura that could seemingly pierce the heavens. Long Chen had seemed to turn into a nine blood red Dragon Gods as he howled and advanced towards Bai Zhanxiong. The path he stepped on had sent the stone tiles on the pavement to be smashed into pieces, flying into the air!

Father, you must have thought that it was too shameful to have died under a petty creature like Bai Zhanxiong so you didnt tell me about it. However, I will be able to avenge you today!

Nine blood red dragons had momentarily caused the ground to tremble. At that point, Bai Zhanxiongs [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring] already reached Long Chen. Previously, the [Nine Orbits Yellow Spring] was able to hit Long Chen but now the situation was fully reversed. This time, it was completely shattered into pieces by [Seal of the High Profound Dragon]. The energy from the [Seal of the High Profound Dragon], at this point, had squarely hit Bai Zhanxiong, whose face was filled with madness and disbelief. All his clothes and possessions on his body were shredded into pieces immediately!

Xiong Er!

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Third younger brother!

The few experts from the Bai Family wanted to assist Bai Zhanxiong but at this moment, Founder Yang and the rest sneered and obstructed the Bai Familys advancement in sync.

However, as the Yang Family saw that Long Chen becoming so powerful, they were extremely excited, especially Yang Xueqing. Currently, in her heart, it was completely filled with the valiant appearance of Long Chen. That bloody yet perfect [Dragon Soul Transformation] had made her feel extremely proud of Long Chen!

The me before, had I really been wrong by this much? What was I thinking before? After all, he is my son

After Long Chen had beaten the eighth level Dragon Pulse Realm Bai Zhanxiong in the open, the smaller factions who were watching on, had at this time kept mum out of fear.

Producing such a devilish genius with such heaven defying abilities, in the future Poplar Towns ranking of Bai Family as the first and Yang Family in second, would most likely be reversed.

They were all staring at the blood red figure and swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

This, is he still the spoilt and useless brat from before?

The disparity from the current him to the previous him made every one of them feel like their mouth was parched and tongue scorched.

At this point, the drama had taken on a whole new direction. Earlier it was the Bai Family members who had constrained the Yang Family but now Long Chen had reversed the unfavourable situation. Long Chens [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] had injured Bai Zhanxiong critically and the masses were all now anticipating what Long Chen would do next.

In the Yang Family, when Yang Yuntian looked at that blood red figure, he crouched on the floor painfully. He knew that in his life, he would never be able to avenge his son anymore.

The current Long Chen seemed to be like a roc that had flown towards a sky where it was forever impossible for him, Yang Yuntian, to touch him.

[TL Note: (Expression), Out of his league]

As for Yang Lingqing, she was also looking at this person who had protected her. Tears had been brimming in her eyes since long ago.

In her heart, Long Chen right now, had become an omnipotent god.

Brat, let go of my son!

Looking at the critically injured Bai Zhanxiong who was grabbed in Long Chens hands, the Bai Familys Master was greatly appalled and his shrill voice had sounded out.

Seeing his pained look, Long Chen sneered.

Sins by the heaven can be forgiven, but if you sinned, you must die!

After that, he looked at Bai Zhanxiong who was in his hands. Bai Zhanxiong currently looked just like Bai Shiji in the morning. His complexion was devoid of colour and he spat out a mouthful of blackened blood. A pair of frightened eyes looked towards Long Chen, and as disbelief turned into despair, he pleaded.

Pleaplease forgive me! I am begging you. I dont want to die..

Seeing that Bai Shanxiong unexpectedly did not have a backbone, Long Chen looked down on him even more. He plainly said, If you knew this would happen, you wouldnt have said that you were the one that killed my father. However, now that I know the truth, even in death, I wont let you die easily!

As his words neared the end, Long Chens voice became increasingly louder. Those who were present all heard that Long Qinglan was actually murdered by Bai Zhanxiong.

It was no wonder why Long Chens gaze was filled with such hatred!

If you want to blame it on someone, then blame yourself for not killing me immediately and even letting me find out about the truth which made me terribly furious! However, I wont make the same mistakes as you!

In front of Long Chens frosty look, Bai Zhanxiong already had an ominous premonition. The crimson red in Long Chens eyes had caused his whole body to shudder uncontrollably. He began to cry out mournfully as he could already feel as though the blood inside his body had currently all turned into knives and pierced every bit of his flesh and skin. All of the eerie scales from Long Chen had absorbed them into his body!

This was the first time Long Chen used [Blood Transmuted Qi] on a human, and whats more, with the subject still alive!

Since you were the one who killed my father, I will take special care of you. Bai Zhanxiong, have a great time enjoying the sensation!

At this moment, Bai Zhanxiongs shrill screams and pleading had caused everyones hearts to feel a chill running down their spine. Seeing that blood red and ice cold figure, they had all retreated several steps behind.

When he heard his son giving out such a heart piercing scream, the eyes of the Bai Familys Master turned blood red and he bellowed in rage, Yang Cangqiong, get out of my way. If you dont release my son, your Yang Family will be seeking death!

Founder Yangs expression remained impassive, he continued to engage him and said: On the contrary, though, I had wanted to ask you. I had really wondered how you were able to remain so laughably innocent after all these years? If it was Bai Zhanxiong who had beaten Long Chen right now, would you have stopped this fight?

Founder Yang had returned the words that were given to him by the Bai Familys Master. In his heart, he felt it was extremely invigorating as actually the one that was the most depressed tonight was him. Today, his dreams of the numerous years of brotherhood had shattered. Even though he didnt mention it verbally, it had greatly impacted him.

Tonight, Bai Zhanxiongs piercing scream had been engraved deeply in hearts of everyone and that moment they saw that fresh red blood had actually broken through underneath Bai Zhanxiongs skin and excitedly rushed into Long Chens body. Everyone inhaled a huge breath of air and felt numbed in their heads and towards Long Chens methods, they had really been perturbed!

Bai Zhanxiongs blood vessels had also contained a huge amount of energy. The Qi had been refined by [Blood Transmuted Qi] was even more immense than the spirit jade or demonic energy cores that he had fed on. At this point, the blood of Bai Zhanxiong, who was at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, had all been completely absorbed by Long Chen and a vast amount of energy surged from within his body. Long Chen was momentarily elated!

It is the time to breakthrough to the seventh level of the Dragon Pulse Realm and into the Human Dragon Vein!

Chapter end

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