Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 74 – Fiery Battle!

Chapter 74 – Fiery Battle!

State your name.

Glancing at Long Chen, Wen Ya looked down and fiddled with the pen in his hand.

Long Chen.

Wen Ya nodded his head. After finding Long Chens name on the list, he spoke plainly, Show us the steel hearts that you have acquired!

Long Chen gave a slight nod. He could feel Huang Feiyangs cold gaze on him but he wasnt bothered by it at all.

Currently, only Long Chen was left and unless there were some unexpected events, the top ten was already determined.

Liu Fengfeng managed to place within the top ten through luck. Right now, he was looking at Long Chen with a mix of excitement and anticipation written on his face, waiting to see if Long Chen could produce a single steel heart out.

As for Huang Xiang, he had a far more serious gaze as he really wanted Long Chen to enter top ten so he could vent his anger.

I hope you have acquired at least 23 hearts!

Even if it was only 23 pieces, Long Chen was younger than Liu Fengfeng. With that taken into account, Liu Fengfeng might be knocked out of the competition due to Long Chen.

After Wen Ya gave the instructions, he looked even more closely at Long Chens cosmos pouch. At this moment, steel hearts after steel hearts began to appear in Long Chens hands. Seeing the sheer number of steel hearts, Liu Fengfengs jaw dropped.

He was really able to acquire some steel hearts, and the number isnt less than ten. Uh

He was quite surprised initially but, after seeing the never ending stream of steel hearts appearing from Long Chens cosmos pouch, his previously relaxed expression turned more serious with each passing second and soon his body began to tremble.

As the number of steel hearts on the table noticeably surpassed 23 pieces, Liu Fengfengs complexion turned deathly pale as he glared at Long Chens back. Before long, his eyes gradually turned bloodshot with rage!

Long Chen How? This cant be right! Hes just a country bumpkin from some backwater town. How could he surpass me? I was born and raised in Yuanling City.

Liu Fengfengs gaze was filled with disbelief. He even roughly rubbed his eyes but still he wasnt able to change the cold hard reality in front of him.

Seeing that Long Chen managed to bring out more than 23 steel hearts, both Wen Ya and Huang Feiyang were surprised, and looked at Long Chen more seriously., Huang Xiang was finally able to heave a sigh of relief. He sniggered inwardly: Surpassing 23 pieces will qualify you for the second round. Youre the person who is seeking death so dont blame me for it.

However, the amount of steel hearts Long Chen held kept rising. Everyones focus had already shifted over to him while their jaws momentarily dropped in surprise.

Everyones gazes became stunned, especially when the amount of steel hearts Long hen produced was reaching into the fifties. Wen Yas and Huang Feiyangs gazes towards Long Chen had also changed a lot.

In regards of Huang Xiang, his brows slowly frowned. He originally thought that reaching first place was an already done deal. But right now it seemed like he might be surpassed!

The thought that he might lose to Long Chen made his anger soar through the roof.

He had already let Long Chen off the hook once; if Long Chen still didnt know better, his murderous intent would only increase further.

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Seeing nearly 60 steel hearts, even Wen Ya was beaming at Long Chen.

Huang Feiyang seemed indifferent but the amount of steel hearts Long Cheng produced kept rising. The others were already shocked numb by what they saw. Especially Liu Fengfeng, who felt as if his head was spinning.

On the other hand, Huang Xiang was tightly clenching his fists, because the amount of steel hearts Long Chen had was about to go beyond his!

In fact, within an instant, the amount had already surpassed his. Huang Xiangs complexion turned scarlet immediately. He glared at Long Chen, who stole his first place away from him. Hatred slowly festered in his heart.

This time, you must be eliminated! If I dont kill you, I will suffer discomfort for the entire year. Whoever offends me wont be able to escape the fate of death!

Everyone looked at Long Chen with a shocked expression. Seeing Long Chen finally put away his cosmos sack, the resulting heap of steel hearts in front of him was larger than Huang Xiangs. By now, everyones gazes towards him were completely different!

Wen Ya burst out laughing: A total of 75 steel hearts, making your results the best this selection. But you are a beast warrior which gives you an advantage. These results arent considered extraordinary. In the past, every time a beast warrior entered the competition, they would always produce great results!

Long Chen had actually acquired 105 pieces of steel hearts. Since he had already gotten the top position, he held onto some of them.

As Wen Ya announced Long Chens amount of steel hearts, Liu Fengfeng wasnt able to stand steadily and had already collapsed onto the ground.

Shortly, the top ten for this round of selection was already extremely clear. They all knew that Long Chen was the undisputed number one and Huang Xiang was second while Liu Fengfeng was forced out of the top ten positions.

Excluding the top ten people, everyone else lost their rights to further participate in the Lingwu Family selection.

Thus with a cold sweep of his gaze, Wen Ya said with a frosty tone: Those who failed to make it into top ten shall leave this place immediately. You will have a chance during the next Lingwu family outer clans selection!

Liu Fengfeng, whose head was spinning, was carried out. Before he left, he was still staring intently at Long Chen, unable to figure out why and how such an event had occurred.

Among the crowd of martial artists that came to partake in the selections, exactly ten people remained.

You should all take a rest, we will soon start the second round of the selections, which will be

Wen Ya looked around and spoke softly: One versus one battle. Our rules are quite simple. When the time comes, we will separate you into five groups. In each group, two people will fight each other. Whoever wins will be a part of my Lingwu Family. Do you understand?

Long Chen and the others nodded immediately.

At the moment, Huang Xiangs line of sight was solely directed on Long Chen. Even Wen Ya could feel the baleful aura that was emitted from Huang Xiangs body.

He frowned before looking again at Huang Feiyangs indifferent look. He decided not to mention it before he said directly: In fifteen minutes, your opponents will be announced. You should all make your preparations!

Upon this field, there was a large fighting stage. It appeared to be an arena for battles.

At this moment, Huang Feiyang and the others were discussing among themselves, while Long Chen and the rest of the top ten people were hastily treating their wounds in preparation for the upcoming battle.

Long Chen didnt need to make any preparations. He glanced at Huang Xiang and saw him staring back. The murderous glint in his eyes was obvious.

Obnoxious fly, today you will finally meet your end! Huang Xiang said coldly.

Wow, this little yellow dog unexpectedly speaks the human tongue. So scary.

[TL Note: Yellow () refers to the Huang in Huang Xiangs name.]

Long Chen pretended to sound like a woman, making the surrounding people feel repulsed by him. But for Huang Xiang, it was an enormous slap in the face.

He instantly tightly balled up his fists. If the Lingwu Family people werent present, he wouldve already charged up to Long Chen to claim his life.

You will probably be unable to laugh after hearing who is your opponent is later. The Lingwu Family is my turf. There is no room for you here.

While people were resting, fifteen minutes passed swiftly.

Right now, the pairing for the duels had already been set up by Wen Ya and his peers. Long Chen suddenly felt that both Huang Feiyang and Huang Xiang were giving him looks filled with malice.

Looking at Huang Feiyang, Long Chen could already guess the result.

Sure enough, as soon as it was announced. Long Chen found out that his opponent is Huang Xiang, plus it would also be the last battle.

This must be Huang Xiangs doing right? I robbed him of his first place finish so his current hatred towards me must be bone deep.

Seeing Huang Xiangs smug expression, Long Chen sniggered inwardly.

When the time comes, I will show you who is more powerful!

Presently, according to Wen Yas arrangement, two youths in the ninth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm had entered the stage and started fighting. They were both in the same realm as Founder Yang, but in reality, they were much more powerful.

People of Yuanling City are all impressive, even in this tiny part of town.

From seeing the fight between these two people, Long Chen managed to gain some insight. As they were fighting, time passed gradually. Soon, the 5 spots for entering the Lingwu Family already had four names on it.

Regarding the qualification for the last spot. It would be decided between Long Chen and Huang Xiang.

Right now, everyones gazes were upon Long Chen and Huang Xiang. Huang Xiang sneered towards Long Chen and headed into the arena first.

Outside the arena, Wen Ya looked at Huang Xiang and Long Chen glaring at each other. He then glanced at Huang Feiyang who had a frosty look next to him before he shook his head with self-pity, thinking to himself: This Long Chen really is a good seedling, but he should never have offended Huang Xiang. It is such a shame that another talent will be ruined. If the deacon finds out that Ive cheated, Ill be in serious trouble!

Generally speaking, there were rules to pairing these duels. It should be decided by placements during the first selection. It works as follows, first place against the last place. Second place against the ninth place and so on.

Normally, during the first selection. whoever acquired the most steel hearts would also have stronger powers so the top five in collecting the steel hearts would be able to enter the Lingwu family. However, due to Huang Feiyang, Long Chen and Huang Xiang would face off against each other instead.

Initially, both of them were qualified to enter Lingwu Family, but now only one of them could.

Although this Long Chen was able to acquire more steel hearts, he still cant measure up to the Huang Familys skills. Even if it is just a Profound Grade martial technique, it will be enough to make Long Chen suffer.

Wen Ya was harbouring these thoughts as he gave Long Chen a glance filled with pity before announcing the start of battle!

Huang Xiang laughed Immediately: Kiddo, I bet you still remember the taste of my [Wheel Of Radiance] from last time. So be it, today I will let you experience it again. I dont believe that, even if you managed to block it once, you can block it the second time!

Long Chens current aura kept rising steadily. Soon enough, in front of the shocked expressions from everyone, he once again went through [Dragon Soul Transformation]. His body was soon covered in scales and spikes, making everyone lock their brows.

Long hen balled up his fist before he sneered: Since I can block that level of attack once, I most certainly can block it twice!


When Huang Xiang sneered, he had already launched [Wheel Of Radiance] again.

Just like last time, an incredibly powerful force flew from his body and pressed tyrannically against Long Chen.

The same attack is meaningless against me!

Just like last time, Long Chen rapidly dashed towards Huang Xiang. Rays after rays of images of Dragon Gods was released by Long Chen. The roaring attack suddenly charged towards Huang Xiang.

[Wheel Of Radiance]!

[Seal of the High Profound Dragon]!

The sudden collision had made the expressions of Wen Ya and Huang Feiyangs face change a little.

Seeing that the advanced Huang grade [Seal of the High Profound Dragon] was actually able to contest against his Huang family Profound grade martial technique, Huang Feiyangs face showed his disbelief.

Wen Ya also bitterly smiled and shook his head. This Long Chen really gave me a surprise. But seeing this result, he still wont be able to escape death today

Chapter end

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