Dragon Blooded War God – Chapter 94 – Sky Martial Realm Competition!

Chapter 94 – Sky Martial Realm Competition!

While riding on top of the Wind Rendering Spirit Roc, his mood was similar to when he had first arrived.

Before, he was much too weak and had no idea how to deal with Huang Feiyangs thirst for his blood. Now, he still had insufficient strength and had no idea how to deal with Liu Lan.

Their assignment this time had resulted in an unfortunate accident, causing Wen Ya to feel uneasy. There was little he could do other than let the Lady Enforcer handle everything.

The Wind Rendering Spirit Roc arrived swiftly at Yuanling City. It hovered over Ling Wu City before descending into the backyard of the Green Willow Residence, which belonged to the Green Sun Branch. Gan Lin was already waiting there.

News of the incident at Yan Luo Town had already spread back to the Green Willow Residence. That was how Gan Lin knew that amongst the people who returned, there was Long Chen but no Huang Feiyang.

Seeing this relaxed youth, Gan Lin sighted inwardly in admiration but also with concern. He told Long Chen, This kind of travel must be taxing on you. Im sure youre tired, so youd better return to your residence. If there are any events you are required to attend, I will contact you.

Long Chen nodded as he thanked Gan Lin, and then turned to leave. He knew that Wen Ya would be brought in front of Enforcer Liu for questioning.

No matter what, they were still Long Chens examiners.

That bastard will probably give me the lowest evaluation.

But this didnt matter to Long Chen. If he really was talented and proved his worth in future battles, there was no need to worry too much about the evaluation.

Returning to his residence, Long Chen sorted out his gear and travel goods. He suddenly noticed his identity badge and scanned it, noting with surprise that his contribution points had increased to 30.

I simply completed one assignment and received 30 contribution points. I wonder how the Ling Wu Family price their items with these contribution points! I hope theyre easier to use than Deity Jades

Time passed swiftly as he bantered with Ling Xi. As night descended, Long Chen prepared to cultivate and Ling Xi began to pout, putting on a face of disapproval as she said, That stinking woman is looking for you again!

Is it Liu Lan?

Long Chen stood up, ready to face that woman. To him, this was the same as a battle.

If he was only a tiny bit careless, he might die at this womans hands.

Absorbing Ling Xi back into Lingxi Sword, Long Chen went to open the door. Unexpectedly, just as he opened the door, he felt a threatening aura that headed straight for his throat!

Long Chen was convinced that if he didnt use all his might, he would surely die on the spot!

This woman is clearly measuring my martial prowess, but I didnt imagine she would be so ruthless. Im afraid that if I were still stuck at the eighth level of the Dragon Pulse Realm, death by her hands is certain!

At that instance, Long Chens complexion changed as he exuded the qi of a Human Dan Realm cultivator. Only then did he barely manage to fend off Liu Lans sudden attack, and even then, this had shaken him to the core and cause his blood to boil, forcing him several steps backwards!

As he was forced to retreat, Liu Lan walked in as if nothing had happened. She fixed her eyes on Long Chen as she smiled flirtatiously and closed the door softly.

So you managed to enter the Human Dan Realm

She stepped forth with rosy cheeks and an alluring body. As she approached Long Chen, a waft of alluring body fragrance assailed his nostrils.

As she licked her red lips provocatively, she glanced at Long Chen in a way that screamed come here and do me!

But Long Chen wasnt enticed since he knew of the ways of this woman. If one fell for her tricks, one might die without even knowing how it had happened.

Long Chens hairs stood at its ends as he backpedaled and looked over Liu Lan indifferently.Geett the ltest vels on no/v/elbin(.)c/om

Is there a reason to why Lady Enforcer is looking for me?

Seeing Long Chens expression, Liu Yan laughed faintly in her heart and said in a flirtatious manner, What do you think? A man and a woman, alone in the middle of the night with passion in the air. What else could happen

[TLN: in the raw () literally mean an encounter between dry firewood and a flameand comes from - Dream of the Red Chamber created by Cao Xueqin in the Qing Dynasty. I used passion in the air instead.]

Her erotic ways stirred a fire within Long Chen, but he knew that this powerful Enforcer Liu was that kind of woman that one could see but never touch.

Lady Enforcer, please conduct yourself with dignity.

Long Chen spoke like a gentleman.

Seeing Long Chens awkward expression as as he tried to uphold his own righteousness, Liu Lan burst out a giggle. Her smile was like the wild swaying of flower branches, a pair of jade white figures constantly jiggling in front of Long Chens eyes, thus dazzling him. All of a sudden, Liu Lan had on a half-smile that made it difficult for one to discern whether she was actually smiling or not. She looked at Long Chen and said, You actually managed to get rid of Huang Feiyang. Not bad.

Suddenly hearing this statement from Liu Lan, Long Chen was scared into silence. However, seeing that this woman didnt seem to be angry, he calmed down.

You dont need to deny it, I already know that Huang Feiyang died by your hands. Dont be afraid, I wont punish you. Its the exact opposite- I want to encourage you.

One indeed could not judge this woman by conventional standards. Since he wasnt clear on what kind of situation this was, Long Chen chose to remain silent.

Alright, I wont tease you anymore.

Liu Lan rearranged the crape she was wearing and continued, In a couple of days, the younger generation of the Green Faction is going to have a collective competition inside the Sky Martial Realm. The participants are all three star rated cultivators of the Human Dan Realm. You just stepped into the Human Dan Realm and just happen to be rated at three stars, so you cant escape this competition

Three stars?

Long Chen was a bit unclear about this ranking. He already knew that the potential of members of outer factions were divided into 5 ranks. Being able to reach 3 stars meant that he was superior to those in Green Willow Residence.

When Long Chen had just entered the Ling Wu Family, Gan Lin had described this Sky Martial Realm to him. This was a tiny Cosmos Dimension where there were a lot of Demonic Beasts, and was a place where members of the Ling Wu Family went to train. He had no idea that right after he returned from an assignment, he would be forced to participate in this competition.

Luckily for him, the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect didnt know the existence of the Yang Family. Killing Proctor Qin and Proctor Shi had also diverted their attention elsewhere, or else Long Chen would truly be out of ideas of what to do.

My current strength is still not enough for me to contend with the Crimson Blood Sacred Sect. Since the Sky Martial Realm has a huge amount of Profound Grade Demonic Beasts within, its an excellent place for me to temper myself and raise my strength!

With this thought in mind, Long Chen had acquired a purpose. His gaze was much more resolute now.

Seeing that Long Chen didnt show any traces of fear, Liu Lan sneered secretly but still spoke sweetly, This competition inside the Sky Martial Realm isnt a big deal. Gan Lin will tell you about the rules and prizes, but

Barely saying two sentences, Liu Lan put on a face of indifference.

When Feng Wutian asked me about Huang Feiyang just now, I accidentally blurted out the matter about you killing Huang Feiyang. Feng Wutian just happens to be our Green Sun Branchs number one seed in this Sky Martial Realm competition

After saying this, she started to laugh, while Long Chen narrowed his eyes and stared coldly at this woman.

Whats the deal with this woman? Earlier, she paired me up with Huang Feiyang and now shes instigating conflicts between me and Feng Wutian. Feng Wutian is at the apex of the Human Dan Realm, so how could I be his match? Why does it feel like she is trying to force out my hidden potential?

Seeing Long Chens cold gaze, Liu Lan stopped laughing and said flatly, Feng Wutian is a young expert Ive single handedly cultivated for the past few years. Though hes merely three years older than you, hes already ready to enter the Earth Dan Realm and has another status. He possesses the bloodline of the Vermilion Bird Clan, one of our four Great Inner Clans. Whether in terms of potential or strength, he is far beyond you. Thats why I think there is a 90% chance that you will die within the Sky Martial Realm. Kid, know your place. Defeating that trash Huang Feiyang, doesnt count for much

Before, Liu Lan had been speaking in a teasing manner. However, the tone she carried now that she was speaking seriously showed indifference, her eyes carrying a trace of disdain. Long Chen could clearly sense this.

She had been praising me all this while, but Im afraid her current attitude reflects how she truly views me- with contempt.

After throwing Long Chen a gaze filled with contempt, Liu Lan turned and left.

Along the road of cultivation, a persons effort is important but bloodline is even more important. Long Chen, you are just a common Beast Warrior and havent even refined a Profound Grade Beast Spirit. How can you even contend against the Vermilion Bird bloodline?

I imagine you might be unaware of this, but ones background is the most important factor that determines whether one will become a strong cultivator. You, Long Chen, lack this major factor, which is why you will never be a powerful cultivator!

Closing the door, Long Chen was still reflecting on the last words of Liu Lan.

Soon after, the corners of his mouth turned into a sneer.

My background? My old man was an existence that all of you can only look up to with no hopes of getting to his level. How can my background be poor? Besides Im a Dragon Warrior, so how could I lose to anyone is the talent department? Liu Lan, just you wait

Sky Martial realm, huh? In this contest, Ill let you see whos got the most potential in the Green Sun Faction!

Recalling Feng Wutian, who was at the Human Dan apex, Long Chen still felt unsure.

Liu Lan was really pushing him beyond his limits. If Long Chen wasnt careful, he would fall into a depthless abyss.

I think this woman intends to have you killed. She had found Huang Feiyang, and if it werent for your good luck, the one returning wouldnt have been you. Shes putting out another Feng Wutian. Hmph!! Long Chen, go and buy me a Spirit Recovery Fruit. Ill kill this stinking woman for you!

Just thinking about Liu Lan made Ling Xi gnash her teeth in anger. This was partly because this woman had an enticing body that she clearly lacked, often trying to seduce Long Chen. The other part was her repeated actions that forced Long Chen into peril!

I havent done anything to her at all. Why does she keep treating me like this?

Long Chen couldnt figure it out. Liu Lan told Feng Wutian about Huang Feiyang, and it was obvious that she wanted Feng Wutian to kill Long Chen!

Little Xi, calm yourself. Lets deal with it once we get into the Sky Martial Realm. Ive planned on visiting this little Cosmos Dimension anyway. Before we do that, I still need to visit Treasure Exchange Pavilion. It would be a shame not to use the 30 contribution points I just acquired.

Okay then! Heehee, lets see if theres any good stuff you can buy for me!

Chapter end

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