Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 85 - Hermione’s Worries

Chapter 85 - Hermione’s Worries

In the Great Hall, the four house tables were stacked against the walls and hundreds of purple sleeping bags were laid on the ground. There was no sound and everyone seemed to be asleep.

Ivan, under Percys gesture, got in a sleeping bag near the door.

The Magical Ceiling was like the sky outside, filled with stars. With a faint starlight, Ivan saw a slender, white origami crane flying over quietly from the corner of the wall. It hovered in the air and accurately fell in front of him.

The paper crane made a slight noise and turned in to a silvery white note with Hermiones delicate hand writing on it.

What did you do, why did it take you so long?

The handwriting was slightly scribbled and the girls worry could be seen.

Ivan thought for a moment, took out his wand from the sleeping bag and gently tapped it on the sheet of paper. The black lettering on top of it dissappeared like smoke, reuniting into new words.

I went to get Crookshanks. I found it in the grass next to the Forbiddon Forest.

Then he used his wand to re-tap the sheet of paper. The paper refolded itself and fluttered itself back to Hermione.

Fortunately you found it! But you shouldnt run out of the castle. Its too dangerous. Black maybe hidden in the school. You may meet him at any time.

Dont worry. I just heard Dumbledore talk to Snape. They did not find him in the castle. Dumbledore thought he had left.

But how did he do it he could not have apparated out of the castle, and quietly leave! The castle has applied a variety of spells to prevent outsiders from sneaking in, he is certainly not invisible or able fly in. Perhaps some kind of Transfiguration, like in our last year when taking the Polyjuice or . . .

Looking at the paper that Hermione returned, Ivan felt she should talk about this topic anymore. Otherwise, with the smartness of Hermione, he was afraid it would not take a long time to guess that Black is an Animagus.

Since he is not prepared yet, it is too early for Black to be revealed yet.

I forgot to mention this, its almost midnight. Why are you not asleep?

Hermiones face turned slightly pink when she saw Ivans question. Fortunately, the Great Hall was very dark and there was no need to worry about getting discovered.

She cant tell Ivan the she was waiting for him to come back. Its too embarrassing! She hesitated for a moment and tapped her wand to the note.

I was worried since Harry kept say that he saw the dog again. It was an unknown death omen, but it was obviously absurd! And you, you hadnt arrived back so in case something happened. . .

The little problem is not a problem. You have not forgotten that Harry and I had entered the chamber of secrets last year. We defeated the Basilisk and the young Voldemort

I was just so worried. I was afraid that you would go to Black alone and Ivan promise me not to do anything dangerous anymore, okay?

Seeing Hermiones handwriting, Ivan had a weird feeling, even though the other person said it very vaguely. He could feel the other persons heart that is hidden behind a strong appearance. Hermione was that this time like any other ordinary, weak girl who couldnt help but care.

He didnt know how to answer, and an ok wasnt the right word.

Regardless of the current situation or the returning of Voldemort, what is place in front of Ivan is a road taht is full of danger an hardship. He cannot do nothing, and the result may be even worse.

Ivan sighed and looked up to if any was paying attention to himself. He decided to do something . . .

In the dark, Hermione was nervously waiting for Ivans reply. Harry and Ron were giving off a slight snoring sound.

Looking at the stars in the ceiling, her mind unconsciously recalled last year. When the basilisk was in the Gryffindor common room, suddenly rushed over to them Ivan ignored himself and hugged her into his arms and turned his back to the basilisk. That scene. (Note: Sounds like she is falling hard.)

This picture reappeared in Hermiones head. She thinks this is something she would never forget in her life.

Suddenly, she felt something was approaching herself. Hermione looked up and was surprised to see that Ivans sleeping bag was rolling over to her quietly.

Ivan rolled over to Hermione, and he reached out and tried to take a shot of her sleeping bag, which might have cause Hermione to feel at ease.

Unexpectedly, his hand met another soft, cold little hand in the darkness.

In the next second, Ivan found that his hand was being held tightly.

The opposite little hand trembled slightly but never seemed to let go.

. . . . . . . . . . .

At the same moment, in the secret tunnel under the Weeping Willow to the Shreiking Shack, Lupin moved forward cautiously, with his wand giving off a weak light, he looked thoughtful around the familiar and strange scene.

He never thought that he still had the oppourtuinty to return here and re walk the secret tunnel that he had once walked countless times.

Everythign was just like yesterday. He seemed to have returned to his time at Hogwarts more that two decades ago, the best days of his life.

Prior to Hogwarts, Lupin never had friends.

When he was four years old, his father offended Fenir Greyback, a werewolf. In retaliation, the werewolf attacked him. Since then, he has become a werewolf.

Because of this identity, everyone hides from him. Regardless of where they go, werewolves are discriminated against. Lupin still remembers asking his father why they did so, but his father did not say anything and just held him silently crying.

At that moment, Lupin secretly vowed that he would never cry again no matter what he encountered.

Before eleven years old, his life was very dark and without any color.

Lupin thought that he could not go to Hogwarts like other children. Other parents would not want their children to be close to a werewolf , but Dumbledore gave him hope.

Dumbledore ordered a willow to be planted on the school grounds and used it to conceal the passage to the Hogsmead shrieking shack.

When there was a full moon, he would go there.

This was to protect the safety of the other classmates, because he became very brutal, Hogmeads villagers heard the noises and screams and thought it was a fierce ghost. Dumbledore uncouraged the idea and had people spread the rumor so that people would stay away from it.

Lupin still remembers those days when he was afraid that his classmates would know his identity. He concealed this secret from everyone.

Every night of the full moon, he had to tell people he was going to visit his sick mother or some other reason. Then he came here alone and became a brutal monster in the shrieking shack, slamming, sabotaging, and howling in the hut.

Although he tried to cover it up, several classmates quickly guessed the truth of the matter.

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At that time, Lupin felt that he was definately finished and he would be driven out of Hogwarts and return to a life without color.

But James Potter, Peter Pettigrew, and Sirius Black accepted him and became his first friends in life. They even went to study Animagus for this purpose. After the fifth year, they would come to stay with him everynight of the full moon.

They traveled through Hogwarts, under the influence of his friends, Lupin felt hatred that he became a werewolf.

If possible, how much he wished he could freeze time in that moment.

Chapter end

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