Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures – Chapter 119: Hermione’s Decision

Chapter 119: Hermione’s Decision

Evans wand emitted a blue light, dark blue like the sea!

Greyback, who was about to chomp Evans neck, suddenly froze. The horrible wolfs face, in addition to the madness, revealed a look of fear for the first time. He felt the threat of death from Evans curse.

He retreated. Although he was in his transformation, without any glimpse of reason, but instinct told him that he should not be hit by that spell.

He wanted to run away, but he was too close to Evan. Even with the speed given to him by his transformation, he couldnt evade.

Just then, the deep blue light hit him.

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Greyback uttered an unprecedented sigh of grief. On his face, the area hit by the spell quickly eroded at a blink of an eye, and the erosion out-paced his healing.

Evans spell was a corrosive curse!

As one of the deepest and evilest Dark Magic curses, even a tough body of a werewolf cant completely stop its damage.

Last semester, Tom Riddle controlled Ron to use this magic against Evan which ate through the hard marble floor of the auditorium.

The image was still vivid in Evans memory.

After that, he used Professor Lockharts approval to borrow the book Secrets of the Darkest Art, which contained the corrosion spell, and borrowed it from the librarys restricted section. He studied the spell deeply and carefully.

With the help of Tom Riddle, Evan fully grasped the curse.

Although this was the first time he used it, and although the magical power he had remaining was insufficient, and although his heart was not evil, in order to protect Hermione, Evan broke through his potential. He bit his teeth as released the curse that accurately hit Greyback.

After releasing this spell, Evan felt that his magical power was quickly depleted.

Sweat flowed down his cheek like pearls falling down from a broken necklace.

He was hit by an overwhelming feeling of fatigue and weakness. Because of magical overdraft, Evans face turned pale, and it looked that he would faint at anytime.

But he tried to focus and stay awake.

In front of him, Greyback screamed backwards. The wolfs head was bloody and he kept terrifyingly screaming and squeaking.

Evan gasped, leaning heavily on the shops door behind him, and giving Greyback a cold look. He held his wand tightly in his right hand, afraid to lose his vigilance.

If it was an ordinary person who was hit by this spell, he shouldve been already dead.

But the man in front of him was a werewolf, the most powerful werewolf. Evan knew that if the damage he dealt wasnt absolutely fatal, Greyback should eventually survive.

Evan didnt expect that he could kill Greyback. It was too unrealistic. He only hoped that this spell would gain enough time for himself and Hermione.

As long as they could wait for rescue to come, this battle is his victory.

Evan tried hard to make himself look like he still had more energy. But in fact, he now had no strength at all, his legs were quivering constantly, and almost all the magical power in his body was lost. If Greyback was to rush over again, Evan would certainly fall.

Thats enough, stupid werewolf! the dark wizard, masked in black who had been standing there to watch the show from the back, screamed. Youre a long-haired bluff who could be defeated by an underage wizard.

He waved his wand and rushed over to Greyback, treating him with a spell, and Greybacks screaming stopped.

Evan wanted to stop him. He raised his wand to use Stupefy.

What used to be easy to perform, was now an unbearable burden to him.

A red light flew from across the road and hit Evan.

He felt his bodys muscles starting to become stiff, and all his remaining strength suddenly disappeared.

The wand, which had been held by Evan in his hand, fell to the ground and rolled aside.

His body also fell backwards. Surprisingly, he felt no pain at all. The ground was so soft, comfortable and warm.

No, that is not the ground!

Evan immediately realized that he was in Hermiones arms.

He didnt know when she ran out of the store. She was holding him, repeating his name. Besides the redness of her swollen tearful eyes, he couldnt see half the color of her little panicked face.

Im fine, Hermione! Evan said difficultly. Dont cry!

Hermione whimpered, tears falling across her cheeks towards Evans face.

She seemed to have a thousand words to say, but she didnt know what to say. Images from the time that she spent with the boy in front of her, kept rolling through her mind.

At the moment when Evan closed the shops door, Hermione thought she lost him forever.

She held Evan tightly in her arms and dared not to let go of him. She feared she would lose him if her arms were ever loosened.

Seeing Hermiones sad face, Evan wanted to reach out and wipe off her tears, but he didnt have enough strength for that, he didnt have strength to breathe. He could only lie quietly in Hermiones warm arms.

Her tears flowed across her cheeks to fall into his mouth. They were salty, but to him they were so sweet.

If there wasnt a dark wizard and a werewolf in range, Evan wouldve been at his happiest.

Get up and bite them, hurry up! In front of them, the anxious man with the black mask began to urge, We have wasted too much time. We must get out of here fast.

Greyback roared and rushed back at them again.

Because of the corrosion curse, the flesh on his face was all exposed.

That, along with his reckless madness and ferocious nature, made him look more horrible than he ever was!

Go, Hermione, leave me alone! Evan shouted anxiously.

I wont leave. So far, youve been protecting me. Now its my turn! Hermione made up her mind and said softly, Ill protect you, Evan!

Dont do something stupid. Youre no opponent for that guy! Evan had an ominous hunch hearing Hermiones words.

He struggled to stand up, but he had no strength.

But then, his eyes widened as he saw Hermione standing in front of him. She held her wand against the approaching Greyback. Her face was full of panic, but her eyes were so determined. She was ready to block the werewolf with her feeble body.

Hermione knew that she was no opponent of Greyback, but there was only one thought going across her head, and that was giving her all to protect Evan!

No! Evan wanted to stop her.

To Greybacks strong body, hers was like that of a rag doll. Evan could not imagine what was going to happen next.

Chapter end

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