Leveling with the Gods – Chapter 427

Chapter 427


The entire village was rising altogether.

The residents living there had bewildered expressions, unable to comprehend the situation or faces filled with fear.

"What the hell is happening?"

"For God's sake, the village..."

The village was moving upward along with the land.

Beyond the mountain in their sight, they could see the wall cracking and collapsing.

Although it hadn't completely collapsed yet.


The residents fell one after another to the ground upon vaguely hearing the bleating that leaked from there.

"This is..."

And suddenly, Mimir, who had infiltrated among them, turned his head towards the direction of the newly formed rift.

"We need to stop the noise first."

Um, um-.

A Magic Circle formed at the tips of Mimir's fingers.

Odin, known as the greatest Mage of the Tower.

But it was Mimir who first taught him the technique of magic before Odin fought as a barbarian with a spear.

Although his ranking has now significantly dropped due to the Curse of Knowledge, Mimir once ascended the Tower alongside Odin as a Ranker.

Blocking out the sound wasn't a big issue.

"Hey, wake up!"

"Hey, you! Get up!"

"The world is collapsing...!"

The unconscious residents were splashed with water. About half of them still had their wits about them.

Fortunately, due to blocking out the sound, there were no severe issues.

Mimir felt more frustration over this.

'It can shake the mind purely with sound, without any special magic transmission.'

A victim of the Curse of Knowledge, the one who knew everything in this Tower.

Mimir took pride in knowing everything in this Tower. And with that knowledge, he knew that all the laws of the Tower were determined by Arcane Power, Demonic Energy, and Points.

For all outcomes, causes were required, and the price of power that came with them.

That's why, more than ever...

"Could this really happen?"

Mimir couldn't understand what was happening at that moment.

The rift that was gradually opening.

The outside world was literally an incomprehensible realm, even for the one cursed by knowledge.



A familiar bleat was heard.

Vishnu raised his head. The color of the sky was gradually changing.

Behind him, Brahma dropped the candy he had in his mouth and murmured.

"Seeing it is really creepier than hearing it."

There had been occasions in the Tower where a purple sky like this had been observed.

But the most recent highlight was when Shub-Niggurath appeared on the first floor.

"It's also the fate I saw."

YuWon nodded at Vishnu's words.

He already knew, but this was the fate Vishnu had seen.


An immense calamity that was nearly impossible to stop in its current state.

That was why Vishnu, Brahma, and Shiva were reuniting.

"Damn you."

In his mind, he blamed Foolish Chaos, who had created this situation.

Why now?

And how could it be now?

Two thoughts crossed, and his mouth moved before his mind.

"We must stop it."

It was an obvious statement.

"Don't you know why we're going through this?"

At Brahma's direct question, YuWon shook his head.


"Then stop saying nonsense and get out of the way."

"Haven't you heard what I said before?"

"Oh, what are we supposed to do then?"

Irritated, Brahma looked at Vishnu behind YuWon.

"Hey! Have you not seen anything? About what this guy said."

"I can't see it."

"Curse of Fate! Will it really not help in a time like this...?"

"The fate I saw extends up to here."

Vishnu raised his head.

He looked at the sky that had turned purple and spoke.

"Under that sky, all fate disappears."


Fate wasn't working.

The unexpected words caused Brahma's eyes to widen.

"Has there ever been anything like this...?"

"No, there hasn't."


Even though it was the same sky, it looked different from how it had always been.

"Could it be that the world is really coming to an end?"

Although the words were muttered without much thought, they seemed very realistic to Yuwon.


If it continues like this, the world will collapse.

And it will do so very chaotically.

"You also know quite a bit about that guy, right? You said you saw him directly."

"I saw him."

"We actually don't know much about each other. I don't know what Shiva has been doing for thousands of years."

Vishnu and Brahma were different from Shiva.

It was Vishnu who founded Deva and fought for order and balance in the Tower, but in reality, Shiva took over Deva's power.

"I've been sleeping all this time, while that guy has been wasting time fishing and watching fate."


"We don't know much about each other, that's true, but..."

"Still, there's no other option but this."

Vishnu continued Brahma's words.


Without warning, Brahma passed by YuWon.

As if he had nothing more to say.

"Go and do your job. We will deal with our own issues."

Step, step-.

Both walked toward the castle together.

YuWon looked at Vishnu and Brahma's backs that way.

The place where the two of them passed.


-Was it not a failure?

The shadow that emerged under YuWon, Susanoo, asked.

In the end, YuWon failed to persuade Vishnu and Brahma. If things continued this way, it was inevitable that the three of them would meet again.


"No, it's a success."

YuWon responded to Susanoo's words as he watched the two of them walking away.

"Because I gave them the benefit of the doubt. And it was with two out of the three."

From the beginning, YuWon knew he couldn't stop the two with his persuasion.

Vishnu and Brahma had been anticipating this moment for a long time. Especially Vishnu had long believed that when an uncontrollable catastrophe came to the Tower after thousands of years, they should become one again.

A concern that has lasted for thousands of years, reaching 10,000 years. And it was a decision made after much consideration.

No matter how convincing his words were, they couldn't have been stopped.

That's why YuWon shifted his focus and decided to sow the seed of doubt in their minds.

-So, what do we do now? I don't know what you think, but those guys' words don't seem to be wrong.


A calamity that neither Odin, Son OhGong, nor Zeus could handle.

-Do you have any other ideas?

"It's not that I don't have a backup plan."

-That's true, but...

"All right, for now, let's do what those guys said and do what we have to do."


YuWon handed a sword to Susanoo.

An item even redder than blood.

Furthermore, YuWon also gave Susanoo the Yata Mirror and the Magatama Jewel.

"I'm going my way, you go yours."


-...As you command.

Following Susanoo, Arturo, and Ares.

The three of them.

That's the number of summons YuWon could handle smoothly at the moment.

Nodding, YuWon's gaze turned to the point in the distance where the purple sky began.

The world in which Shub-Niggurath made its appearance.

It might have been a little rushed, but maybe that's for the best.

"It's finally starting, isn't it?"

Outer Gods.

And in particular, the battle against a towering God.

"Although it's a bit regrettable that Son OhGong isn't here..."

For this day, YuWon sharpened his sword.

"Still, I've gathered all the puzzle pieces my way."


A small city that leads to Valhalla.

Numerous soldiers lined up in front of the city gates.

"What's happening here?"

"The sky..."

"Has anyone ever seen anything like this before?"

The army of Asgard, composed of a small number of Rankers and a multitude of Players.

Even in terms of numbers, they easily outnumbered in the thousands. But upon hearing the distant sound, they trembled.


They fell to the ground, powerless.


Falling flat.

Those who could barely cling to the railings were unable to hold on and collapsed.

And the Rankers who were barely standing held up the falling soldiers.


"What the hell... is going on here?"

"Is it because of that sound?"

There was no clear sign apart from the bleating sound. No enemies were seen, and no particular magic was detected. In fact, the cannons installed on the outskirts of the castle were still immobile, as if they hadn't detected the enemy.

But then...


A sharp, clear bleat rang out from somewhere. It was different from the bleat heard moments before. It didn't evoke a fundamental fear but was a sensation that reached directly under the skin.

However, even though the sensation was different, all the soldiers felt that, upon hearing the bleat, everything was connected.

The reason they felt this sensation was one.

The lament was closer.


Suddenly, a Goat appeared among the soldiers. It was a small Goat that looked like a child.


As soon as the soldiers saw the Goat, blood gushed from the eyes of the soldier nearest to it.


The soldier collapsed, vomiting blood, just from encountering the Goat's gaze. And at that moment...

"Everyone who is not a Ranker, step back!"

The Ranker leading them stood in front of the soldiers, shouting. At that moment, they realized that only individuals with Ranker-level abilities or higher could confront this Goat. Normal soldiers would only be an obstacle.Read latest ovls at nv/e/l/bi(.)com


The Goat approached slowly.

When had it climbed the high castle wall? How could such a small creature emanate such presence?


A general-rank Ranker, Holt, firmly gripped the spear in his hand and sent a signal with a gesture.

"When I give the signal, we'll all move at the same time."

The Rankers on the castle wall nodded in response.

One, two.

And three.


Holt's spear swung in the wind and pierced the Goat's throat. At the same time, as if trying to block any potential escape, a dozen spears and arrows were hurled at the Goat.



Dust billowed over the castle wall, and the section of the wall where the Goat was collapsed completely.

It was quite a strong blow, but they didn't feel like they had pierced the Goat completely.


Holt, who had thrown his spear with all his might, clenched his hand nervously.

Then the dust dissipated...


And the young Goat reappeared, with only a few wounds on its body.


"Did we really only manage to cause this minimal amount of damage?"

"Where the hell did this monster come from...?"

They were sure the fight wouldn't be easy.

But that lasted only briefly.

'Even so, it's fortunate.'

Compared to the eerie feeling Holt had felt through the bleating, this opponent didn't seem so formidable.

'It's much better than the anxiety I felt at the beginning...'

Just at that moment...


A chill ran down his spine, and his body became rigid.

It wasn't just Holt.

All the Rankers who had been with him felt the same way.

"This is... unbelievable..."


Unbeknownst to them, the soldiers around them had lost their sanity, some unconscious and others laughing like maniacs.

They were standing around the wall.





Hundreds of Goats swarmed over the bodies of the soldiers, devouring them while emitting loud bleats.


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