Naruto: I Am Not Really Related – Chapter 57: Demons

Chapter 57: Demons

Aburame Dagen was an expert in playing with insects, but he had never eaten them before.

This was especially true for the children who had started with the new species that had mutated after the death of the parasites.

For some reason, when they learned of the specific situation, they couldn't help but think of a picture.

On a sunny day, when they released the parasite in their bodies and came out to look at the sun, six or seven naughty children suddenly jumped out from the grass. One person and one net happily wrapped his heart and little treasure in flour and fried it in a pot.

Hiss ---!

It was simply too terrifying!

When will our Aburame clan be able to truly stand up!

"Patriarch, this is too much! We must punish him severely!"

Aburame Dagen sighed. "Yes, it is indeed too much. After eating so much fried food, the children should be thirsty now. Hey, quickly send some fruit juice over."

The people present: "..."

Seeing that the others were all staring at him with a look of 'you are a dog, aren't you?', Aburame Dagen, the old actor with a poker face, was not ashamed at all. "Just do as I say. There is no need to make a fuss over small matters. When you guys were stealing dog meat, you didn't see Inuzuka's family come to settle the score with you."

As soon as this was said, everyone closed their mouths.

After all, dog meat was really fragrant, slurp ---


After Haru and the others had enjoyed themselves to their heart's content, he first used his hand to wipe his shiny little mouth, then drank a mouthful of fresh juice that weighed tons, and then sighed. Checkk new ovel chpters at novlbin(.)com

"Shima, your Aburame clan is really hospitable!"

Hearing this, the originally somewhat guilty and uneasy Shima immediately puffed out his chest, revealing a proud face.

After all, when the clan found out what they had done, not only did they not reprimand them, they even considerately sent over water and juice.

This meant that the clan was hinting that he had done a good job!

'I, Aburame Shima, am proud!'

The others also began to think. Although Shima was usually quiet and honest, they did not expect that he would actually be a wolf in a pack.

'This won't do.'

'We can't let Shima, this bastard, be ahead of us.'

'Who doesn't have a few properties?'

'Isn't it just delicious food and fun? We'll arrange everything next time!'


However, they didn't know that after Haru left with his people, when the proud Shima had just returned to the clan base, he was politely invited by the clan leader and the elders.

After that, a shrill cry that sounded like a pig being slaughtered sounded out.

Hehe, we can't offend His Highness Haru. Could it be that we can't deal with our naughty children?

"Someone come, put oil on the pot!"

Aburame Dagen took a sip of tea and smiled at Aburame Shima, who was covered in flour but could still show a confused expression.


In the next few days, Haru was really addicted to being a hedonistic son of rich parents. He ruthlessly brought disaster to several big families, and no one ran away!

The Nara family was taken away by a sika deer with the 'Gold Silkworm pupa' that he left as a snack.

The fruit garden of Hyuga's family was also affected. According to witnesses(mosaic), when the group of little bastards left, only the core fruit skin was left on the ground. It was a mess.

When Inuzuka's reserve dogs were interviewed, they all claimed that they were suffering from very serious depression. Now that they saw the frisbee, they wanted to vomit.

Akimichi Nishi, on the other hand, was a dozen pounds fatter. The reason was that the last time they went to his house as guests, Haru's boss shamelessly asked for ten free coupons.

Then he took them to the barbecue shop and ate a self-service meal for ten days...

On the last day, when they went out with their hands on the wall, two lines of clear tears fell from Uncle Roku's black face that was like the bottom of a pot, which made Akimichi Nishi panic!

Of course, Haru expressed that he did not know about all these evil deeds.

Obviously, the people of these families were too hospitable, which made him feel a little embarrassed to even eat and take food.

As for what kind of miserable treatment these young kids received after returning home, that was not something he cared about.

Anyway, each and every one of them was alive and well. Could it be that they could really wrap them up and fry them with powder on the top?

In this regard, Aburame Shima, who already had a shadow in his heart, had the most right to speak.

'D * mn it, no one could escape!'

'Except...(cut off!)'

'Boss, don't even think about excluding you!'

Therefore, Haru had no choice but to bring this group of bastards back to his house.


After stepping into the legendary Senju Mansion, these bastards, who were the most arrogant before, became submissive and careful, making Haru twitch his mouth.

"What are you guys afraid of? Isn't this legendary God of Ninja World and the current second-generation Hokage? There aren't even a hundred or eighty Jonin guards around. Even if you guys speak loudly, you don't have to worry about being thrown into the interrogation department. I'll protect you!"

"B-boss, don't say anymore. Now that you mention it, I'm even more afraid. Why don't we just leave?"

Hyuga Tokugawa couldn't help but swallow his saliva. His expression was a bit nervous. He felt as if there were countless pairs of eyes staring at him from a place he couldn't see.

If he did anything out of the ordinary, the next moment, he would be covered in Ninjutsu.

There were still strange images appearing in his head from time to time. For example, when he was tied to a chair, the people in the interrogation department grinned at him one by one, holding a soldering iron in their hands.

Hyuga Tokugawa subconsciously shivered and clamped his legs. Damn, he almost peed his pants.

"I think we should change places. I feel that the Nara family is quite fun. Those medicinal herbs seem to be worth a lot of money. Don't you think so, Shikakichi?"

'Well done, Inuzuka Kou!'

'You actually stabbed me in the back!'

Shikakichi forced a smile, and his eyes began to have a murderous look. God knew how cruel and inhumane the clan had taught him the last time the boss took a deer away.

At the same time, Shikakichi felt a little indignant in his heart. 'If you are unwilling, then at that time, you should have stopped him!'

Chapter end

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