Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God – Chapter 39 - Philosopher’s Stone

Chapter 39 - Philosopher’s Stone

Chapter 39 - Philosophers Stone

After leaving the Dark Moon Valley, Shi Feng rushed towards Scarlet Lake. He had also activated Gravity Liberation to save more time.

The players on their way to the Dark Moon Valley saw Shi Feng speeding past them like a gale of win. His speed was shockingly fast, and his figure was just a blur.

Who is that person? Which Assassin is he? His speed is so fast!

No, look at his waist. Thats a sword hanging there, not a dagger. He should be a Swordsman.

Crap. Are the current Swordsmen that OP? The widely spread rumor on the forums stated that a mysterious Swordsman killed the Mayor of Red Leaf Town. There was also a powerful Swordsman at the Deathly Forest that received an invitation from the Snow Goddess. I would have played as a Swordsman if I had known about this earlier!

Say, do you think theyre the same person?

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Definitely not. I saw the Swordsman that killed the Mayor. That male Swordsman was as big as a black bear. His arms alone were thicker than our thighs. He had forcefully killed that Level 15 Mayor.

The players passing by started a discussion as they watched Shi Feng depart. They were inwardly speechless towards the Swordsman Job. They should have played as Swordsmen if there was such a powerful Job. However, it was too late now.Shi Feng might have laughed it off if he had known their thoughts. There was no strongest Job in Gods Domain, only the strongest player.

Shi Feng ran for over two hours through the vast plains. He activated Gravity Liberation over tens of times, escaping the pursuit of high-leveled monsters. He passed through the Level 6 map, Wolfmans Ruins, and the Level 8 map, Oro Fort, before arriving in the Level 10 area, Scarlet Lake.

Scarlet Lake was the playground of Level 10 Water Elementals and Little Fishmen. Watching from a high location, Shi Feng could see groups of Little Fishmen patrolling. The closer it was to the Scarlet Lake, the more there were of Little Fishmen. The central region of the Scarlet Lake was the nest of the Little Fishmen, whereas annoying Water Elementals filled the water of the lake.

Due to the densely packed and large number of monsters in the Scarlet Lake, the Little Fishmens curse skill was extremely horrendous. It could absorb a players Attributes and turned it into their own. The longer they fought, the stronger they would become. They were extremely hard to kill. Including the fact that there were no Quests here, there were rarely any players who would willingly come here to level up.

However, Shi Feng had to enter into the deeper regions of the Scarlet Lake.

The metal box dropped by Arcus Maddox was extremely precious. If Arcus Maddox were to know it fell into Shi Fengs hands, he would most likely bleed out in rage. There was a treasure map inside the box, and the treasure it hid was located at Scarlet Lake.

Shi Feng had played Gods Domain for over ten years now. He had done extensive research regarding the history of Gods Domain.

He truly did not think Arcus Maddox would have this treasure map. It was the record of a heaven-shaking secret.

Nine hundred years ago, Alchemy Master Molotov had created an item with all his effort. Wars were waged between the large countries in Gods Domain for this item. There were over ten heroic figures that fought over it. However, this item became lost in the end, its whereabouts unknown. It had become an unsolved mystery in Gods Domain.

Meanwhile, the treasure map in Shi Fengs hands, by chance, recorded the location of this item.This item was the Philosophers Stone.

It was a sacred item for Alchemy. If Alchemists could obtain the Philosophers Stone, then they would have the ability to transform stone into gold, amassing immense wealth. They would even be able to revive the dead, breaking the alchemy law of equivalent exchange.

Who would have thought such a sacred item would be placed in such an unremarkable location as Scarlet Lake.

However, the Scarlet Lake was still a dangerous place for Shi Feng. After all was said, there was still a gap of 8 Levels between Shi Feng and the monsters here. With the suppression due to levels, Shi Feng was not an opponent for the Level 10 monsters, not to mention the Attribute-stealing Little Fishmen.

However, Shi Feng could not help but take the risk. The earlier he obtained the Philosophers Stone; the earlier his heart could be at ease. If he waited until he was Level 7 or 8, someone else might claim the item. He wouldnt even be able to feel regret when that time came.

Shi Feng took out the metal box from his bag, carefully taking out the treasure map within it. He started researching it in detail.

The marking on the treasure map was very clear. The treasure was located directly below the Little Fishmens nest. However, how would Shi Feng be able to circle around all these Little Fishmen? The problem with the Water Elementals also needed to be solved. Although Water Elementals had low HP, they had a 60% immunity to physical attacks. They also had a Movement Speed reduction skill, so they were a headache for melee players.

After observing for half an hour, Shi Feng discovered that the Little Fishmen were not always on patrol. They would eventually take a break. Also, these Little Fishmen were only active by the lakes shores. They hardly ever entered the water, because once they entered it, their Movement Speed would sharply reduce by 60%. Shi Feng could use this short rest period to rush into the lake, and once he was in it, the Little Fishmen would not be able to chase after him.

As for the Water Elementals under the water, Shi Feng could use the doppelganger of Phantom Kill to lure them away. Then, he could swim to the cavern below the Little Fishmens nest.

If Shi Feng did not operate through his plan properly, he would definitely die. If he died, his losses would not be minor. It was not the experience loss that was a problem, however. With his advantage as a reincarnated person, Shi Feng could quickly recuperate the experience he lost. Only, he would be sent back to the town after dying once, and the time he would waste by returning here was just too much.

Ten more seconds. Shi Feng watched the patrolling Little Fishmen, his heart estimating the time for him to sprint out.

Time passed second after second. A group of patrolling Fishmen watched their surroundings. After discovering nothing out of the ordinary, they entered a small wooden hut by the lake to rest, emptying the land by the lake.

With all his might, Shi Feng dashed towards the shore.

When Shi Feng was about 30 yards away from the lake, another group of patrolling Fishmen discovered Shi Feng. They immediately sounded out an alarm, their hands wielding short swords as they rushed toward Shi Feng.

When faced with four Level 10 Little Fishman, as powerful as Shi Feng was, he was not their match. Shi Fengs only hope was to jump into the water.

However, the Little Fishmen were very quick, taking only a short moment to catch up to Shi Feng. They waved their short swords, slashing them at Shi Fengs back.

Shi Feng knew he could not outrun the Fishmen. He turned around and used Abyssal Bind on one of them, then continued by using Parry to block another one of his attackers. As a result, Shi Feng stopped the other Little Fishmen from moving forward.

Using the power behind the Fishmans attack, Shi Feng managed to pull away a distance of over three yards. He activated Gravity Liberation and then jumped onto the lake.

However, the other Little Fishmen were quick to catch up, jumping into the lake after Shi Feng as well.


Four Little Fishmen fell into the water. Shi Feng however, was madly running above the lakes surface.

[Walking On Water] was a skill that could only be activated after Agility reached 80 points. However, Shi Feng had the Ring Of Gravity. As a result, his body had reached a state of near-weightlessness after activating Gravity Liberation. Including his Agility that was over 30 points, he, too, could move on the waters surface. His speed would not be reduced by the water.

In a few moments, Shi Feng had shaken off the unyielding Little Fishmen. He ran to a location not far from the Little Fishmens nest, diving into the water.

Just after entering the water, Shi Feng discovered a cavern that was surrounded by a lot of Water Elementals. The Water Elementals were encircling around the cavern as if they were protecting something.

[Water Elemental] (Common monster)

Level 10

HP 750/750

Shi Feng used Phantom Kill. His doppelganger swam over, luring the Water Elementals.

Just as Shi Feng planned, a group of Water Elementals had discovered the doppelganger. One after another, they chased after the doppelganger. Meanwhile, the doppelganger swam upwards. Although the Water Elementals had high Movement Speed under water, it was an entirely different story when they were above ground. They were the opposite of the Little Fishmen, becoming extremely slow once they reached the shore.

With the Water Elementals lured away by his doppelganger, Shi Feng took the chance to quickly swim towards the cavern.

Before Shi Feng even reached the cavern, the system notified him of the death of his doppelganger. The doppelganger had only earned Shi Feng over 20 seconds.

After killing the doppelganger, the Water Elementals discovered an intruder near the cavern. They all hurriedly swam back to the cavern entrance.

After discovering Shi Feng, the speed of these Water Elementals increased by a fold as they sped towards Shi Feng.

Chapter end

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