The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 290

Chapter 290

The women from the frontier region all have rather rough and tanned skin. But the pure smiles on their faces are something Lin Zaozao has never seen before.

Warm and pure!

The valley is not small, and now it is crowded with disaster refugees. The men's clothes, just like Dadala's, are all tattered and worn.

But the women's clothes, though not brand new, are neat and clean.

The men from the frontier region truly cherish and take good care of their tribal women and children.


Dadala stood in front of Lin Zaozao's carriage, looking a bit awkward as he gazed at her.

"Dadala, I'm sorry, I was a bit stunned. In this period, I've witnessed too many scenes where people don't value life. Now, seeing such a warm scene has indeed surprised me."

Lin Zaozao smiled at Dadala, lifted her skirt, and jumped down from the carriage. After getting down, she helped Gu Shan, Ji Fantian, and Xiao Taohua down from the carriage one by one.

She then quickly went to the back of the carriage and helped Ye Yi, Xiao Liuli, Little Xibei, and Ruo Qiu down as well.

She doted on all her husbands equally.

Though she couldn't share their pain during their pregnancy, she still wanted to do more for these small matters.

This approach might not help her husbands much, but she wanted them to know how much she cared for them.

"Ruo Qiu, Fantian, my dear husbands, your bodies are not convenient. When helping others later, just instruct your subordinates to do it, don't do everything yourself, understand?"

"Got it, Zaozao. It's only been a few months, our bellies have just started to show, we're not as delicate as you said."

"Still, you need to be careful. After all, men bearing children definitely suffer more than women."

Lin Zaozao helped Ruo Qiu sit on the laid-out blanket, her face full of smiles.

Meanwhile, Dadala and Dalu, who had been standing aside, had their eyes popping out of their heads when they heard Lin Zaozao's conversation with her husbands.

These slightly protruding-bellied men were not fat, but...


Especially Dalu, he stared fixatedly at Ruo Qiu's slightly swollen belly, then quickly turned his head to look at the women lying on the blanket.

For a moment, he couldn't tell who was male and who was female.

What's going on? Are the men from the Central Plains different from the men in the frontier region?

Is it because they are shorter and more good-looking that they can bear children?

But thinking of his two wolf chieftains, they were also from the Central Plains, yet he had never seen them get pregnant.

Dalu turned his head to look at the silent Dashan holding a huge sword, who also didn't look pregnant.

Could it be that only the men from the Central Plains who are slimmer can bear children, while the tall and burly men like them cannot?

But if the men from the Central Plains can bear children, how do they give birth?

Is it...pulled out...?


Dalu thought of that scene and suddenly felt a pain in his butt! He quickly covered his buttocks, his eyes filled with disbelief. No, he was a bachelor who could support himself, he didn't want to have a child!

If he had to, he'd find a Central Plains man to give birth for him.

Ah! No, a Central Plains woman.

Ah! No, no, no! A woman from the frontier region to give birth for him.

With that settled, Dalu heaved a long sigh of relief. But when he looked at Ruo Qiu and the others, his eyes were still filled with disbelief.

Men giving birth!

In contrast to Dalu's disbelief, Dadala's eyes were practically sparkling. If men can bear children, then...

Thinking of that possibility, Dadala gently tugged on the sleeve of Lin Zaozao's robe and softly asked,

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"Dadala, what's wrong? Are you looking down on my husbands?"

Lin Zaozao said sternly.

"No, no, no."

Dadala waved his hands frantically.

"Sister, I have a girl I like, her name is Baoler. But the Silver Snow Divine Doctor told me that her health is poor and she can't have children in this lifetime.

That's why she rejected my pursuit. If men can also bear children, then as long as I have a child, Baoler will surely be willing to be with me."

Looking at Dadala's shining eyes, Lin Zaozao couldn't help but chuckle lightly.

You see, in her previous life, it seemed that women bearing and raising children was an accepted rule of society.

But in this world, her husbands, out of love for her, were willing to take on the role of men to bear the next generation for her.

And this man named Dadala, for the sake of his beloved Baoler, was also willing to go against societal norms and bear a child.

Seeing the excitement in Dadala's eyes, Lin Zaozao sighed inwardly, but her heart was filled with countless thoughts.

It turns out that in this world, there is no absolute "should" or "should not". As long as one is willing, as long as one is in love, men can also bear children.

And they do it willingly and happily.

Recalling her thoughts, Gu Shan, Ruo Qiu, and the others were able to bear children because of the effect of the tonic pill the system had given her.

But Dadala's words...

"Dadala, although I can't let you get pregnant, I can cure the illness of your beloved Baoler, so she can give you a child."

"Can't I be the one to bear the child for Baoler?"

Dadala said disappointedly.

"Dadala, the reason my husbands can bear children in a man's body is that I obtained a rare opportunity. They can only get pregnant after being intimate with me.

But Dadala, you have your own beloved, and I don't like you either. So..."

"I understand. It's a pity, my mother said that the process of a woman bearing and giving birth to a child is extremely arduous, so I wanted to take on all the pain that Baoler would experience."

Seeing Dadala's sighing expression, Lin Zaozao's eyes were full of smiles.

This Dadala is a true man.

Any woman with a conscience, whether in her previous life or here, would be willing to be with him for the rest of her life.

Poverty is not terrible.

What terrifies women is those who only talk about working hard, but whose bodies become lazier and lazier day by day.

What terrifies women is the accumulation of disappointment.

Quickly calming the surging emotions in her eyes, Lin Zaozao looked at Dadala and said,

"Dadala, take me to see your little miss. I have a way to restore her health."

"Okay, let's go now."

"Zaozao, I'll accompany you."

Gu Shan stood up and stood protectively by Lin Zaozao's side.

"Gu Shan, aren't you tired?"

"Compared to my previous life, I'm not tired at all. Besides, I don't know these disaster refugees. Whether they are good or bad, I must personally guard you."

Seeing Gu Shan's insistence, Lin Zaozao could only agree.

"Zaozao, we'll go with you too."

"Xiao Taohua, Fantian, where are you going?"

"Zaozao, I'm good at using poisons, and my medical skills, though not as good as Ji Fantian's, are still better than ordinary doctors.

I'll go with you and Fantian, and we can be of some help."

"Xiao Taohua is right. Soon, the members of the Divine Doctor clan will arrive here in an hour.

Although the Imperial Advisor and Dashan have already sent people to cook porridge and distribute supplies, there are still many sick women and children here.

I can see from their faces that they are quite ill, so we cannot delay any further. I will treat them first so that no one is left behind."

"Alright! Then you two will come with me. But Xiao Taohua and Fantian, you two know your limits. If you get tired, please rest properly, okay?

After all, the world is vast, and your bodies are the most important. Even when saving people, you must put yourselves first."

"Yes, little housekeeper!"

Xiao Taohua playfully ruffled Lin Zaozao's hair and teased.

"Then let's go!"

As they arrived in front of a simple tent, Dadala nervously swallowed and gently asked,

"Baoler, it's me, Dadala. I, I've brought the doctor. Can I come in now?"

"Dadala, come in!"

Hearing the weak female voice, Dadala lifted the tent flap and respectfully gestured for Lin Zaozao and the others to follow him inside.

Inside the small tent, there were over a dozen women and children crammed together. The women who were slightly better off were sitting sideways, while the sicker ones were curled up, drifting in and out of consciousness.

Apart from the heavy smell of medicine, the only sounds in the cramped space were the coughs of the women and children.

"Baoler, how are you?"

Hearing Dadala's voice, Lin Zaozao turned to look. He saw Dadala gently helping up a young woman with a flushed face.

The woman appeared to be around 22-23 years old, with a somewhat dark complexion, but an exceptionally pretty face. Especially when she lifted her eyes, the shallow brown color of her eyes held a gentle, mesmerizing glow.

Apart from her pale complexion, her breathing was also very rapid when Dadala helped her up.

"Dadala, have we found the Divine Doctor?"

"Yes, yes we have. Baoler, look, the Divine Doctor has come with us."

Following Dadala's gesture, Baoler looked up to see Lin Zaozao's youthful face, as well as Gu Shan, Xiao Taohua, and Ji Fantian standing by her side.

Although Baoler did not know which of the four was the Divine Doctor, she still politely smiled at them.

"Thank you, Divine Doctors."

"I'm an assassin! I only know how to kill, not to save people."

Gu Shan coldly stated, casually glancing at Baoler.

Gu Shan's words caused Baoler's expression to stiffen. After a brief moment of confusion, she turned back to look at Dadala, unsure of what to do.

Seeing this, Lin Zaozao turned to look at Gu Shan, who seemed puzzled, as if asking, "Did he say something wrong?"

Chapter end

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