The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 201

Chapter 201

"Chief, Young Prison Master accidentally blew up the medicine furnace while refining medicine," whispered a young man as he approached Ji Fantian.

"Xiao Taohua?" Ji Fantian's brows furrowed at the thought of Xiao Taohua possibly concocting poison. If the poison powder dispersed into the air, it could cause illness at best and be fatal at worst. After all, even he dared not underestimate Young Prison Master's poisons. Concerned about the possibility of the poison spreading, Ji Fantian immediately turned to address the patients still waiting in the medicine shop.

"Everyone, there's an urgent matter in the medicine shop that needs attention. If your ailments aren't pressing, please come back later this afternoon or tomorrow!"

Perhaps it was Ji Fantian's imposing presence coupled with the Divine Doctor Clan's recent prestige in Han City, but regardless of whether they were inside the shop or waiting outside, all the patients orderly left upon hearing his words.

Once the crowd dispersed, Ji Fantian turned back, took Lin Zaozao's hand, and looked at Ruo Qiu with a puzzled expression.

"Ruo Qiu, do you realize the risk you took by bringing Zaozao out of the palace at this hour?

Furthermore, my clinic has a diverse clientele. What if an assassin were to blend in among the patients?"

"It wasn't me who brought Zaozao out. I was settling accounts at the pastry shop when the shopkeeper informed me that Zaozao had already left the palace with Matchless and Invincible."

"And where are Matchless and Invincible?"

"They wanted to lay low. Do you think I could have found them?"Red the latest stories n novlbin(.)com

"Regardless, we must return Zaozao to the palace. It's not safe for her to stay here."

"I agree."

Ruo Qiu sighed with resignation. If he could, he would have taken Lin Zaozao back to the palace immediately. After all, it was a tense period, and it wasn't suitable for Zaozao to be out playing.

"Fantian, Ruo Qiu, I've just come from the palace and haven't had a chance to have fun yet! Besides, I came out this time with High Priest Hanye's permission."

"What! High Priest Hanye allowed you to come out?" Ji Fantian asked incredulously.

"Yeah! If he hadn't agreed, I wouldn't have been able to come out!"

Seeing Lin Zaozao's cheerful demeanor, Ji Fantian's forehead creased into a frown. What was High Priest Hanye thinking? How could he have allowed Zaozao to come out at such a time?

No, High Priest Hanye wasn't someone who couldn't discern the gravity of situations. He cherished Zaozao dearly; how could he let her be in harm's way?

Could it be that High Priest Hanye foresaw something and therefore allowed Zaozao to leave the palace?

Having figured this out, Ji Fantian no longer insisted on taking Lin Zaozao back to the palace. After all, they both understood High Priest Hanye's affection for Zaozao.

"Fantian, I saw how handsome you looked while treating the patients," Lin Zaozao praised, breaking the silence.

Hearing Lin Zaozao's compliment, Ji Fantian couldn't help but blush. After all, what man wouldn't be happy to receive approval from the one they loved?

"Zaozao, Xiao Taohua's medicine furnace exploded. Aren't you afraid of the poison? Do you want to come with me to the backyard to take a look?"

"Go, go, let's go now. Honestly, I've never seen you guys making medicine before! Must be really cool," Lin Zaozao said, pulling Ruo Qiu and Ji Fantian's hands and heading towards the backyard with big steps.

With such a commotion in the backyard, it's uncertain whether Xiaotaohua got hurt or not. But considering Xiaotaohua's martial skills, a small medicine cauldron shouldn't easily harm him.

However, when Lin Zaozao and the others reached the backyard and saw the medicine cauldron shattered into pieces, and the small dark figure standing beside it.

Lin Zaozao's face was filled with bewilderment.

She craned her neck, looking and looking again, only able to see the small dark figure's white teeth and white eyeballs.

"Fantian darling, who is that coal miner? He looks somewhat familiar with that physique!"

"Zaozao, that coal miner, he's Xiaotaohua," Ji Fantian said, unable to hold back his laughter.

"What, he's Xiaotaohua!"

Lin Zaozao let go of Ji Fantian and Ruo Qiu's hands, slowly walking up to Xiaotaohua.

Looking at his dark face, Lin Zaozao directly took her own snow-white cloak and wiped it on Xiaotaohua's face that was still stunned in place.

After Lin Zaozao wiped her moon-white cloak to black, she barely recognized that the man in front of her with the Judge Bao face was her exquisite little husband Xiaotaohua.

Oh my goodness!

Such a black peach blossom!

"Xiaotaohua, why aren't you speaking? Did the medicine cauldron blast your brains out? Xiaotaohua? Black Peach Blossom?"

Lin Zaozao stifled a laugh on her face, pushing the silent Xiaotaohua with her hand.

The next moment, Xiaotaohua rolled his eyes and directly fainted on the ground.

"I'll be damned! He got blasted in the head."

Lin Zaozao swiftly caught Xiaotaohua's body about to fall to the ground, while transferring his illness, she turned around and shouted behind her.

"Fantian darling, come and see Xiaotaohua quickly, he fainted from the blast of the medicine cauldron. Come see, see if he hurt his brain?"

But when Lin Zaozao turned around, she saw Ji Fantian, Ruo Qiu, and the people of the Divine Doctor Clan, all collapsed on the ground.

"Ruo Qiu, Fantian, what happened to you guys?"

Lin Zaozao quickly placed Xiaotaohua on the ground, turned around and ran towards Ji Fantian.

"Zaozao, run!"

"Run quickly!"

Just as Ji Fantian and Ruo Qiu spoke a few words, the next moment, except for their eyes, their bodies couldn't move at all.

This poison, it's human gu, it's also the curse Lord Han Ye mentioned!

It was developed by the Female Emperor of Canglan, specifically to deal with their poison.

But before Ji Fantian and Ruo Qiu could hold on for a few seconds, under the poison, they completely fainted away.

Lin Zaozao looked at Ji Fantian and Ruo Qiu, who were paralyzed on the ground and couldn't move at all. She quickly grabbed their hands, and started transferring their pain.

But just as Lin Zaozao finished transferring the pain and before she could exchange rewards with the system, four masked men suddenly jumped down from the roof.

Lin Zaozao stared at the four figures in black, dressed in tight black outfits with only their eyes exposed.

Surprisingly, her initial reaction wasn't fear; instead, her mind raced to the resemblance with scenes from television dramas. Those assassins and killers always appeared as masked heroes.

"Hello, four Black Reapers!" Lin Zaozao greeted, clutching her dirty white cloak, resembling a curious baby who had never seen the world. Despite her appearance, she was actually terrified.

She wanted to run, but her legs betrayed her commands. They felt as weak as noodles, and she couldn't move.

Oh no! These four killers might actually take her life. She was still young and definitely didn't want to meet an untimely end!

Matchless, Invincible, where are you two?

If you don't come soon, someone might slit her throat.

The four masked individuals observed Lin Zaozao's dumbfounded expression, their brows furrowing involuntarily.

According to their employer, the young empress of the Han Country, although newly crowned, was as scheming as a seasoned court official. Yet, seeing her standing there looking clueless, they couldn't help but doubt if this girl in white was the true empress.

Wasn't the Han Country's empress known for her elaborate attire?

But during their mission briefing, their employer showed them a portrait of the empress. Comparing the doll-like face in front of them to the image, it was an exact match.

Whether she was the Han Country's empress or not, following their orders, they approached Lin Zaozao, ready to administer the poison they brought.

Deciding that their employer, a skilled poison maker, could afford a little waste even if she wasn't the empress.

With determination, the four figures strode towards Lin Zaozao, who had just stood up from the ground. Witnessing her, still weak from the recent pain transfer, were Ji Fantian and Ruo Qiu, who had just regained consciousness, their foreheads pulsating with anxiety.

Why was Zaozao, a silly girl, just standing there? Why didn't she run away from these assassins?

But they were paralyzed, unable to move or even speak. How could they warn her to escape?

Just as Ji Fantian and Ruo Qiu were in a panic, Lin Zaozao stood up, extending her hand to stop them.

"Hey! Wait a minute, all four of you. When you go on a mission, you should know that I, Lin Zaozao, am a great sorceress. Not long ago, I summoned thunderstorms and directly blasted a hundred thousand soldiers from Canglan and Fengshuo countries, leaving them with nothing but their underpants!

You're so close to me, aren't you afraid I might use thunder and lightning to fry you to death?" Facing Lin Zaozao's intimidating threat, the four figures abruptly paused.

If the young girl in front of them was truly a celestial being, then no matter how formidable their martial arts were, they could never contend with a celestial being!

However, the thought of their family's fate being controlled by the master weighed heavily on them. In order to ensure the safety of their loved ones, the four black-clad figures reluctantly advanced toward Lin Zaozao.

"Hey! Stop, stop, stop! If you take another step, II'll summon lightning to strike you right now!"

Confronted by Lin Zaozao's "fierce" threat, the footsteps of the black-clad figures hesitated for a moment but continued moving towards her.

Today, the Empress of the Han Country must die. They had to obey the master's orders and administer poison into her mouth.

Seeing the black-clad figures slowly approaching her, Lin Zaozao trembled with fear.

Oh dear! She was in deep trouble today.

Where were the hidden guards assigned to her side? Why weren't they coming to protect her?

Chapter end

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