The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 211

Chapter 211

If that person really wanted to hide, with his sacrificial abilities, he really had no way to peek at the secrets in Zhuzhu's body.

However, that guy was also true. He cherished Zhuzhu and did not want Zhuzhu to endure the suffering of nurturing offspring in October. So this guy actually handed over the matter of pregnancy and childbirth to them.

His love for Zhuzhu has reached a mad and obsessive level.

Even if his sacrificial abilities were strong, wasn't he afraid that in this world, they would get pregnant and give birth as men, and would be rejected by the laws of this world?

However, when Han Ye saw the faint glow on Lin Zaozao's forehead, the worry in his heart disappeared without a trace.

It seemed that the person had done a full job.

Now as long as Zaozao still lives in this world, then her, Ji Fantian, Ruo Qiu Xiaotaohua getting pregnant and giving birth will not be rejected by this world.

But now its good too. Zhuzhu is now the empress of Han Country. Whether it is for Han Country or for herself, she must leave offspring in the future.

Giving birth to a child is like walking through the gate of hell for a woman. Now letting him endure the pain of nurturing offspring and giving birth for his little girl, it was quite good.

Lin Zaozao slowly retreated from Han Ye's arms, and looked up at his gentle and jade-like eyebrows.

For a while, a sour feeling filled her heart.

Letting men get pregnant and give birth was simply unheard of. But her husbands actually easily accepted this seemingly incredulous thing.

If they didn't love her deeply, how could they easily accept getting pregnant and giving birth?

Besides, when a woman gives birth to a child, it is like walking through the gate of hell.

What about when a man gives birth!

The hardship goes without saying.

Although she, Lin Zaozao, was now the empress of Han Country, whether or not to have children was really irrelevant to her.

If the price of having a child was to lose her husband, then she would rather not have children.

If her husband died, what use would children be to her?

Is it to hold the child and reminisce about her late husband after he dies?

That would simply be ridiculous.

Its useless to regret not cherishing someone when they were alive after they have passed away.

[System, Han Ye and Ruo Qiu are men, and the process of giving birth must not be easy. System, I don't want them to give birth for me anymore. Do you have a way to remove the child that has not yet formed in their belly without harming their body?]

[Host, the system has a way to easily remove the child. However, the consent of the child's father must be obtained.

Host, as the mother of the child, please ask your husbands now whether they are willing to give up the child in their belly?

If they are willing, the system can easily remove the child in their belly without harming their body.]

Hearing the suddenly cold and mechanical voice of the system, Lin Zaozao's heart couldn't help but feel apprehensive.

She looked back and saw Han Ye's gentle face, Ruo Qiu's joyful expression, the laughter in Ji Fantian's eyes, and Xiao Taohua's pretentious expression at the moment.

For a while, she couldnt get a word out about whether they wanted to give up the child in their belly.

"Zaozao, what's wrong? You don't look well."

Ji Fantian, who first noticed Lin Zaozao's abnormality, took her hand and asked worriedly.

"Fantian, it will cause great harm to your body for a man to give birth, in addition to being bad for your reputation.

Fantian, if you don't want this child, I can..."

Before Lin Zaozao could finish speaking, Ji Fantian interrupted her in time.

Zaozao, in this world, there are not many people I care about. As the clan leader of the Divine Doctor Clan, I will naturally do my best to protect the inheritance of our clan.

But in private, Zaozao, the only person I care about now is you.

You are now the empress of Han Country. I can give birth to a child that belongs to both of us. I am really happy.

Zaozao, I am willing to give birth to the child in my belly, not only for you, but also for myself. Zaozao, I really want a blood relative.

After this child is born, he will be my Ji Fantian's relative, and will also be the successor of the Divine Doctor Clan."

Ji Fantian stroked Lin Zaozao's face and said gently with a smile.

"Zaozao, you also know that although I am now rich and powerful, apart from you, I have no other relatives.DiiScver w storis on no//e()/lbin(.)com

So Zaozao, this child will inherit all the wealth I have earned. Zaozao, like Ji Fantian, I also need a blood-related loved one.

Whether it's a boy or a girl, whether you give birth or I give birth, as long as it's our child, I'll be happy."

Ruo Qiu touched his flat belly, with gentleness in his eyes and brows.

"Lin Zaozao, I'm too lazy to explain to you. Anyway, now that the child is in my belly, I'm in charge.

Hehehe! I've never had a blood relative before growing up like this! When my little cub grows up, I will dote on her well if its a girl, and if its a boy...

Xiao Taohua hesitated for a moment, looked at Lin Zaozao, and said with some apprehension.

Zaozao, whether it's a boy or a girl, it's still up to you to teach! I'm afraid that as a wanderer, I can't teach the child well. What if I lead the child astray?"

Facing Xiao Taohua's dim eyes, Lin Zaozao felt distressed and hugged him around the neck, looking into his eyes and said seriously,

"Xiao Taohua, this is the first time for both of us to be parents. Let's try our best to teach the child. If we don't know how, then we'll learn while teaching. We will definitely raise the child well."

"Well! As long as he stays safe and happy for life, I don't care whether the child succeeds or not."

"Zhuzhu, why don't you ask me if I want this child?"

Han Ye leaned against the bed and gently asked Lin Zaozao.

"Han Ye, you are the high priest of Han Country. Do you want this child?"

Lin Zaozao turned her head and asked earnestly.

"I do. After I give birth to him, he will be the next high priest of Han Country.

When the child becomes the high priest of Han Country, I will be free. Zaozao, I have been trapped in Han Country for so many years, I also want to go out and see the scenery of different places."

"This is a good idea. When the children grow up, I will randomly pick a successful one and throw them the position of Empress of Han Country.

By then, Han Ye, let's wander together. If none of us wants to go out and play, let's hide in a small mountain village, catch chickens and tease dogs, and be happy immortals who eat and wait to die. How about that? "

Lin Zaozao imagined the future happily.

"Then it's a deal. When the children grow up, let's throw all the responsibilities to them, and then go and have our own happy days."

Ruo Qiu laughed and agreed.

With the brisk laughter of Han Ye and others, the irritability gathered in Lin Zaozao's heart at this time also disappeared without a trace.

Seeing the smiles on Han Ye and Ji Fantian's faces, Lin Zaozao thought at the first moment that she should really try her best to be a more competent Empress of Han Country.

Because she must do her best before the children are born to create a beautiful and peaceful heyday for them.

Lin Zaozao quickly glanced at the flat bellies of Han Ye and the others in the cold night. She took out all ten bottles of prenatal medicine pills given to her by the system.

When Han Ye and the other three saw the ten little medicine bottles that Lin Zaozao had somehow produced, their relaxed and smiling expressions froze involuntarily.

What other secrets were hidden on Zaozao's body? Where had she just taken out those ten big bottles from?

However, recalling Lin Zaozao's exceptionally strange behavior in the past, Han Ye, Ji Fantian, Ruo Qiu and Xiao Taohua subconsciously swallowed their doubts.

If Zaozao wanted to reveal her secrets someday, then she would naturally tell them. If she didn't want to say, then they would always keep them for her.

"Brother Han Ye, Ruo Qiu, Fantian and Xiao Taohua, these ten bottles are prenatal medicine pills. You four can divide them and take them!

Try them first and take them if they are effective. If they are not effective, then don't take them.

Of course, if you take them all and feel they are effective, then ask me for more. I have a lot more of these pills."

Anyway, the dog system said these prenatal pills would be supplied for free.

When Ruo Qiu took the bottle handed to him by Lin Zaozao, his eyes were full of disbelief. The workmanship of this bottle was simply too exquisite.

He could guarantee that even with the skills of the master craftsmen under him, it would be absolutely impossible to make a bottle so delicate.

Forget about the prenatal medicine contained in this bottle, just the bottle itself could be sold for a large sum of money if taken outside.

Concealing the shock in his eyes, Ruo Qiu opened the exquisite bottle and poured out a white pellet.

He held it in his hand and looked at it. Crystal clear and extremely beautiful!

If she didn't say this was prenatal medicine, he would have thought this prenatal pill was a beautiful decorative item.

Hiding the shock in his eyes, Ruo Qiu put the little pill into his mouth.

As soon as the pill entered his mouth, it immediately dissolved on his tongue. Instantly, a gentle energy softly surrounded his whole body.

Under that energy, the sore waist from Lin Zaozao's endless tossing and turning last night also stopped hurting.

This prenatal medicine was truly miraculous.

Ji Fantian, Xiao Taohua and Han Ye glanced at each other after seeing the undisguised shock in Ruo Qiu's eyes. They each took a bottle of prenatal medicine and ate a pellet after opening it.

After eating one prenatal pill, the expressions on the three were identically shocked like Ruo Qiu.

Chapter end

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