The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 215

Chapter 215

The system said for free, "[Uncle Zhang] has brought a witcher who can control the little poison kids. I took advantage of the time when you were saving those six children, and knocked out the witcher who was hiding in the shadows and brought him out.

The six little poison kids came here, all under the guidance of this witcher. If he didn't still have his uses, I would have killed him with one slap."

After speaking, [Uncle Zhang] unceremoniously threw the person in his hand onto the ground, revealing an old face covered with wrinkles.

[Lin Zaozao], who was quite a aesthete, couldn't help but say "Ew" when she saw the face.

It wasn't because the person was old and ugly that she was disgusted. The reason she was so disgusted was that the old face was covered with strange totems.

That was one thing, but most importantly, gems were also embedded on that face.

The already ugly old face became shockingly ugly under the foil of those gems.

It was really a waste of so many good-looking gems.

Looking at this old face, [Lin Zaozao] subconsciously felt that he was a born villain. He was already so old yet still so eerily decorated, it was really disgusting.

If this old guy wasn't a bad person, what were these six little poison kids lying on the ground?

[Lin Zaozao] walked over to [Uncle Zhang] and grabbed his hand to transfer some pain for him. [Uncle Zhang] was getting older, so it was normal for him to have some minor issues.

After trading with the system for a level 5 antidote, [Lin Zaozao] turned around and threw the antidote into the dead water pond. The moment the antidote hit the pond water, the murky green pond water instantly regained its original clarity.

"[System], earlier when I was treating the plague, it was so difficult for me to get a few level 5 antidotes from you, and you even made me grow to almost 400 pounds as a fat man.

But now, for just a pond of dead water, you can easily take out a level 5 antidote. Have you been a little too generous recently?

Or are you just too stingy to me normally! Penny-pinching, don't you dislike it!?"

"[Host], it's not that I'm being generous, I'm forced to be lenient. If I don't take care of these little poison kids and this poisoned water, the consequences could be even more terrible than the plague. To maintain the big picture, I used a level 5 antidote to prevent a disaster, it's not really generous."

"Alright, those are just excuses you made up, I have no say anyways. Since I don't have to pay any price, do whatever you want!"

After speaking, [Lin Zaozao] bent down, picked up a kid in one hand, and walked towards the barracks.

She didn't know if there was any residual poison left on these kids, so she didn't dare let [Uncle Zhang] get close to them.

[Lin Zaozao] had just taken two steps carrying those two kids, and was about to turn around to order [Uncle Zhang] not to touch the four kids lying on the ground, when she saw a scene that almost made her scream.

The two silly wolves, [Zhao Cai] and [Jin Bao], were actually licking the children's faces with their tongues.

"F*ck! [Zhao Cai], [Jin Bao], are you two trying to die? Why are you licking them? Hurry up and stop!"

[Lin Zaozao] nimbly threw down the kid she was holding, and quickly ran towards [Zhao Cai] and [Jin Bao].

Damn, although she had washed these kids, the poison in their bodies was so powerful, who knew if there was any residual poison left on them.

She didn't even dare let [Uncle Zhang] touch them, yet these two wolf cubs were licking them with their tongues. They were really tired of living.

Grabbing [Zhao Cai] and [Jin Bao]'s ears, [Lin Zaozao] forcibly pulled them to the side.

"[Zhao Cai], [Jin Bao], open your mouths. Ah, no, listen to me and spit out saliva quickly!"

[Lin Zaozao] pried open [Zhao Cai]'s mouth with her bare hands, and stuck her head to its mouth to see if its mouth had been blackened by poison.

[Zhao Cai] didn't have any reaction to [Lin Zaozao]'s reckless actions. It just kept grinning with its big mouth open, lowering its head for [Lin Zaozao] to observe.

[Uncle Zhang], who was standing on the side, was startled when he saw [Lin Zaozao] nearly sticking her head into [Zhao Cai]'s mouth.

"[Miss], girl!"

[Uncle Zhang] quickly walked over to [Lin Zaozao] and pulled her arm back a step.

"Girl, [Zhao Cai] and [Jin Bao] may be very intelligent, but they are still the cubs of the Wolf King!

How dare you put your head near their mouths? What if they accidentally bite you?"

"[Uncle Zhang], don't worry about me first. What if [Zhao Cai] and [Jin Bao] die from poison after licking the little poison kids?"

"Girl, [Zhao Cai] and [Jin Bao] are not afraid of the poison on the poison kids. Don't forget, your two brothers Lin Wuwu and Lin Wanwan were also poison-refined when they were young.

When they first arrived at the wolf pack, they also had poison on them. After living with the wolf pack for so long, I've never seen them poison any giant wolves to death.

Not only did they not poison the giant wolves to death, the giant wolves even converted the poison in their bodies into wolf poison! This proves that the giant wolves are not afraid of these poisons at all.

You have to believe that as the cubs of the Wolf King, [Zhao Cai] and [Jin Bao] are much smarter than ordinary wolves. They won't kill themselves."

"[Zhao Cai] and [Jin Bao], is what [Uncle Zhang] said true?"

[Lin Zaozao] turned around and walked over to [Jin Bao]. Before she could use her hand to pry open its mouth, it had already opened its big mouth on its own, baring its teeth and waiting for her to examine it.

Sure enough, just as [Uncle Zhang] said, there was no trace of blackened poison on its sharp teeth.

Could it be that her [Zhao Cai] and [Jin Bao] were naturally immune to poison?

"[Zhao Cai], [Jin Bao], were you two born unafraid of poison?"

[Lin Zaozao] held [Jin Bao]'s big head in her hands and tentatively asked.

Unexpectedly, the two wolf cubs nodded at her in unison. Looking at their human-like eyes, [Lin Zaozao] felt as if they were two human children.

They were really so intelligent.

Most importantly, they seemed to be able to understand what she was saying.

"[Uncle Zhang], it looks like [Zhao Cai] and [Jin Bao] can understand what I'm saying?"

"Girl, I see it too."

[Uncle Zhang] walked over to [Lin Zaozao]'s side, looking at [Zhao Cai] and [Jin Bao] cocking their heads looking at him, his eyes full of undisguised shock.

He had trained these two wolf cubs before, and at that time they were only a little smarter than ordinary long-haired livestock.

But he didn't expect that after staying by the young miss's side for a short period of time, they could now understand human speech.

They really lived up to being the Wolf King's offspring, truly intelligent.

No wonder when Lin Wuwu and Lin Wanwan left, they would leave these two wolf cubs to the young miss.

"[Zhao Cai], [Jin Bao], if you two aren't afraid of the poison on these kids, can you help carry them back for me?"

[Lin Zaozao] received nodding heads from [Zhao Cai] and [Jin Bao] in response.

"Ah! [Zhao Cai], [Jin Bao], you two are really my good cubs!"

[Lin Zaozao] hugged [Jin Bao]'s big head, and just wanted to give it a kiss because of its furry face.

But when [Lin Zaozao] brought her face close to [Jin Bao], the wolf cub actually turned its head in disgust, and slapped its big wolf paw over [Lin Zaozao]'s mouth.

"Ah! Pah! Pah! Jin Bao, you bastard! Your paws are full of mud! It's so dirty to put them on my mouth! You made me eat a mouthful of mud."

Lin Zaozao rolled up her sleeves and wiped her mouth, looking at the smug Jin Bao. She just wanted to give it a slap on its butt to vent her anger.

But as soon as Lin Zaozao raised her hand, she saw Jin Bao's big tail wagging like a whirlwind.

At that moment, Lin Zaozao was no longer angry.

Let it be mischievous! Her little wolf cub, she was happy to pamper it.

"Jin Bao! You must remember, you are a wolf, not a doggie. Why are you wagging your tail so eagerly!"

Patting Jin Bao's big head, Lin Zaozao bent down and put the six little poisonous people lying on the ground on the backs of Zhao Cai and Jin Bao.

"Uncle Zhang, you carry that Witcher over there. Let's go back now!"

"Wait a second, little master. Let me first cripple this old guy's tendons and veins, so he won't be able to do evil when he wakes up."


When Lin Zaozao and Uncle Zhang returned to the military camp, Dashan, Nan Yu and others had already been waiting there. When Dashan saw Lin Zaozao and Uncle Zhang come back, he immediately ran towards Lin Zaozao.

"Little master, are you alright! Are you hurt? What about those six little poisonous people you mentioned! Did they hurt you?"

"Dashan, I'm fine. As for those six little poisonous people, they are on the backs of Zhao Cai and Jin Bao. We also accidentally discovered something. Look! In Uncle Zhang's hands."

Lin Zaozao looked back and pointed at the old Witcher in Uncle Zhang's hands.

Dashan slightly tilted his body and when he saw the old Witcher held in Uncle Zhang's hands, the cold light in his eyes had almost turned substantial at this moment.

This old guy came from Purgatory Valley.

The Witchers who came out of Purgatory Valley, which one of them didn't have the lives of thousands on their hands.

This Witcher who didn't care about human lives should be killed now. But when Dashan saw the look Uncle Zhang cast at him, he also knew this old Witcher was still somewhat useful now.

The fact that this old guy could appear here meant that the Empresses of Canglan and Fengshuo, they really couldn't wait to die.

Since they wanted to die, then he didn't mind accompanying the little master to deal with them as soon as possible.

Daring to send these things to harm their little master, they were really tired of living.

"Little master, these six little poisonous people are too dangerous. I think we should dispose of them as soon as possible while they are still unconscious."

"Dashan, don't worry. I've mostly detoxified the poison in their bodies. Besides, these six children are now just puppets without their own minds. They can't hurt me anymore."

"Well then! Little master, let me help you take those six children inside."

Before Dashan could take action, Lin Zaozao stopped him in time.

"Dashan, I just detoxified the poison in their bodies, and I don't know if it's completely cleaned up.

To protect everyone's lives, from now on, except for me, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao, no one else in the army is allowed to get close to these six children until the poison in their bodies is completely cleaned up."

"Okay, little master."

Dashan bent his outstretched hand and instead took over the Witcher from Uncle Zhang's hand and lifted it up to take a look.Finnd ew chapters on nve/lbi(.)com

The more he looked, the deeper his frown became.

This old poisonous creature was so ugly.

Chapter end

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