The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 219

Chapter 219

"You bastard system, come out! What about my face? How can I face people with this pitch black Bao Gong face? You want me to what later when I see people?"

"My dear darling host! This is just a small accident. This system currently also has no way to save your charcoal face.

But this is not a big problem either. Anyway, your face will definitely be restored to its original state after a day.

As compensation, this system will compensate you that within this month, no matter how you make trouble, you will never gain weight!"

"Damn! You bastard system, what's the damn use of this reward to me! I went to save people this time. What trouble can I make? What's the use of your reward to me!"

"How is it useless? Host, this month, you can transfer the bone marrow soup you got from transferring illnesses to others.

No matter how much you let others drink, you won't gain weight. Such a good reward is hard to come by in thousands of years.

What do you think? Host, don't you feel particularly grateful for the system's kind-heartedness!"

"Give others free bone marrow soup and beauty liquid to drink? System, will I encounter many problems that I cannot foresee when I enter Canglan Country this time?"

"Stupid host, this system doesn't know. But stupid host, I tell you clearly, clearly and plainly now.

I made you turn into a pitch black Bao Gong face now, it is the system expressing selfless love to you.

My most fundamental purpose is to save you from fire and water, do you understand?"

"I don't understand. Even if I understand, your love is too perverted and indecent.

Although I am a decent lady, and my skin is a bit thicker than normal girls, you still can't do this to me!

Later I will meet the people and empress of Canglan Country with such a black face. Don't I need dignity? Before tomorrow, everyone will know that the new empress of Han Country has a charcoal face."

"Host, you are the empress of Han Country. With your current identity, you can pretend to be awesome. Why do you have to show your true face to others?

When you go out later, wear a mask. No one dares say half a word about you. As for that mask, I will give you one for free now."

As soon as the system finished speaking, a mask appeared out of thin air in Lin Zaozao's hand. Looking at the mask in her hand, it was quite heavy, and after looking at it for a long time, Lin Zaozao still didn't know what material it was made of.

But Lin Zaozao looked at it and somehow felt a little familiar.

Isn't this the mask that Han Ye brother gave her last time, which can make handsome guys look ugly?

She doesn't drool over or flirt with handsome guys now, so why does she still have to wear this weird mask that makes people look ugly!

"Host, the function of this mask is different from the one Han Ye gave you. Don't look down on this mask. When you put on this mask, you will see some things that you could not see before.

However, tomorrow, after your face recovers, you must return this mask to the system."

"It's just a broken mask! You still want it back tomorrow? You bastard system, aren't you too petty?"

"Host, you know nothing! It takes a great price to make this mask.

Later when you really put on this mask, you will discover the uniqueness of this mask. Then, you will thank the system for ten thousand lifetimes."

"Unique? System, can I also see Ah Piao when I put on this mask?"

"Stupid host, after you put on this mask later, when you see some different things, you must keep calm.

Once you make abnormal actions or sounds because of fear, the system will immediately take back this mask."

After listening to the system, Lin Zaozao looked at the mask in her hand with doubt in her eyes.

What could make her feel afraid when seeing some different things?

The bastard system deliberately turned her face black, was it just to let her wear this mask to discover some things she couldn't normally see?

Thinking of what she would see later, Lin Zaozao took a long breath to stabilize herself.

Her mother told her that the more difficulties she encounters, the more she should stabilize her emotions.

Once you panic when something happens, things will also get out of your control.

Not only does she have to save her few husbands this time in Canglan Country, more importantly, she still has to kill the Canglan empress and seize power of Canglan Country.

So no matter what she sees later, she must remain calm.

Staying calm is what she should do now.

"Your Majesty, I have combed your hair well. Please take a look, is it ok?"

Hearing Miss Nan Yin's words, Lin Zaozao quickly converged the emotions surging in her eyes. She picked up the small copper mirror in her hand and took a look at her current image.

Miss Nan Yin's skill in combing hair was quite good, combing her hair to look quite noble and elegant.

It's a pity that such beautiful hair was completely destroyed by her pitch black Bao Gong face.

Looking at the mirror, Lin Zaozao blinked at the mirror and grinned at the mirror.

It was fine when she didn't laugh. Now laughing, Lin Zaozao suddenly felt that her teeth were extremely white.

With her current black face, she could be a spokesperson for selling toothpaste in her previous life.

The visual effect would be awesome!

Wearing the mask on her face, Lin Zaozao looked at herself wearing a mask in the copper mirror. Due to the effect of the mask, Lin Zaozao exuded an aura of...

Hmm! Shamanism.

Seeing this, Lin Zaozao couldn't help but want to laugh. Her main job now is the empress of Han Country, and her secondary business is being a shaman.

Now wearing the mask, this aura of being a shaman was firmly welded onto her.

Putting down the small copper mirror, Lin Zaozao turned around and glanced at Miss Nan Yin who was tidying up.

At this time, she was wrapped in a faint soft light, which made her look better and gentler.

Could it be that this broken mask can also give people a filter to make them look better?

So Lin Zaozao turned her head again to look at Ye Yi, who had fainted. But when Lin Zaozao turned her gaze to Ye Yi, she saw two colors on him.

One was a faint golden light, and the other was a kind of unfathomable black mist.

The black mist completely surrounded that layer of faint golden light, and was going to swallow up the golden light.

Lin Zaozao quickly concealed the surprise in her eyes, and she stretched out her hand pretending to be indifferent and placed it on Ye Yi's face.

When her hand touched those black mists, they rushed to the side quickly, as if encountering something terrible.

Some black mists even disappeared directly when Lin Zaozao touched them.

Seeing this scene, Lin Zaozao's eyes flashed with confusion. Those black mists were actually afraid of her.

Thinking of this, Lin Zaozao directly hugged Ye Yi in her arms and kissed his cheek affectionately.

When Lin Zaozao's lips touched Ye Yi's cheek, the black mist on his body disappeared a little more. And the faint golden light on him increased a bit.

Nan Yin, who had finished tidying up, saw Lin Zaozao's intimate actions hugging Ye Yi, felt a little embarrassed and lowered her head.

"Your Majesty, there is nothing else to do now, so I will go down first."

"Ok! Go down!"

Seeing Nan Yin go down, Lin Zaozao raised her head again to look at Ye Yi's face. He had grown 100 catties of meat earlier, making his complexion much better looking.

Because the health supplement Ye Yi was taking had the function of helping him grow taller, the clothes he was currently wearing were obviously a bit short for him now. But it was alright, Lin Zaozao would get someone to buy him some new ones once they entered Lan City.

"My dear Ye Yi, sleep well. Your wife will seek justice for you."

After kissing Ye Yi's forehead again, Lin Zaozao put him down and opened the carriage curtain before jumping off.

When Lin Zaozao rode on Zhao Cai's back again, Uncle Zhang and Dashan were riding on either side of her on horses, protecting her. Although there was some black fog around Uncle Zhang and Dashan's bodies, the white glow surrounding them was much stronger than the black fog.

Lin Zaozao looked back at the Han Country soldiers following the army. Like Uncle Zhang, although there was black fog around their bodies, the white glow was far greater than the black fog.

Could it be that the white glow represents a person's luck, while the black fog represents bad luck?

Although she still didn't understand exactly what the white glow, black fog and golden light represented, Lin Zaozao quickly hid the abnormal look in her eyes. Facing Uncle Zhang and Dashan, she said in a loud voice,

"Uncle Zhang, has there been any news from our spies implanted in the Canglan Country?"

"Young miss, no news so far."

"No news is good news. At least it proves that old hag, the Female Emperor of the Canglan Country, has no other moves yet."

"Uncle Zhang, order the Han Country soldiers who have rested well to enter Lan Cheng with our best spirits, formations and etiquette."

"Send word back to my soldiers guarding Han Country's borders. If anything unusual happens here, they are to directly cross the border and attack Canglan."

"Send word to Elder Brother Han Ye. If the Female Emperor of Canglan Country dares to break the agreement, immediately have Ye Zhao and Ye Mu's heads sent to the Canglan Country!"

"As a last resort, kill all 50,000 Canglan captive soldiers as well, to prevent them from colluding with the Female Emperor of Canglan Country and causing turmoil in Han Country."

"Yes, Young Miss!"



"Get Nan Yu and Sister Nan Yin to lead those death warriors to secretly sneak into Canglan's Lan City and lie hidden."FOlloow ewest stories at n(v)el/bi/n(.)com

"If something happens here, get them to work with us from inside and outside, seize any opportunity to attack the Canglan imperial palace and kill the Female Emperor of Canglan Country."

"Don't leave any room for retreat, lest we get trapped in Canglan in the end."

"Yes, Young Miss."

"Right, Uncle Zhang, are the spies we planted in place? When the Female Emperor of Canglan Country dies, I'll need them to steer public opinion."

"The girls are all ready, Miss."

"Good. Everything's ready then, let's go!"

Chapter end

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