The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 221

Chapter 221

Although her situation of crossing over was quite unusual, she had never encountered the phenomenon of two souls inhabiting a single body.

Moreover, she had now returned to her original body.

Just as Lin Zaozao was silently speculating in her heart, the woman riding on the horse swiftly dismounted and stood not far from Lin Zaozao.

As Lin Zaozao examined the woman's clothing, as well as the ceremonial crown on her head, and compared them to the portrait sent by the spies.

The woman before her was none other than the Female Emperor of Canglan Country, Ye Hui.

Based on the portrait alone, Lin Zaozao didn't find anything amiss about the Female Emperor of Canglan. However, when she saw the person in real life, Lin Zaozao inexplicably felt a sense of familiarity.

Especially her sharp face and large eyes, they made Lin Zaozao feel like she knew her well.

She shouldn't have seen the Female Emperor of Canglan before!

Then where did that familiar feeling towards the Female Emperor of Canglan come from?

"Mingzhu, those assassins didn't harm you, did they?"

"I'm fine. They were just insignificant pests, not worth my attention. Your Majesty Ye Hui, thank you for your concern."

Lin Zaozao politely replied.

As the Female Emperor of Canglan looked at Lin Zaozao sitting on Zhaocai's back, a hint of hostility flashed in her eyes.

That hint of hostility in her eyes didn't escape Lin Zaozao's notice. Hmph!

Was she trying to kill her?

Even if she wanted to kill her, did she have to make it so obvious? It made Lin Zaozao feel like a blind person who couldn't see the fleeting fierceness in her eyes.

The Female Emperor of Canglan looked at Lin Zaozao on Zhaocai's back, her eyes narrowed with hidden intentions, and swiftly walked towards Lin Zaozao.

But before she could take a few steps forward, she was blocked by Jinbao.

Jinbao, who had always been obedient, crouched on the ground, its front paws slightly bent, showing an attacking posture, baring its teeth and staring ferociously at her.

It was as if Jinbao would bite off her neck if the Female Emperor of Canglan dared to approach Lin Zaozao.

Even Zhaocai, under Lin Zaozao's bottom, bared its teeth at this moment, its front paws slightly bent, staring fiercely at the Female Emperor of Canglan.

Faced with this situation, before Lin Zaozao could say a word, the Female Emperor of Canglan simply looked at Zhaocai and Jinbao and smiled faintly. Then, she quickly took a few steps back.

However, within the span of her raising her hand, Lin Zaozao clearly saw that the person or ghost who had been following her closely actually rushed straight towards Jinbao.

Seeing the grim smile on that ghostly figure's face, Lin Zaozao quickly jumped off Zhaocai and stood directly in front of Jinbao, seemingly comforting it, but in reality, using her own body to block the approaching ghost.

How could her Jinbao be harmed by that ghostly thing?

When the apparition approached Lin Zaozao, her face displayed a terrified expression as if she had encountered something dreadful.

After taking a step back, as if suddenly realizing something, she rushed straight towards Lin Zaozao again.

Watching the approaching apparition, Lin Zaozao remained calm and composed, as if she hadn't noticed it at all.

The system had advised her to stay calm when faced with something frightening. After all, that ghost couldn't harm her anymore, so she might as well let it come at her!

But when the ghost flew towards Lin Zaozao and extended its long tongue to lick her face, she couldn't hold back her impulsive reaction and slapped the ghost's face.

Damn, this thing is disgusting!

Whether it was her imagination or not, she felt a sticky sensation on her face when the female ghost licked her.

"What the hell! Where did this damn mosquito come from? How dare it target my face? Watch me slap you to death."

Lin Zaozao had expected her hand to hit nothing but air, but to her surprise, her palm landed solidly on the ghost's face.

The crisp sound of the slap immediately captured everyone's attention.

"Hahaha... I really didn't expect mosquitoes in Lan City to be so extraordinary. I slapped it, and I could even hear the sound. Oh my goodness! This mosquito must be a bloodsucker, or else why would my hand be stained with blood?"

In front of everyone, Lin Zaozao nonchalantly withdrew her hand, feeling a bit disgusted as she prepared to wipe it on the fur of her lucky cat.

Damn, whether it was her imagination or not, she felt a sticky sensation in her palm when she slapped the apparition's face, as if she had touched someone's snot. It made Lin Zaozao feel sick to her stomach.

But before Lin Zaozao could wipe her hand on the lucky cat's back, it moved backward, evading her hand directly.

Looking into the disdainful eyes of the lucky cat, Lin Zaozao glanced at her own hand and couldn't believe her eyes.

Could it be that the lucky cat and the treasured cat could see the ghostly figure on the Female Emperor of Canglan Country?

Just as Lin Zaozao was speculating in her mind, the apparition lunged at her again.

In the moment when the apparition pounced, Lin Zaozao quickly glanced at the Female Emperor of Canglan Country. To her surprise, she saw a clear handprint on the Female Emperor's pale face.

This is...

Narrowing her eyes slightly to confirm her suspicion, Lin Zaozao firmly grabbed the apparition's neck with one hand as it lunged at her. Ignoring its desperate struggles, she had the strong intention of breaking its neck.

After all, her body was incredibly strong.

Her hand may be small, but it still possessed the strength to grip a ghost's neck.

As expected, just like Lin Zaozao had guessed, when she tightly squeezed the ghost's neck, the Female Emperor of Canglan Country seemed as if someone was invisibly choking her. She clasped her hands around her neck, struggling and rolling her eyes.

Seeing the Female Emperor of Canglan Country desperately struggling and rolling her eyes, Lin Zaozao couldn't help but feel amused.

Before entering Lan City, she had actually thought about how to kill the Female Emperor of Canglan Country without anyone knowing, but now she had her answer!

Now things have taken a turn for the better. They had just met, and Lin Zaozao had already found the Empress of Canglan Country's weak spot.

What's more, this weak spot was personally delivered to her by the Empress herself.

With this in mind, Lin Zaozao tightened her grip on the ghostly figure's hand even more. At this moment, she wished she could just squeeze the life out of the Empress of Canglan Country.

Getting rid of this trouble once and for all would save her a lot of effort in the future.

With these thoughts in mind, Lin Zaozao increased the pressure on the ghost's neck. She continued to hold tightly, not allowing any room for the ghost to play dead.

Wait! No, she should be worried about the ghost pretending to be dead!

The sensation of holding onto this thing was far from pleasant. It was sticky and disgustingly nauseating.

She definitely didn't want to let go and then have to squeeze it again if it turned out she hadn't killed it.

"Uncle Zhang, quickly go and see how my future mother-in-law is doing. Why did she suddenly collapse on the ground? In broad daylight, I thought she was covering her neck and doing a welcome dance for me!

I was just wondering what kind of dance she was performing while grabbing her neck! How did she end up on the ground? Please don't tell me she's dead!

She can't be dead! If she is, then when Ye Yi and I have our wedding, there will be a dead person standing in front of us. That would be so unlucky!"

Listening to Lin Zaozao's sarcastic and weird voice, Uncle Zhang didn't understand why the Empress of Canglan Country would suddenly behave strangely and collapse on the ground. But following Lin Zaozao's orders, he walked over to the Empress's side.

Although there were many guards around the Empress of Canglan Country at this time, anxiously checking her pulse and calling her "Your Majesty," Uncle Zhang managed to avoid them under the pretext of being concerned about her health. He directly placed his hand on her neck's major artery.

Within a second, Uncle Zhang quickly withdrew his hand and walked towards Lin Zaozao.

When Lin Zaozao's gaze met Uncle Zhang's, he shook his head slightly.

With Uncle Zhang's confirmation, Lin Zaozao looked incredulously at the ghostly figure she held in her hand, which was no longer struggling.

Using this ghost, she had easily and simply killed the Empress of Canglan Country.

Before entering Lan City, she had thought of countless ways to secretly kill the Empress without anyone suspecting her involvement.

But she never expected that the method she used to kill the Empress of Canglan Country would go so smoothly.Follow the latest novels n/velbin(.)com

Was the process of killing the Empress too easy?

Most importantly, she didn't feel anything! Did the old Empress of Canglan Country really die just like that?

Or perhaps, the woman before her wasn't the Empress of Canglan Country at all, but a body double? That's why it was so easy for her to kill her?

During her time in Canglan Country, Han Ye had already found two substitutes for her. When Lin Zaozao looked at the two girls who looked exactly like her, her eyes widened in surprise.

If it weren't for the fact that the real protagonist was standing in front of them, she would have suspected that she was the substitute.

Now, seeing the Female Emperor of Canglan Country being easily killed by her, Lin Zaozao couldn't help but wonder. The one she killed was just an impersonator.

[Host, quickly use the otherworldly soul in your hand to exchange for a way to rescue the Ye Yi clan and the entire Canglan Country from this system.]

[Otherworldly soul? Are you referring to her?]

Lin Zaozao looked at the motionless ghost in her hand, puzzled.

[Yes, host. This ghost comes from another world and has been residing by the side of the Female Emperor of Canglan, influencing her actions and behavior.

If this otherworldly soul had obediently left this world before you were born, none of this would have happened.

However, in order to seek revenge on you and to evade the punishment from the heavens for traversing two lifetimes, she used the fortune of the entire Canglan Country to stabilize her divine soul.

Now, the fate of this otherworldly soul and the life of the Female Emperor of Canglan are tightly intertwined. So, when you strangle this otherworldly soul, the Female Emperor of Canglan will also die with her.

The otherworldly soul tried to absorb your fortune by licking you with her tongue.

Unfortunately, with the mask that this system has given you, not only can you see her, but you can also touch her.

So, she never expected that as soon as she saw you, she would be easily crushed to death by you.

This process of killing her went so smoothly, and this system is truly delighted.]

Chapter end

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