The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 224

Chapter 224

"Your Majesty, the Demon Lord Gu Shan is currently in Purgatory Valley. General Murong Hai, on the other hand, has been imprisoned by the Female Emperor of Canglan in the Frigid Land near the frontier, which is over half a month's journey away from Canglan."

"General Murong Hai is far from our location, but what about Purgatory Valley? How far is it from Canglan?"

"Your Majesty, Purgatory Valley is located on the border between Canglan and Fengshuo. With fast horses and urgent travel, it would take four to five days to reach there."

"Very well, I understand. Once we have dealt with matters here, we will go to Purgatory Valley to rescue Gu Shan. Purgatory Valley doesn't sound like a good place. If we arrive late, I can't bear to think of the suffering Gu Shan might endure."

Listening to Lin Zaozao's murmurs, Yin Xue's eyes flickered slightly. After a moment of contemplation, he decided to interject.

"Zaozao, I have heard something about Purgatory Valley and Gu Shan. Purgatory Valley is not only filled with traps, but it is also shrouded in toxic mist throughout the year. Without a guide, entering it is a matter of life and death."

"Is that so?"

Lin Zaozao responded indifferently.

"Matchless, Invincible, come out!"

As soon as Lin Zaozao's voice fell, Matchless and Invincible knelt before him.

"My Lord!"

"My Lord!"

"Matchless, Invincible, before you joined me, were you both from the Eighteen Floors of Gu Shan?"

"My Lord, we indeed came from the Eighteen Floors!"

Matchless replied with a respectful salute.

"And were most of the people from the Eighteen Floors from Purgatory Valley?"

Upon hearing Lin Zaozao's question, Matchless and Invincible exchanged a glance and honestly answered.

"My Lord, we did indeed come from Purgatory Valley. My Lord, most of our brothers from the Eighteen Floors were born in Purgatory Valley. The two of us were saved by Lord Gu Shan from the pile of corpses in Purgatory Valley."

"Since both of you are from Purgatory Valley, are you familiar with the routes inside? Do you have the confidence to take me into Purgatory Valley and ensure our safe return?"

Upon hearing Lin Zaozao's words, Matchless and Invincible were momentarily stunned. They looked at Lin Zaozao's serious expression and immediately intervened.

"My Lord, before Lord Gu Shan handed us over to you, he made us swear not to let you approach Purgatory Valley even half a step."

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Lin Zaozao asked, puzzled.

"My Lord, it's the same as what Yin Xue, the divine physician, said. Purgatory Valley is not only filled with traps, but it is also constantly covered in toxic mist. Even the top martial artists in the martial world would face a life-or-death situation trying to come back. And you, my Lord, do not possess any martial arts skills. Once you enter, it would undoubtedly be a certain death. The brothers in the Eighteen Floors have all crawled out of piles of corpses in Purgatory Valley, and if they die, they die. But you are different, not only are you the beloved of the Demon Lord, but also the Female Emperor of the Kingdom of Han. You are the only one with the power and ability to eradicate Purgatory Valley. Therefore, my Lord, we cannot take you into Purgatory Valley."

Watching Matchless and Invincible, who were constantly kowtowing on the ground, Lin Zaozao stood up and helped them up.

"Matchless, Invincible, since the day Gu Shan sent you to me, I have never treated you as servants."

Since I can't enter Purgatory Valley, then I won't go. Even if I did go, it would just be sending myself to my death.

But who among you can safely enter Purgatory Valley and come out alive?"

"We have someone, Master. However..."

Matchless hesitated.

"What method? Just tell me directly. If it's good, I'll accept it; if not, it's just a suggestion."

"Master, those six little poisoners you adopted, they came from Purgatory Valley. Their martial arts skills surpass mine and Invincible's. Plus, they are not afraid of the toxic gas in Purgatory Valley, so they are the best candidates.

However, those six little poisoners have not fully awakened their consciousness, so even if they go in, they won't obey our commands."

"Are you talking about Da Bao and the others?"

Thinking of Da Bao and the other six little poison children, Lin Zaozao couldn't help but feel a headache.

She had been with them for so long, and although the six children were willing to communicate with her to some extent, they didn't entirely listen to her!

"We have the witcher in our hands. He can control those six children to go into Purgatory Valley," Invincible reminded.

"The ugly witcher?"

Lin Zaozao thought of the old face of the witcher and how he had brought Da Bao and the others to her, intending to use her six precious children as human bombs to assassinate her in the military camp.

Lin Zaozao didn't want to hand Da Bao and the others back to the old witcher again.

Those six children had just made a little progress. If she handed them over to the old witcher again, wouldn't she be sending them back to hell?

Moreover, even if the old witcher controlled her six children and killed them all in Purgatory Valley, she wouldn't know.

No, she couldn't hand Da Bao and the others back to the old witcher again.

"[Host], I can ensure your safe entry and exit from Purgatory Valley, but you must promise me that after rescuing everyone in Purgatory Valley, you will hand over the things inside to the system for disposal."

"Hand them over to you for handling. But system, what do you want with the things in Purgatory Valley? It's either toxic fog or traps combined with dead bodies. There's nothing good in there, right?"

"[Host], Purgatory Valley was created by the Female Emperors of Canglan and Fengshuo.

Rather than saying they were cultivating little poisoners and killing puppets there, it's more accurate to say that they were using human lives to fill the gap in their rapidly darkening fortunes.

The things in Purgatory Valley do not belong to this world at all. The Female Emperors of Canglan and Fengshuo have caused too much bloodshed there. The system must save the lives of those innocent people as quickly as possible when things reach their worst."

"Save them? How can I save them? System, Da Bao and the others also came out of Purgatory Valley. Even if they come out, they don't understand human language and can't communicate with others.

Xiao Taohua and Ji Fantian have told me that Purgatory Valley is like a hell on earth.

Even if I rescue the people inside, seeing them in their half-dead state, can that be considered a rescue?"

So, host, this matter needs your help to be completed by this system! Didn't I give you a reward of never gaining weight within a month?

Once you save Ye Yi's father's clan, this system will upgrade your level to level four. The level four marrow-cleansing liquid can treat all the ailments in a person's body with just a drop.

When that time comes, you can make all the little poison people and puppets in Purgatory Valley drink a drop of the level four marrow-cleansing liquid, and I guarantee that all their illnesses will be cured.

Moreover, the level four marrow-cleansing liquid has a special benefit. Once you use it, you will know its advantages!

"Tsk! As long as it's not something like drooling and farting, I'll be grateful."

"That's not it! This system is the best and cutest system in the world. Silly pig host, your Ye Yi little husband is about to wake up. Hurry up and give him a kiss and embrace him high!"

Just as the system finished speaking, Lin Zaozao quickly turned around and saw Ye Yi's eyelids twitching slightly.

Seeing that Ye Yi was about to wake up, Lin Zaozao immediately embraced him and anxiously watched over him.

He didn't know about his mother empress being killed by her, nor did he know if he would be angry with her upon waking up.

After all, the Female Emperor of Canglan Country, no matter how bad she was, was still Ye Yi's mother!


"Hey hey hey! Ye Yi, little darling! You've finally woken up. If you didn't wake up, I would've gone crazy and prayed to the heavens for your safety."

Hearing Lin Zaozao's exaggerated tone, the corners of Ye Yi's mouth couldn't help but lift. Since he left Luoshui Village, he felt his heart beating for the first time.


Ye Yi sat up straight and tightly embraced Lin Zaozao in his arms. Feeling the warmth in his embrace, after enduring months of pain, Ye Yi couldn't help but shed tears.

If it weren't for the national teacher telling him that Zaozao would definitely come to save them, he wouldn't have been able to hold on while he was imprisoned in Feixu Palace by his mother empress.

Feeling the warm tears on his neck, Lin Zaozao tightly held Ye Yi in her arms. Her Ye Yi must have suffered a lot.

"Ye Yi, don't cry anymore. I'm back, and all your suffering is over."

Gently patting Ye Yi's back, because of Ye Yi's tears, Lin Zaozao also felt her nose tingling.

"Oh, right, Zaozao. What about my mother empress? Did she cause you any trouble? Zaozao, my mother empress planned to harm you when you came to Canglan for the wedding.

Although I planted spies by her side, they can only gather information and can't do much. Zaozao, you have to be careful from now on."

Facing Ye Yi's worried gaze, Lin Zaozao awkwardly touched her nose and said, embarrassedly,

"Ye, Ye Yi, there's something I need to tell you. You have to stay calm when you hear it, and don't get angry with me!"

"Zaozao, what happened?"

"Ye Yi, as soon as I entered Lan City, I killed your mother empress. Her body is lying outside right now!"

"What? My mother empress is dead!"

Listening to the loud voice of Ye Yi, Lin Zaozao weakly nodded. After all, the person she strangled was Ye Yi's mother, her future mother-in-law.

Could she not be nervous when facing Ye Yi?

"Did she really die?"

Ye Yi turned his head and looked at Matchless and Invincible standing by his side.

"Third Prince, the Female Emperor of Canglan Country has indeed died."

Matchless replied with certainty.

"She's dead, hahaha... She's finally dead. It's good that she's dead, it's really good.

Now that she's dead, my father won't be tormented by her, and the vengeance of my clan has been avenged.

Hahaha... It's been so many years, why did she only die now? Why did she only die now!"

As he spoke, tears uncontrollably streamed down Ye Yi's face.

He seemed like a madman, running outside barefoot without even wearing his shoes.

"Ye Yi, put on your shoes first! Your body hasn't fully recovered yet. What if you get sick again?"

Lin Zaozao picked up Ye Yi's shoes and hurriedly ran outside.

Arriving at the outer hall, Lin Zaozao saw Ye Yi standing beside the corpse of the Female Emperor of Canglan Country. After a moment of silence, he pointed at her and burst into laughter.

"You finally died, you finally died. You're my mother! How could you be so heartless and push your children onto a path of no return, one by one?

Now that you're dead, it's all heaven's retribution for you. You should go to hell and never be reincarnated..."

As he cursed, Ye Yi knelt beside the corpse of the Female Emperor of Canglan Country, grabbed her hand, and started crying again.

Chapter end

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