The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 229

Chapter 229

Looking at the girl lying in the coffin, Lin Zaozao grabbed her hand and started transferring her pain and illness.

After Lin Zaozao fed her a drop of the third-grade Bone Marrow Cleansing Elixir he had obtained, after half a moment, she slowly opened her eyes.

When her eyes met Lin Zaozao's, Lin Zaozao saw that this girl had a pair of crystal eyes exactly the same as little Liulis.

If Lin Zaozao could see a little coquettishness in little Liulis crystal eyes, then in this girls eyes, Lin Zaozao could only see peace and acceptance.

Just waking up from her sleep, what was she accepting?

Lin Zaozao didnt know. But this girls eyes were truly beautiful and gentle!

A young lady with such gentle eyes really made Lin Zaozao love her so much!

"Sister, you, you finally woke up?"

Ye Yi grabbed the girl's hand, pouted like a child, then couldn't control his crying.

The girl looked at Ye Yi. She moved her lips but didn't say a word.

Of course, she had been lying here for so long. How could she speak right after waking up?

Host, take a look at the random reward the system gave you!

Hearing the system's excited voice, Lin Zaozao remembered her random reward. Every time except when something serious happened, the random rewards the dog system gave her were either farting loudly or gaining weight.

Could it be that the dog system wanted to give her a nice random reward this time?

Thinking of this, Lin Zaozao quickly looked at the random reward the system gave her. After taking a look, Lin Zaozao felt like her nose was going to be crooked by the dog system.

The random reward the dog system gave her was that her hair instantly grew one meter longer and she permanently had a halo effect.

System, what's the point of having my hair one meter longer? To sell it? Or to use it to sweep the floor?

And what's the use of that permanent halo effect? To pretend to be a god in front of Ye Yi's clan?

Should I find a white vase, stick a willow branch in it, and pretend to be Guanyin Bodhisattva?

Dog system, you really make me speechless. What exactly is in your brain?

Every random reward you give me is useless stuff like this, never something more useful.

Host, long hair will make you look ladylike. The permanent halo effect can increase your favorability with Ye Yis clan.

Host, Ye Yis fathers clan is the Bai Chi Tribe on Nine Sky Mountain. What the Bai Chi Tribe values most is having a pure and free heart.

Once you have that permanent halo effect, you can act like a crab walking sideways in front of Ye Yis fathers clan in the future, and they will still like you.

After all, the Baichi Clan loves noble and holy girls the most.

So host, do you think you are more like a holy fairy or a lustful villain?

Oh! And host, you are an ugly daughter-in-law who is about to meet Ye Yis father.

Alright alright, shut up. What permanent halo effect, its just adding a filter to my body, why make it sound so mysterious?

Also, I already saved their lives, so why do I still need to curry favor with them!

Host, please curry favor with them for the sake of the system! As for the reason, the system can't say!

Good host, please show sympathy for poor me! The system is really an unloved and uncared for pitiful thing.

If you help the system this time, the system is willing to dedicate itself to you in the future.

Get lost! You're a piece of code without feelings or a body, what are you dedicating!


The system's sudden coquettishness made Lin Zaozao's body stiffen involuntarily. All along, the dog system's voice was nasty. Its sudden coquettishness really made Lin Zaozao unable to adapt for a while.

Host~, help the system please! If you help the system, the system is willing to dedicate itself to you~

Dog system, stop being coquettish. I'll help you. Its just adding a filter to my body and properly currying favor with Ye Yis clan. No big deal.

Ye Yis clan is also my clan. It makes sense for me to curry favor with them.

Actually you don't need to curry favor with them. You saved their lives, so you are naturally their lifesaver. They should be grateful to you.

Since thats the case, then I don't want that halo effect.

No no! Host~

Get lost, youre disgusting me.

While Lin Zaozao was arguing with the system, Ye Yi had already carried his imperial sister Ye Xi out of the coffin.

After Ye Xi came out of the coffin, her eyes kept staring at the other coffins. The urgency in her eyes was almost solidified now.

"Sister, don't worry. Zaozao has a way to save our clan. Even your life was saved by Zaozao."

Hearing Ye Yis words, Ye Xi's beautiful and gentle crystal eyes stared straight at Lin Zaozao's face.

She was startled for a moment, then looked at Lin Zaozao with shock.

She couldn't speak now, but Lin Zaozao saw inexplicable sadness and pleading from her crystal eyes.

"Uh, sister. I am Ye Yis wife, Lin Zaozao. So Ye Yis clan is also my clan. Dont worry, I will definitely save them."

After nodding at Ye Yi and Ye Xi, Lin Zaozao turned around and walked towards those coffins.

Oh my god! Princess Ye Xi's eyes are magical! Just a simple glance made her feel Ye Xis eyes could see into her soul.

Ah, can't make eye contact with her again.

Because she got scared.

So creepy, yet such strange eyes!

Lin Zaozao went to a coffin, used her hand to pry the colored gemstones on it, but failed to pry them off. Forget it, focus on the task first!

Fortunately, Lin Zaozaos body was very strong, so prying off the coffin lids was smooth for her. She pried the lids with her left hand and reached into the coffins with her right hand to transfer pain and illness, while also feeding them third-grade Bone Marrow Cleansing Elixir.

After a few hours, Lin Zaozao had pried all the coffin lids. And the random rewards she got from the system were all growing hair and adding filters.

Ah no, it was permanent halo effect.

Lin Zaozao didnt have a mirror now. Based on the systems temperament, she figured that with her current looks, as long as she got a flower vase, wore white clothes, she could pretend to be the suffering-relieving Guanyin Bodhisattva.

This permanent halo effect could make her image as Lin the Great Sage, who relieves suffering, more prominent.

From now on, she would be the suffering-relieving Great Immortal Lin with a lot of prestige.

Halting her thoughts, after feeding the last middle-aged man a drop of third-grade Bone Marrow Cleansing Elixir, Lin Zaozao sat down on a coffin lid, exhausted.

Oh my god! She had never thought there would be a day when she got so tired from prying other peoples coffin lids that she almost coughed blood.

Just now the dog system said that when other people pried these coffin lids, their luck would be deprived. Otherwise, why didn't she let Wushuang Wushuai or Dashan help her pry some lids? It could have saved her some effort!

Dear heaven, she was really exhausted to death.

"Zaozao, come on, let me carry you."

"No Ye Yi, don't touch me, just let me lie down for a while! I'm almost tired to death."

Lin Zaozao quickly pulled Ye Yi to sit down beside her, then she lied down on Ye Yi's lap and started moaning weakly.

"Oh my god! I'm so tired! My arms hurt so much I can barely lift them."Upstodatee from n(0)/v/lbIn/.(co/m

"Zaozao, you worked hard," Ye Yi said as he massaged Lin Zaozao's arms, feeling guilty.

"Ye Yi, what's our relationship? Why are you still being so polite with me? Just now, I was in the front lifting the coffin lid while you were in the back hugging people out from the coffin. We're both tired.

Come on, let's lie down and rest first. Let me take a break, I'm truly exhausted."

After finishing speaking, Lin Zaozao stiffly fell back and lied down straight on the coffin lid.

Damn! So tired!

As Lin Zaozao closed her eyes looking at the grey sky, she fell asleep within seconds.

Therefore, the sleeping Lin Zaozao did not notice that at this moment, a layer of sacred light shrouded her body, setting her off like an immortal, unreachable.

Seeing the light appearance on Lin Zaozao's body, Ye Yi's heart skipped a beat. He quickly pulled Lin Zaozao into his embrace tightly, afraid that the little girl in his arms would suddenly disappear.

"Xiao Yi, what's going on?"

Hearing the familiar voice, Ye Yi raised his head and saw Luo Xuan in plain white clothing. He hugged Lin Zaozao tighter in his arms and said.

"Father, this is my wife, Lin Zaozao. She is also the Female Emperor of Han Country, the Bright Pearl.

Father, it was Zaozao who saved our entire Baichi Clan. Do you know, father? Every time Zaozao saves someone, she has to pay a price.

Now she's asleep, I don't know what price she paid. Just now, I had been following behind her, looking at the clansmen lying in the coffins, but I didn't dare to say anything or ask what price did Zaozao have to pay to save so many people.

Father, am I too selfish?

I'm not qualified to be a husband. For the sake of my clansmen, I hesitated."

Seeing Ye Yi hugging Lin Zaozao while crying like a child now, Luo Xuan's heart also tightened tightly.

Back then, if it wasn't because he married Canglan's Female Emperor, his child would not have to suffer so much pain.

Let alone have to make a choice between his clansmen and wife. But what's the use of saying regret now!

Chapter end

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