The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 239

Chapter 239

[Host, you were originally an optimistic person. We didn't really want to let you know about your past unless it was necessary.]

[Then why are you now guiding me and leading me step by step to seek the truth?]

[Host, every step we take now is arranged by you. The reason why Hanye and Han Xibei cannot interfere in the affairs between you and the two prosperous nations of Canglan and Fengshuo is also arranged by your past self.

Hanye, as the High Priest of Han Country, cannot easily leave the sacrificial temple of Han Country because it was arranged by you in your past life.

Every single thing, every single matter, is all arranged by you. We are only silently executing the path you have set for yourself. If possible, we really don't want you to remember your past self.

Host, there is also an uncontrollable factor behind us. And that uncontrollable dog thing can only be dealt with by you.

After all, he owes you. When you remember everything, restore your own sacrificial abilities, you must turn that dog thing into a pile of **!]

[System, who is that uncontrollable factor?]

[It's not time yet, I cannot tell you.]

[Is that so? System, then let me ask you, was I really a High Priest in my past life?]

[Yes. In your past life, you were a highly respected High Priest. You were exceptionally talented and knowledgeable, and could be described as peerless in the world. But I wish your past self was an ignorant fool.]

[You damn system, I hope you die soon! If I was so amazing in my past life, then how did I die?]

[Host, forgive me. You have to return to the country of Canglan and seek the answer for yourself.]

[Is that so?]

[Host, don't think about the past now. What you should focus on is to quickly save your lonely mountain husband and not dwell on your past self here, grieving and reminiscing.

No matter how amazing your past self was, it has no relevance to your present self.

In this life, just follow your heart, marry the husband you love, and be a carefree Lin Zaozao. Isn't that good?]

[Great! The past is the past. My past self has turned into a cup of yellow soil. What is there to miss? What I should care about are the people who are still alive.]

[That's right, Host. Look forward. Uncle Zhang is about to come back, and this system will take its leave.]

Just as the system left, Uncle Zhang returned.

Seeing the rabbit in Uncle Zhang's hands, Lin Zaozao's eyes immediately lit up.

Little bunny!

Seeing Lin Zaozao's eyes light up when she saw the rabbit in his hands, Uncle Zhang couldn't help but smile.

His little mistress was still a little girl at heart!

Sure enough, a few rabbits could make her so happy.

"Girl, do you like rabbits?"

"Yes, I really like them."

Lin Zaozao took the rabbit from Uncle Zhang's hands and weighed it. Oh! This rabbit is quite heavy.

She casually touched the rabbit's smooth fur, it felt really good.

"Girl, if you like rabbits, then keep it and raise it!"

"Ah! Raise a rabbit?"

Lin Zaozao looked at the rabbit in her hand, kicking its hind legs incessantly. After some thought, she looked at Uncle Zhang with an affectionate gaze and said with a cheerful smile.

"Uncle Zhang, I don't know how to raise small animals. Look at how fat these rabbits are. If I were to keep them for a few days, what if I end up making them thin?

How about this? While they're still fat, let's roast them now. It just so happens that both Zhao Cai and Jin Bao and I are hungry. With four rabbits, each of us can have one. What do you think?"

Uncle Zhang: "..."

"Is that not possible?"

"Alright, I'll roast a rabbit for Miss Zaozao right away."

Uncle Zhang took the rabbit from Lin Zaozao's hand and turned around, unable to help but burst into laughter.

How could his young mistress be compared to ordinary girls? Other girls would cuddle and caress cute little rabbits.

But his young mistress was busy roasting and eating them.

Well, she had been on the road all day, so it was natural for her to be hungry.

Lin Zaozao saw Uncle Zhang efficiently preparing the rabbits. She, Zhao Cai, and Jin Bao squatted beside Uncle Zhang like three children, watching him clean the rabbits.

"Little white rabbit, so white and fluffy, with two ears held up. Cutting the artery, cutting the vein, not moving at all, truly adorable.

Skin peeled off, chopped into pieces, fried in a pan. Add water, cover it, sprinkle some coriander before serving."

"Miss, we don't have a pan here, so we can only roast and eat them simply."

"That's fine, Uncle Zhang. Roasting and eating is also delicious. It'll be fragrant and mouthwatering when we're hungry."

Lin Zaozao poked the chubby rabbit with her finger, feeling her mouth watering.

And Zhao Cai and Jin Bao, taking advantage of Uncle Zhang's inattention, grabbed the rabbits and ran to the side to eat them.

"Miss, this..."

Uncle Zhang watched Zhao Cai and Jin Bao devouring the rabbits with gusto, holding the freshly peeled rabbit in his hand, seeking Lin Zaozao's opinion.

"Uncle Zhang, let them eat. After all, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao are wolves, it's normal for them to eat raw meat.

If they eat their share, it saves you the trouble of roasting it for them."

Lin Zaozao picked up a stick and threw the rabbit's innards near Zhao Cai and Jin Bao's mouths.

The result was met with both of them giving her disdainful looks.

Amidst their whining, Lin Zaozao could clearly hear these two little wolf cubs cursing at her.



"What the hell!"

In response to Zhao Cai and Jin Bao's disdainful looks, Lin Zaozao silently cursed at them with her mouth.

"Miss, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao are offspring of the Great Wolf King. They don't eat animal innards. They find it dirty!"

"Uncle, I understand."

She used the stick to push the innards aside, giving a disgusted glance at the two little wolf cubs who were rolling their eyes.

Damn it, if it was just some person looking down on her, she could tolerate it. But now! Even these two little wolf cubs were looking down on her.

"Uncle, why haven't Dashan and the others caught up yet? It's been so long already, they don't usually walk this slowly, what's holding them back?"

"Miss, they might have been delayed by something. Let's be patient and wait a bit longer."

Uncle Zhang placed the prepared rabbits on the fire and slowly began to roast them.

At this moment, Dashan was swinging a giant sword, engaged in a fierce battle with the assassins by his side. Han Ye, the Prince of the Cold Night, was indeed correct. The Female Emperor of Fengshuo Country had set up an ambush for the assassins on their way to Purgatory Valley.

As Dashan observed the lifeless gazes of the assassins, desperately charging forward with their knives, his brows furrowed deeper and deeper.

They couldn't continue like this. The Female Emperor of Fengshuo Country must have sent out all the death warriors from Purgatory Valley!

Otherwise, no matter how many he killed, it would never be enough.

Just as Dashan raised his giant sword and prepared to strike at the source of the killing intent, he instinctively shifted the sword to the side when he saw the figure beneath it.

It was a young poisoned child. He couldn't kill him directly. If the poison on him spread, only a few people would survive in this place.

"Da Bao, Er Bao, come over here. I'll leave this to you."

Having been treated by the young master earlier, the six Poison Babies had already recovered their normal state. When they saw the young poisoned child standing in front of Dashan, they quickly stood in front of him.

This young poisoned child was their companion, albeit with a lower rank.

Upon closer inspection, this young poisoned child was nothing more than an unfinished product salvaged from the poison pool.

Da Bao stared at the dirty face before him and the rapidly withering green grass wherever they passed.

After giving it some thought, Da Bao decided to approach the young poisoned child. However, the young child instinctively took a step back.

The reason for this was clear to Da Bao.

That young poisoned child was the most potent experimental subject among their batch of poisoned individuals. Although he no longer carried the poison, his rank was still higher than that of the young poisoned child.

It was only natural for the child to fear him.

After all, which higher-ranked poisoned individual hadn't consumed the flesh of a living person? When the poisoned children with slightly stronger poison levels wanted to survive, they would grab their companions and devour them, piece by piece.UppTodatd frm n/v/e/lb(i)n.c(o)/m

Their companions would struggle at first, eventually becoming a bloody mess.

And they would mechanically chew on the flesh of their companions.

As for whether human flesh tasted good or not, they didn't know. Devastated by the venom, they only knew that consuming the flesh and blood of their companions would provide some relief and increase their chances of survival.

Da Bao and Er Bao had never dared to mention to Lin Zaozao the fact that they had consumed human flesh.

People like them were lucky to have someone who treated them sincerely in their lifetime. So how could they abandon that warmth over something like this?

"Who sent you?"

Da Bao quickly grabbed the collar of the young poisoned child, his golden-blue heterochromatic eyes emitting a strange red glow.

The young child responded with a whimper that resembled that of a small beast.

"Was it that old woman who sent you here? Why don't you take a bite out of her flesh?

She has spilled much human blood and her flesh must be of good quality. Instead of eating her, you came here to look for rotten meat. How foolish."

Da Bao's disdainful words made Dashan, who had been standing by, also sneer.

Da Bao truly lived up to being a child who had walked out of Purgatory Valley. Saying that eating human flesh was as simple as eating steamed buns.

He discovered that everyone who stood by the young master had two faces. Han Ye, the Cold Night Prince, Ye Xi Princess, and now including these six little poisonous people in front of him, they were all the same.

When these six little poisonous people were in front of the young master, they behaved like obedient little cats.

But once they turned their backs on the young master, their bloodthirsty nature immediately revealed itself. Just a moment ago, their swift act of twisting someone's neck was as efficient as twisting a cabbage.

On Da Bao's side, he watched the little poisonous child who kept retreating. He quickly approached, grabbed his hand, and whispered while looking into his eyes.

"Where is the Gushi controlling all of you?"

Chapter end

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