The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 240

Chapter 240

Looking into Da Bao's deep eyes, the little poisonous child shrank his neck and whispered to Da Bao.

Hearing the answer, Da Bao turned his head back and let out a beastly roar towards Er Bao, Sanbao, Si Bao and Wu Bao.

Receiving Da Bao's response, Er Bao, Sanbao, Si Bao and Wu Bao, the four of them quickly dispersed and ran towards the four directions of the woods.

In less than a moment, horrifying screams came out from the woods.

When the screams stopped, all the assassins that were attacking them stopped their actions. They stood still like puppets.

"Stop everything, no more killing."

After stopping the guards around him, Dashan walked towards one of the assassins.

Judging by the age of this assassin in black, he was around fifteen or sixteen years old. His expression was numb without a hint of life in his eyes.

One look was enough to tell he was being controlled like a puppet by a sorcerer.

Just as Dashan was silently pondering while looking at the assassin in front of him, Er Bao came back from the woods with Sanbao, Si Bao and Wu Bao.

Seeing the fresh blood and flesh on Er Bao, Sanbao, Si Bao and Wu Bao, Da Bao couldn't help but frown.

"Er Bao, just now when you went with Sanbao and the others, you guys ate human flesh again?"

As soon as Da Bao's words fell, one of the guards behind Dashan immediately retched.

But when the guard met Da Bao's cold gaze, he covered his mouth and walked away.

Can't blame him for being squeamish. Although these guards were also brought back from the dead, they had never eaten human flesh before.

Now seeing Er Bao eating human flesh, how could he not feel nauseous?

After glancing at the guard who had walked away, Da Bao looked at Er Bao with a serious expression and said,

"Er Bao, Sanbao, Si Bao, Wu Bao, Liu Bao, we are all normal people now, and we have Lin Zaozao sister.

Lin Zaozao sister is a normal person. She doesn't even let us eat snakes and toads, only normal human food.

If Lin Zaozao sister knows we are eating human flesh again after becoming normal, do you think Lin Zaozao sister will be angry? What if Lin Zaozao sister doesn't want us anymore after getting angry?

If Lin Zaozao sister doesn't want us anymore, we will become homeless ghosts again."

Da Bao's words instantly turned the faces of the other five children pale.

They were too absorbed in taking revenge just now that they forgot they were normal people now.

Lin Zaozao sister said normal people can only eat normal human food, and cannot eat other things. What's more, they actually ate human flesh in front of so many people.

Thinking of the possibility that Lin Zaozao may abandon them, the five children from Er Bao to Liu Bao turned pale with fright.

They don't want to be abandoned by Lin Zaozao sister!

The five children from Er Bao to Liu Bao trembled their lips as they turned to look at Dashan. Not only was this Dashan the leader of these guards, but Lin Zaozao sister also treated him like a brother.

As long as he doesn't tattle to Lin Zaozao sister, Lin Zaozao sister definitely won't know they ate human flesh.

Thinking of this, Da Bao pulled Er Bao, Sanbao and the rest, and knelt down in front of Dashan.

"Guard Dashan, please don't tell Lin Zaozao sister that we ate human flesh. We swear we will never eat human flesh again."

"Please, brother Dashan. We don't want to be abandoned by Lin Zaozao sister. Where should we go if Lin Zaozao sister doesn't want us anymore?"

"Brother Dashan, please..."


Dashan looked at the six children kneeling in front of him. He sighed deeply before bending down to help them up.

"Da Bao, Er Bao, Sanbao, Si Bao, Wu Bao, Liu Bao. I can choose not to tell young mistress about you guys eating human flesh.

But you have to promise me to never do such a thing again. Young mistress is kind-hearted and hasn't seen much bloodshed.

If she sees you guys eating human flesh in the future, without me saying it, young mistress will naturally stay away from you guys out of fear.

Since young mistress has restored you all to be normal people, then you should live like normal people by young mistress's side from now on.

Use your survival skills from Purgatory Valley to protect young mistress well, don't let her get hurt one bit, understand?"

"Okay, okay. We will definitely listen to brother Dashan and protect Lin Zaozao sister well."

Da Bao pulled the other five children to bow deeply to Dashan, and answered earnestly.

"Since you have promised me, to get rid of your habit of eating human flesh, you'd better eat less meat and more vegetables in the coming days.

When you truly no longer crave human flesh anymore, slowly add meat back in, okay?"

"Okay, okay, brother Dashan."

The six children answered earnestly.

"Alright, since the sorcerer controlling the assassins have been killed by you. Can you bring these puppet assassins and the little poisonous child to see young mistress?

Young mistress has such great skills in healing and saving people. She must have a way to cure these puppet assassins and the poisonous child."

"Yes, we can. Brother Dashan, our rank is higher than theirs. Even if they are cured by Lin Zaozao sister now, these puppet assassins and the poisonous child will still listen to our commands."

Da Bao walked to one of the puppet assassins and stared tightly at his eyes.

As if receiving some order, that expressionless puppet assassin followed behind Da Bao with steady footsteps.

"Brother Dashan, should I bring these puppet assassins and poisonous child to see Lin Zaozao sister now?"

Da Bao pointed at the puppet assassins behind him and the little poisonous child, and asked obediently with his neck tilted.

Dashan looked at the well-behaved child in front of him, with gold and blue heterochromia, whose thin body involuntarily carried a lilt in his speech.

This obedient child could easily twist a person's neck with one hand just now.

With Zhang uncle by young mistress's side now, and Lord Ye Yi leaving with Lord Ye Nuo on another path, the only one who can take charge here is him.

High Priest Hanye said before, to minimize killing wherever possible on the journey.

But facing these emotionless puppet assassins and poisonous child, he really didn't know if he should bring them to see young mistress.

If they were abandoned here, the people behind them would surely gather them back and make them continue killing.

But if they were brought back, what if they commit murder again in front of young mistress?

Seeing the hesitation on Dashan's face, the six children lined up the puppet assassins and had the guards tie them up. Then they looked at Dashan and said,

"Brother Dashan, we have controlled them now. When we're back, let's have uncle Zhang decide first.

If uncle Zhang agrees to let Lin Zaozao sister save them, we'll bring these puppet assassins to sister's side. Is that okay?"

"Oh! That's a good idea. To be honest, I usually just follow orders. Having to make decisions myself now really doesn't come naturally."

Dashan excitedly patted Da Bao's shoulder. When his gaze fell on the little poisonous child shrinking to one side, he pointed at him and asked hesitantly,

"Then what about him? That child is full of poison, its also not convenient for us to bring him back?"

Dashan brother, I'll take him back with me. If he dares to disobey, I'll bite him to death in one bite.

Er Bao quickly darted to the side of that little poisonous child, grabbed his neck excitedly, and said.

Hearing Er Bao's words, Dashan clearly saw the little poisonous child's body shaking uncontrollably for a moment.

"Fine, then you take that little poisonous child back with you. But let me make it clear first, if that little poisonous child is missing a piece of meat when he gets back, then I'll be holding you accountable."

"No problem."

Er Bao excitedly agreed.

After responding to Dashan, Er Bao turned his head back and looked at the little poisonous child who had been cowering all along.

Hee hee hee!

Dashan brother said he couldn't bite his meat, but he didn't say he couldn't suck his blood.

Sister Lin Zaozao already has the six of them as treasures, he couldn't bring another child back to share Sister Lin Zaozaos affection with them.

Seeing Er Bao's sinister gaze, the little poisonous child shrank his body even tighter. Standing beside, Da Bao couldn't help but want to sigh seeing Er Bao's sinister gaze.

Er Bao had just promised Dashan brother that he wouldn't eat human flesh anymore. But in the blink of an eye, he was thinking of doing bad things again.

Too much evil will eventually be discovered by others.

Once discovered, Er Bao would definitely be abandoned by Sister Lin Zaozao. After all, who would want to keep an evil demon disguised in human skin by their side.

"Er Bao, I'll take this little poisonous child back later. You help Dashan brother take those puppet killers back. And you'd better behave yourself.

If you dare to make trouble, I'll tear you apart myself. Believe me, I keep my word."

Seeing Da Bao's deep eyes, Er Bao could only nod obediently after being shocked.Red the latest stories n novlbin(.)com

His level of toxicity was not as high as Da Bao's. If Da Bao wanted to punish him, he was absolutely not his match.

Seeing Er Bao leave with Dashan, Da Bao roughly pulled the little poisonous child on the ground and followed behind the team.

"Little poisonous child, later when we get back, you'll meet a particularly kind sister named Lin Zaozao. To survive, you must listen to Sister Lin Zaozao and become a normal person.

Little poisonous child, although you can't speak now and your mind isn't clever, but deep down you know, the little poisonous children who fail their missions will all be chopped up and fed to the Gu worms by the Gu Masters.

If you don't want to die, then listen obediently. Of course, if you dare to hurt Sister Lin Zaozao...

Da Bao didn't say the next words, but his eyes revealed a sinister light.

Seeing Da Bao's deep gaze, the little poisonous child being pulled along by him immediately nodded.

What if he didn't agree? He didn't want to be eaten by others!

Seeing the little poisonous child nod, a childlike smile finally appeared on Da Bao's face.

Da Bao looked at the team in front, raised his head to look at the bright moon in the sky. What was Sister Lin Zaozao doing at this time!

Chapter end

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