The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 257

Chapter 257

Seeing those little poisoners and puppets nodding, Xi Luo cupped his hands together. Not long after, a shimmering light radiated from his body towards everyone.

When the white light passed, except for Gu Shan and Little Xibei, everyone else collapsed on the ground.

This is good.

When they wake up, they won't remember themselves anymore.

Satisfied with his work, Xi Luo's illusory body floated towards Gu Shan.

Looking at Xi Luo's nearly transparent body, Gu Shan held Lin Zaozao, his expression emotionless.

"Demon Lord Gu Shan..."

"What do you want to do?"

"Protect Big Sister well. When she wakes up, take her to your Eighteen Floors and have her help the poisoners and puppets there regain their senses.

Remember, it's not time yet, so don't tell her what just happened."

"I won't tell Zaozao, but there are so many people here, and they're not exactly tight-lipped."

Gu Shan stared at Xi Luo and said coldly.

"Why are you being so cold? I'm not stupid. With a wave of my hand, I can instantly erase the memories of the others.

If it weren't for the fact that I can't erase your and that turtle Xibei's memories, would I bother blabbering with you?"

Hearing Xi Luo's scolding, Gu Shan couldn't help but frown.

"Hey! You dead ice block, you dare frown at me! I'm your sister's little priest, her lapdog, and you actually frown at me..."

Xi Luo looked at Gu Shan in wonder, then his face twisted into a strange smile.

The one holding his sister is indeed the reincarnation of that stinky Nightmare Demon.

Just like his previous life, he's icy cold, showing not a shred of humanity.

How could his sister be so blind as to save him and then fall for someone like that?

Tsk! Ugly man, the more he looks, the uglier.

Not as good-looking or witty as himself. Most importantly, this icy cold stinker was a Nightmare Demon that fed on resentment in his previous life.

How did someone like that win his sister's heart?

Maybe he should take this chance while Big Sister is unconscious and place a curse on him, just to see if that Nightmare Demon's face can show any other expressions.

Suppressing his turbulent emotions, Xi Luo's illusory body quickly floated above Gu Shan's head, placing his hands on Gu Shan's shoulders as he chanted.

"I, the little priest Xi Luo, hereby curse Demon Lord Gu Shan that for the next three months, he will occasionally cry and whine to his beloved little girl, begging for hugs, kisses, and to be held.

As compensation for this curse, I will ensure the two children in Demon Lord Gu Shan's abdomen are born safely and grow up healthy and happy."

Ignoring Gu Shan and Little Xibei's speechless expressions, Xi Luo floated to Lin Zaozao, kissed her forehead, and turned into a shimmering light that reentered her body.

Zhao Cai and Jin Bao, who had been watching from the side, whimpered softly as Xi Luo's form disappeared, resting their big heads on their paws.

"Little Priest Xi Luo! Farewell!"

"Little Priest Xi Luo! Farewell!"

Seeing the white light vanish into Lin Zaozao's body, Gu Shan's eyes turned red uncontrollably.

At this moment, he really wanted to cry!

As for the reason, he didn't know either.

Gu Shan kissed Lin Zaozao's sleeping face, opened his mouth to ask Little Xibei who that Xi Luo priest was.

But the words that came out were...

"Zaozao, I feel so miserable, could you wake up and comfort me?"


"Zao~zao, my stomach hurts so~ much, wake~ up~"

"Zaozao, wake up and rub my stomach for me, please!"


Seeing that the still unconscious Lin Zaozao couldn't respond to him, Gu Shan's eyes turned even redder.

In any case, he just wanted to cry and have Lin Zaozao wake up to comfort him. A kiss or hug would be fine too.

Unfortunately, she was asleep.

Due to Xi Luo's curse, the gloomy Little Xibei, hearing Gu Shan's whiny voice, was covered in goosebumps that automatically fell around him.

Had Gu Shan taken the wrong medicine?

But thinking about Xi Luo's curse on Gu Shan before leaving, Little Xibei couldn't help but tremble all over.

That bastard Xi Luo seemed to have cursed him that whenever he had sex with Zaozao, he wouldn't last more than three seconds.

And that would last for ten years.

Most importantly, during those ten years, he would have to keep getting pregnant and giving birth like a rabbit...

Imagining himself with a bulging belly, carrying one child on his back, leading two by the hand, and a bunch of little radishes following behind...

Picturing that scene, Little Xibei felt terrible all over.

No way, he didn't want that.

He used to be the ruler of Han Country, and is now a lofty Grand Priest. In his two lifetimes, no matter how bad he got, he couldn't be reduced to three seconds at a time!

Ten years! If it was three seconds each time in those ten years, wouldn't that little girl Zaozao look down on him?

Absolutely not, this was unacceptable!

So Little Xibei crawled over to Lin Zaozao, grabbed her hand, and pleaded humbly.

"Xi Luo, Little Priest Luo, I was wrong. Please forgive me this once! If I'm always pregnant and giving birth, who will protect Zaozao?

And also! Considering how long we've known each other, could you please remove that three-second curse from me?eew updates t nvel/bi(.)com

I don't want that! What if Zaozao looks down on me for it? It's not easy for me either."

"Xi Luo, Little Priest, come out!"

"Xi Luo, Little Priest, I admit my mistake, hurry up and come out. If you dare make me give birth, when you recover, I'll wring your neck!!!"

The only response was Gu Shan's sobbing "Woo woo woo".

"Master, why isn't Zaozao waking up? I'm so worried about her. I think I'm pregnant, I'm not feeling well, why isn't she waking up to comfort me?"

Seeing the notoriously cold and emotionless Demon Lord Gu Shan clutching his robes, curling his fingers daintily to wipe away tears, Little Xibei felt he might as well just die.

He must have been out of his mind earlier to provoke that little demon Xi Luo.

His priestly abilities were not strong, but his cursing abilities were powerfully formidable.

Now he was well and truly screwed, not only having to last three seconds for the next ten years, but also constantly getting pregnant and giving birth.

Thinking about that, Little Xibei felt there was no hope in this life.

He stretched out his hand, watching his palm lines gradually fade away.

His and Han Ye's priestly abilities came from Zaozao's blessing. Now that vile Xi Luo had brazenly emerged from Zaozao's body to wreak havoc.

Once Zaozao regained her past life's memories, she would definitely take back the priestly abilities she had bestowed on him and Han Ye.

Without priestly abilities, how could he stand up to Xi Luo?

But even if he currently had the priestly abilities Zaozao gave him, he, a mere half-wit, was no match for that crazy little Xi Luo!

Thinking of Xi Luo's accursed mouth that loved cursing and tormenting people, and his unpredictable, illogical ways, Little Xibei's eyes slowly became hollow.

He was done for!

With that selfish brat Xi Luo's personality of never taking losses, he was really going to be utterly destroyed.

Oh God!

In his previous life he was at least a monarch! His status and position were so high, how could you give him not one, but two people to control him like this?

As for his own brother, there's no need to say much. But that wolf-born Xi Luo, he just can't let it go, can he?

It's been two lifetimes, how could he still encounter that fellow Xi Luo? And every time they meet, that dog Xi Luo would curse him.

Damn that wolf-born, he looks decent enough, but why did the heavens give him such a mouth?

A mouth meant for cursing others!

As Little Xibei was silently grieving, the whimpering Gu Shan spoke up.

"Master, who was that ghost just now? Why was it possessing Lin Zaozao?

Shall we go find a Daoist priest after this? I, I don't like him, I dislike him!"

Gu Shan looked at the sleeping Lin Zaozao and asked uncontrollably while whimpering.

"Gu Shan, I don't like him either. As for finding a Daoist priest, let's forget about it! That fellow Xi Luo's abilities far surpass those of Daoist priests.

As for Xi Luo, he is a wolf-born who loves to curse people, and also an idle Little Priest.

At the same time, he was also the child that Lin Zaozao adopted from the wolf pack in the Western Regions in her previous life. After adopting him, Lin Zaozao slowly nurtured him to become a Little Priest above all others."

Little Xibei looked rigidly at the sleeping Lin Zaozao, but in his heart, a hundred thousand wild horses were galloping past.

He and Han Ye had been guarding Lin Zaozao since she was very young in this life, so with the priestly abilities bestowed upon them by Lin Zaozao, they carried the memories of their two lifetimes and came to this small world.

He and Han Ye thought that as long as they accompanied Lin Zaozao from a young age, their feelings for her would surely be stronger than that dog Xi Luo's.

But they never expected that fellow Xi Luo to be so vicious towards them.

Just now, seeing his illusory body, he may not have said it, but his heart understood it all too well.

For Lin Zaozao's sake, he truly risked his life.

No matter how formidable Xi Luo's priestly abilities were, he was still human, not a god.

As a human, his soul could not leave his body for long periods.

Yet Xi Luo managed to do it.

In order to stay by Lin Zaozao's side, he even attached his soul to her body.

What kind of deal did he make with that thing to achieve this?

Moreover, although he had argued with Xi Luo earlier, it did not prevent him from seeing that Xi Luo's soul was also incomplete.

To be able to divide one's soul into several pieces, that must be the ability of Xi Luo's wolf-born cursed clone.

If Xi Luo himself had divided his soul into several pieces, then where were the rest of his souls?

Or could it be that, in order to accompany Lin Zaozao, that fellow Xi Luo was playing multiple roles at once?

Han Xibei pondered carefully but could not figure out whose body might also bear Xi Luo's presence.

Chapter end

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