The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 273

Chapter 273

Watching Xi Luo's smug and shameless expression, Xiao Liuli felt as if her breath was being choked in her throat.

Just as she struggled to catch her breath, Little Xibei, who had been standing on the side, timely interrupted the argument between Xiao Liuli and Xi Luo.

No one could out-argue Xi Luo, not even Lin Zaozao.

Every time he saw him, he could only hide.

Now Xiao Liuli was provoking Xi Luo on his own, and Little Xibei feared he might get so angry that he would pass out.

Xi Luo's mouth!

So venomous!

*Cough cough cough!*

"Why are you coughing? You spat on me, ah! No, it's on Big Sister's face."

Xi Luo subconsciously reached into his waist pouch, but found nothing.

Of course, this was Big Sister's body. She never liked carrying a mirror.

Turning his head, Xi Luo met Little Xibei's cautious gaze and unceremoniously took off his waist pouch.

However, he didn't find what he was looking for.

"Where's the mirror?"

"Xi Luo, I'm a man, how could I carry a mirror?"

"Han Xibei, you're already so ugly, why don't you tidy up your ugly face with a mirror!

If you get any uglier in the future, Big Sister won't want you anymore, and you'll have nowhere to cry."

Little Xibei: "..."

"What? Am I wrong?"

"Xi Luo, I'm not ugly."

"But you're not handsome either."

"Xi Luo, it's getting late, when will you change Lin Zaozao back?"

"Hmm! Let me smell. The concentration of this scent is indeed enough, you should be reacting by now."

"What kind of reaction?"

Little Xibei asked cautiously.

"Physiological reaction."

"What do you mean?"

Xiao Liuli asked in confusion.

"It means I used aphrodisiac under the moonlight and floral scent just now. I just talked nonsense with you guys for a while, and now it's time.

I have to go; it's time for Big Sister to come back. If she doesn't come back, I don't want to keep you guys waiting.

Oh! Before I leave, let me bless you all, may each of you have a couple of little ones next year!

Especially you, Han Xibei, you should have more, so you won't waste my three-second curse on you."

"Xi Luo, you..."

Before Little Xibei could finish, he suddenly felt weak all over and fell straight to the ground.

As he fell, so did Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli. Only Gu Shan, sitting on the side, looked warily at Lin Zaozao's body.

"Gu Shan, don't look at me like that. You're pregnant, I didn't drug you. For the sake of you and your child, you should go outside and hide for a while!

Gu Shan, Big Sister's life is destined not to belong to you alone. Try to accept it, it'll make you feel better.

Just like me..."

Glancing at Gu Shan, Xi Luo prepared to drag Little Xibei and the others into the house one by one.

Unfortunately, he was currently in Lin Zaozao's body.

Even though Lin Zaozao was strong, she couldn't lift a person with just one hand.

With a sigh, Xi Luo could only resign himself to holding Little Xibei's hand with both hands and dragging him into the house.

He wasn't Big Sister; he wouldn't princess-carry these smelly men!

When Xi Luo finally dragged Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli into the room, Gu Shan had already left.Read latest ovls at nv/e/l/bi(.)com

Xi Luo glanced at Gu Shan's departing figure, sighing helplessly.

In this life, one cannot afford to be devoted!

Once you become devoted, the one who gets hurt the most is inevitably yourself.

Because in this lifetime, Lin Zaozao could never be devoted.

Turning back into the room, Xi Luo looked at the three men lying dumbfounded on the bed. He pulled a stool from the side and placed it by the bed.

Glancing at Ye Yi and the others, Xi Luo reached into the void and produced four small pills. He swallowed one himself, or rather, he fed it to Lin Zaozao's body lying on the bed.

With three pills left, he prepared to give them to Ye Yi, Xiao Liuli, and Little Xibei.

When Xi Luo brought the pill to Little Xibei's lips, he instinctively withdrew it.

He replaced it with a differently colored pill and forcibly fed it into Little Xibei's mouth.

"Don't glare at me. Your body, due to the sacrificial power not belonging to you, will be endangered by frequent intimate activities.

I'll give you three seconds, solely out of consideration for Lin Zaozao. Little Xibei, for the next decade, it'll be tough on you. Have as many children as possible.

As long as you have more children, the concern from this world for you will increase. The more concern, the less likely you'll die early due to the sacrificial power.

In this life, accompany Lin Zaozao well, along with Han Ye, that hypocritical high-and-mighty. Accompany Lin Zaozao well on my behalf.

I don't know if in the end, I'll have a chance to accompany Lin Zaozao."

Xi Luo stood up, grabbed Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli's hands, his golden eyes solemn.

"I, Xi Luo, priest of the Moon Spirit Palace, curse you and Han Ye to forever be men hidden in Lin Zaozao's backyard.

As compensation for the curse, I wish you both a safe and prosperous life, with children and grandchildren filling your home!"

Ignoring Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli's complex expressions, Xi Luo straightened up, looking at the three lying side by side on the bed.

"After Lin Zaozao returns, you can tell her that you've discovered someone has been possessing her body.

However, you must never mention my name, nor our relationship.

If you utter my name, I will automatically silence you.

Alright, I've eaten, drunk, and... well, not much to touch, just a flat screen.

I'm leaving, and Lin Zaozao should be back soon. Staying in that place, she must be uncomfortable."

Xi Luo sat on the stool, turning to look at the moon hanging in the sky.

When will he have the chance to be by Lin Zaozao's side again?

Being stuck inside all this time, it's truly lonely.

He doesn't want to become a spirit. He wants to be Lin Zaozao's little follower, accompanying her through her life.

Heaven! When it's all said and done, please give me a chance!

Slowly closing his eyes, as Xi Luo returned to the transparent enclosure containing Lin Zaozao's soul, his body had already transformed into a small white ball of fur.

The only difference between him and the little red fuzzball Lin Zaozao had just seen earlier was simply the color.

Xi Luo, the system, stared with wide eyes at the already sleeping Lin Zaozao. Shaking off the disdain, he fluffed his fur and then flew backwards for a distance, heading straight towards Lin Zaozao's face.

With a crisp sound, Lin Zaozao, who was still asleep, opened her eyes to see a white fuzzball with only one eye, resting on her face.

Thinking of the red fuzzball from before, Lin Zaozao looked at the white fuzzball before her.

Damn it, they're identical, just a different color.

"You darn thing, just because you changed your appearance, you think I wouldn't recognize you. Same big eyes, what's the difference!

You even dared to shock me just now! I'll crush you, you worthless thing."

With that, Lin Zaozao reached out and vigorously kneaded Xi Luo's body.

"Oh my god! Host, you've got the wrong person! No, you've got the wrong system. Quick, let go of me!"

"I'm not blind, how could I get the wrong person? It's you, you worthless thing, who shocked me just now. This grudge must be repaid!"

After saying that, Lin Zaozao lifted the fuzzball in her hand and tossed it back and forth like a ball.

"Me me me, host, if you toss me again, I won't let you off, off, off, easily..."

"I'm not afraid of you! Damn system, now I finally have you in my hands, watch me turn you into a mud ball!"

Gritting her teeth with hatred, Lin Zaozao fiercely pulled at the fuzzball in her hand.

System, let it force her to make a fool of herself, let it shock her, let it tease her little husband.

Damn it, now the system is in her hands, let's see if she won't vent her anger.

"Host, let go of me. You're pulling out all my fur!"

"Release your hand? Since you cherish the fur on your body so much, I'll pluck it all off and make you a bald system."

"You dare!"

"You see if I dare!"

Lin Zaozao gritted her teeth, her hands involuntarily wanting to teach this darn system a lesson.

Damn it, ever since she crossed over, she hadn't taken any nonsense from this darn system. Nonsense, drooling, flirting...

These things, no matter who they happened to, would make them unable to bear it.

Fortunately, she had thick skin and didn't take it seriously.

Not taking it seriously, however, didn't mean she didn't care.

Sensing the hostility in Lin Zaozao's eyes, Xi Luo's body couldn't help but tremble.

Although his illusory body couldn't cause any harm to him, he could still feel pain!

Moreover, the pain caused by the soul was much stronger than that of the flesh.

Thinking that he still had things to do later, Xi Luo quickly begged for mercy.

"Mercy, Lady Swordsman! Spare the life of this humble dog! I am but an orphan, pitiful and alone, confined to this dismal fate day after day.

My gracious host, my Lady, I implore you, spare me! *Sob*..."

"Oh! Even the dog system begs for mercy? I thought you were as resolute as the legendary Ji Xiaolan!"

"No, no, the system is just a cowardly egg. When necessary, one must humble oneself!"

"Is that so? Yet you dare to shock me! And dare to flirt with that scoundrel! Most importantly, you dare to flirt with Xiao Liuli.

Xiao Liuli is Ye Yi's younger brother, and here you are, using my body to flirt with Xiao Liuli right in front of Ye Yi!

When I'm out of here, how will I face Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli?"

Chapter end

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