The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 279

Chapter 279

"The hundred-rank A assassins are secretly following Zaozao, while the three hundred rank B assassins have already infiltrated the Fengshuo Country, seeking revenge against the old woman, the Female Emperor of Fengshuo.

The remaining people, except those carrying out their missions, must all listen carefully to Zaozao's words - learn.

If you can't even write a name when I return, I'll chop off your useless claws."

"Yes, sir!"

Hearing the solemn chants, Zaozao really wanted to tell them that learning takes time and cannot be rushed.

Furthermore, some people are simply not cut out for learning, and forcing them won't work. Her opinion is that there are 365 trades, and each one can produce a champion.

As long as one can reach the pinnacle in their own field, that would be the best.

But seeing their serious expressions, and then thinking about how she can only go "hmm hmm hmm" when she speaks, she subconsciously swallowed back the words she was about to say.

"Let's go, Zaozao. It's getting late, we can't delay any longer."


As soon as she said a word, Zaozao quickly covered her mouth with her hand.

Goodness! Without thinking, she almost let out a "hmm hmm."

Looking around nervously, Zaozao took a long sigh and followed Gu Shan as they walked forward.

After leaving the crowded square, Dashan was already waiting there with Zhao Cai and Jin Bao.

"Young mistress, it's getting late, we should be going."

After nodding at Dashan, Zaozao sat on Zhao Cai's back and galloped forward.

If she could resolve the issue with the old woman, the Female Emperor of Fengshuo, then she could return to the Canglan Country and find Ye Xi to uncover what had happened in her past life.

Recently, one incident after another has almost overwhelmed her defenses.

Yesterday, the system had occupied her body, but she had also seen a system claiming to be from her past life, which even tried to electrocute her.

How could she have two systems in her body? Even if there were two, why had the one from her past life never appeared before?

The most important thing is that in that transparent barrier, the system claiming to be from her past life seemed less intent on electrocuting her and more intent on killing her.

At that time, she felt like her entire being was about to be electrocuted and blown away by that past life system.

Later, if it weren't for the giant hands that suddenly appeared on the wall, she felt she could have died in that transparent barrier.

There's no pain without comparison.

She feels that this current dog system, although it acts in a despicable and foul-mouthed way, it's really never done anything truly harmful to her. At most, it's just been constantly teasing her, but it's also been invisibly helping her.

And this time, when it said it would punish her, it actually ended up helping her and Xiao Liuli truly come together.

If it weren't for the system stirring things up between her and Xiao Liuli, she can guarantee that she would have only ever seen Xiao Liuli as a little brother her whole life.

Thinking about the look of suppressed love in Xiao Liuli's eyes last night, and the careful, joyful gaze he had when they finally came together, Zaozao realized that she had been avoiding Xiao Liuli's adoring gaze because of Ye Yi.

She was afraid that being with Xiao Liuli would hurt Ye Yi, as Ye Yi was her husband and Xiao Liuli was her brother.

But she didn't expect that both Ye Yi and Xiao Liuli were willing. Since the three of them all agreed, there was no need for her to be so hesitant.

If she continued to be so cautious, she, Ye Yi, and Xiao Liuli would all end up getting hurt.

In her haste, Zaozao had ridden Zhao Cai for two days straight.

The next day, as night fell, Gu Shan forcibly stopped the relentlessly rushing Zaozao and made her rest.

Leaning against Zhao Cai, Zaozao looked listlessly at Gu Shan and Little Xibei busying themselves.

After two days of continuous riding, she was utterly exhausted. It wasn't long before Zaozao fell asleep on Zhao Cai's back.

In her dream, she saw a young man dressed in red robes, with a particularly feminine appearance, holding a dagger that gleamed with a cold light, and he gave her an ominous smile.

Just as Zaozao was puzzled about what the delicate-looking red-robed youth wanted to do, she saw him raise the knife and swiftly strike at her ankle.

The next moment, her right foot had been cleanly severed by the youth.

"Since you are the Child of Fate in this world, I will use the Fate energy from your body to make up for the mistakes I've made!

As long as I can use the Fate energy from your body to make up for my mistakes, then I'll still have a chance.

Hahaha...The so-called Child of Fate in this world is now just a marionette in my hands. I'll make you live or die as I please!"

"Ah! It hurts! Who are you? Why are you hurting me?"

Zaozao pressed her hand tightly over the wound on her ankle, asking in fear.

"Hahaha! I am the ruler of this world. I don't care if you're the Child of Fate or not, as long as I want it, then you'll have to pay the price for the mistakes I've made.

Not just you, but everyone around you. The Fate energy in their bodies will all be used by me.

If you don't agree, I'll kill them all right now. Let me think, who should I kill first?

Ah, I know! I'll kill these two beasts!"

Saying that, the youth raised his knife and swung it straight towards the approaching Zhao Cai and Jin Bao.

As the cold light flashed, and the blood sprayed onto Zaozao's face, she saw Zhao Cai and Jin Bao, who had just been happily running towards her, convulsing on the ground in a pool of blood.

As they closed their eyes for the last time, they were still murmuring to her.

"Master, run! Run!"

"Hmm hmm hmm!"

(Zhao Cai! Jin Bao!)

Zaozao suddenly opened her eyes, her gaze a little lost as she looked at the people gathering around her.

"Zaozao, what's wrong? Did you have a nightmare?"

Meeting Gu Shan's concerned gaze, Zaozao instinctively reached out and felt Zhao Cai's warm fur. Only then did she fully emerge from the nightmare.

She turned back and saw Zhao Cai curled up in front of Jin Bao, both of them sleeping soundly. Sensing Zaozao's burning gaze, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao lifted their heads one by one, looking at her with hazy eyes.

When their gaze met Zaozao's anxious one, the Zhao Cai she was leaning against didn't move, but Jin Bao got up from the ground and walked over to Zaozao, gently licking her pig-like ear and whimpering a few times.

"Young mistress!"

Hearing Jin Bao's voice, Zaozao instinctively hugged its neck. Thinking about the dream where Jin Bao's hot blood had splattered all over her, Zaozao's embrace around Jin Bao tightened even more.

"Young mistress, what's wrong? What did you dream about?"

Hearing Jin Bao's whimpering, Zaozao leaned against Zhao Cai, hugging Jin Bao and constantly nuzzling its slightly coarse fur.

"Zaozao, what happened? Did you have a nightmare just now?"

Gu Shan crouched by Zaozao's side, speaking softly.

Meeting Gu Shan and Little Xibei's concerned gazes, Zaozao thought for a moment, then used a stick to write on the ground.

"I dreamed that a man dressed in red clothes cut off my right leg, and he also killed Zhao Cai and Jin Bao..."

Looking at the words written by Zaozao, Gu Shan and Ye Yi couldn't help but furrow their brows.

Zaozao was fine during the day, so how come she suddenly had such a strange dream?

"It's just a dream, don't worry about it."

Zaozao hugged Jin Bao's neck and wrote on the ground again.

Seeing Zaozao's relieved expression as she hugged Jin Bao, Little Xibei's eyes involuntarily grew cold.

That damned thing, does it want to come out and get itself killed early?

They had used all their strength to seal Zaozao's memories of her past life, to prevent her from remembering it prematurely.

But they didn't expect that the bastard couldn't directly harass Zaozao, so it tried to use dreams to harass her instead.

The matter in Fengshuo Country has been resolved, he really should take Zaozao to Canglan Country to find Princess Ye Xi.

If they delay any longer, the situation will get out of their control.

"Zaozao, it's just a nightmare, don't take it seriously."

Gu Shan gently embraced Zaozao, gently patting her back to soothe her fear.

Zaozao nodded firmly.

It must have been just a dream.

She didn't even know the man in red clothes in the dream, why would he randomly cut her leg and kill Zhao Cai and Jin Bao?

However, in the dream, he said he was the ruler of this world, and she was the child of destiny. He wanted to use her auspicious fate to make up for his mistakes.

Hearing this, it sounded so real!d new chaptrs on no/v/e/lin(.)com

Little Xibei saw Zaozao's furrowed brow, and he walked over at the right time, patting Zaozao's shoulder and comforting her in a gentle voice.

"Zaozao, it's just a nightmare, don't think too much about it. We've been traveling all day, you must be exhausted. Let's have something to eat and then rest, okay?"

Looking into Little Xibei's concerned gaze, Zaozao nodded seriously.

By the campfire, Zaozao nibbled on the roasted meat, occasionally stuffing it into Zhao Cai and Jin Bao's mouths.

Little Xibei saw Zaozao's abstracted expression, he opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but then swallowed the words back into his stomach.

Just hold on a little longer!

They're about to succeed, they can't fail at this critical moment. After dealing with that bitch of the Female Emperor of Fengshuo Country, he can take Zaozao to Canglan Country.

After dinner, Zaozao leaned against Zhao Cai, staring fixedly at the round, bright moon in the sky.

That round, bright moon, she had been so busy lately that she hadn't seen it for a long time.

"Zaozao, don't space out there. It's getting late, we should rest now."

Little Xibei walked to Zaozao's side, pinching her little pig ears, and spoke gently.

Lifting her gaze to look at Little Xibei's face, under the moonlight, he looked as beautiful as a god residing in the celestial palace.

Chapter end

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