The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 281

Chapter 281

"I don't know, I didn't ask them," Xiao Liuli said.

"National Master, Nuo and I have also regained our memories."

Ye Yi approached with Xiao Liuli.

"Since you two have regained your memories, then Ji Fantian and the others must have too! After all, we all came to this realm together originally.

When we arrived in this realm, Han Ye and I forgot some things due to the laws of this world.

Han Ye and I were puzzled about what exactly we had forgotten. Only now do we understand that we had forgotten about you all who came here with us.

Past and present lives, it seems so long, yet it feels like it just happened yesterday!"

Listening to Little Xibei's sigh, Gu Shan rolled his eyes in disdain. Before regaining his past life memories, he had thought the National Master was quite formidable.

But the result was that he had been showing off Zaozao's sacrificial abilities all along.

Thinking of Zaozao's sacrificial abilities, Gu Shan asked with some concern, "National Master, Han Ye the Great Sacrificer is fine since he has remained in the Sacrificial Hall of the Han Country.

But you have been wandering between the Canglan and Fengshuo countries.

With abilities that don't belong to you in your body, you've been using them this whole time. Aren't you afraid of..."Discover ew chapters at novelbi(.)co

"Aren't you afraid of dying early?"

Little Xibei couldn't help but laugh lightly.

"Gu Shan, in the beginning, Zaozao only gave Han Ye and me her sacrificial abilities so that we would have a way to protect ourselves.

But after Han Ye and I gained Zaozao's sacrificial abilities, we realized how miserable Zaozao's past life had been.

Since we obtained Zaozao's abilities, Han Ye and I never expected to continue living at the time.

Han Ye exchanged his life for Zaozao's, while I laid out all the paths for Zaozao before retiring.

In her past life, the reason Zaozao was hurt so badly by that bastard was because of us. She didn't want to harm us, so she could only compromise with that damned beast step by step.


"Until there was no more room for compromise..." Xiao Liuli said with a cold face and a sigh.

Little Xibei turned to look at Xiao Liuli's eyes in surprise before tentatively asking, "Xiao Liuli, your eyes?"

"My eyes have recovered. In this life and the past, I've seen everything that should be seen."

"Really? Then what is the ending of this life?"

Hearing Little Xibei's urgent tone, Xiao Liuli rudely rolled her eyes at him.

"Han Xibei, is there something wrong with your brain? Aren't you aware in your heart about how this world should unfold, following Zaozao's wish? How can I foresee the future?"

"I thought you could see the future like in your past life!"

"See what future? In my past life, my eyes were unreliable at times. If my eyes were truly that powerful, I wouldn't have only discovered Zaozao's condition at the very end.

If I had noticed Zaozao's condition earlier, how could I have allowed that bastard to keep harming her?"

Hearing Xiao Liuli's indignant voice, Gu Shan and the others couldn't help but sigh.

Yes! Whether in this life or the past, their abilities were formidable.

But no matter how hard they tried, it seemed their fates were controlled by that bastard.

Could it be that their busy lives were truly just like paper people, as that bastard claimed?

So their destinies could only follow the predetermined path?

Thinking of this, Gu Shan and Little Xibei's expressions turned ugly.

"National Master, what I don't understand is, if our fates are being manipulated by others, then Zaozao is different.

In this life and the past, she didn't originally belong to this realm. So why did that bastard insist on dragging Zaozao along, making her suffer so much just to live?

The wandering soul beside the Canglan Empress seemed to live quite well?"

"I don't know either. If I knew the specific reason, I wouldn't be trapped here.

Alright, it's getting late, we should all go rest. Remember, our conversation today must not be known to Zaozao."

"We understand."

Seeing Xiao Liuli, Ye Yi, and Gu Shan leave, Little Xibei thought for a moment before calling out to Gu Shan who was about to depart.

"Gu Shan, in Zaozao's dream just now, why did she summon you instead of me? I was lying right beside her!"

"It's simple, because Zaozao likes me far more than you, in this life and the past!"

A rare smug smile appeared on Gu Shan's arrogant face.

Hmph! So what if Little Xibei had a noble status? He didn't care.

What Gu Shan cared about was his position in Zaozao's heart. As long as Zaozao liked him, loved him...

Then those so-called powers and status meant nothing to him.

Little Xibei watched as Gu Shan left with a light step, angry yet helpless.

Because what he said was true.

Zaozao's feelings could not be bought with power or status. If he had known earlier, he should have switched places with Gu Shan to be Zaozao's personal guard!

At least then he could be the first to gain Zaozao's affection by being close to her.

Fuming as he returned to the tent, Little Xibei saw Zhao Cai and Jin Bao sleeping on the bed, his nose nearly crooked from anger.

These two wolf cubs had just been lying under the bed earlier. How long had he been gone for them to occupy Zaozao's bed?

One was at the head, the other at the foot, leaving no space for him on the large bed.

Little Xibei looked at the sweetly sleeping Zaozao and suppressed his anger, going to the bedside to pat Zhao Cai and Jin Bao's backs, signaling them to get off the bed.

But the result was...

These two wolf cubs glanced at him disdainfully before turning over and continuing to sleep soundly.

"Zhao Cai, Jin Bao, get down!"

Little Xibei said through gritted teeth, enunciating each word.

In response, Zhao Cai deliberately turned its butt towards him.

Seeing Zhao Cai's tail whirling around smugly like a fire wheel out of arrogance, just as Little Xibei was about to grab its tail and pull it off the bed in anger, Zhao Cai jumped down first.

Its fur stood on end, forelegs slightly crouched, hind legs tense in a stance for attacking.

"Zhao Cai, you've gone mad just over a bed?"

Little Xibei said in a low, cold voice.

As soon as the words left his mouth, Zhao Cai lunged forward straight at Little Xibei.

Not wanting to hurt Zhao Cai, Little Xibei instinctively took a step back. That single step brought him outside the tent as Zhao Cai attacked.

Outside, Zhao Cai's eyes flashed brilliant cold light in the darkness. It took a step back before darting towards Little Xibei again.

"Zhao Cai, what's wrong with you in the middle of the night?"

Faced with Zhao Cai's attack, Little Xibei quickly retreated a step, eyes filled with disbelief.

Zhao Cai had been fine just earlier, so why was it suddenly attacking him for no reason?

But before Little Xibei could react, Zhao Cai lunged at him again.

As it reached him, it quickly opened its large mouth and bit down on Little Xibei's leg.

Seeing Zhao Cai's ferocity, Little Xibei struck with his palm, sending Zhao Cai flying far away.

Seeing Zhao Cai lying on the ground, Little Xibei was about to go over and check if he had hurt it. But before he could take a step, Zhao Cai leapt up from the ground and ran towards the forest.

Not long after Zhao Cai ran away, Jin Bao also came running out from Zaozao's tent. It glared menacingly at Little Xibei before chasing after Zhao Cai in the direction it had gone.

"Come here, go after them and see what's going on!"

Little Xibei ordered into the shadows.

Following Little Xibei's order, a few dark figures hidden in the shadows shot towards the forest like ghosts.

"What happened?"

Gu Shan came out of the tent, his voice cold.

"I don't know. I had just returned to the tent when Zhao Cai attacked me."

Little Xibei frowned, his voice cold as he looked in the direction Zhao Cai and Jin Bao had left.

"Zaozao! Are you alright?"

"Zaozao is still resting. I've sent the shadow guards after them. If anything happens, they'll bring Zhao Cai and Jin Bao back."

"Alright then, let's all go back and rest. We have to continue traveling tomorrow."

Gu Shan glanced at Little Xibei before turning and walking back to his own tent.

Back in his tent, Little Xibei looked at the sleeping Zaozao. He walked over and affectionately touched her nose and ears.

Too bad her pig-like nose and ears had returned to normal now. But her piggy nose and ears were rather cute.

Only Xi Luo could do such a mischievous thing.

He loved Zaozao more than he loved himself. For him to do something that made Zaozao look ugly, it seemed he had encountered a problem he couldn't solve again.

Xi Luo was trapped in that place. What kind of problem was there that he couldn't solve?

What was so terrifying about that place?

Gently embracing Zaozao, Little Xibei, his heart heavy with worries, slowly drifted into slumber to the sound of her even breathing.

In the forest, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao raced ahead. Only after they had left the shadow guards far behind did they finally slow their steps.

When Zhao Cai and Jin Bao reached a cliff, their cold, glinting eyes slowly became hazy.

"Jump down! Quickly jump off the cliff. That damn woman Zaozao actually dared to let Gu Shan hurt me. If I don't teach her a lesson, she really thinks I can't do anything to her now.

Just like in my previous life, I'll start with the people she cares about most. Now, the two of you can be the first sacrifices on my road to success!"

Listening to the incessant taunting voice in their minds, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao stepped towards the edge of the cliff.

Chapter end

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