The Two Hundred and Eighty Pound Fat Girl and Her Five Husbands – Chapter 282

Chapter 282

Looking at the thousand-foot cliff beneath their feet, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao initially intended to stop.

Because, they didn't want to die either!

Their master still needed them to guard, so how could they die now! If they died, how sad their master would be!

Although Zhao Cai and Jin Bao were very anxious, the force within their bodies made them uncontrollably move forward.

Just as Zhao Cai and Jin Bao's front paws were about to hang in midair, two vines quickly tied around their necks, forcibly pulling them back.

"Zhao Cai, Jin Bao, you little wolf cubs, have you lost your minds? Or did your mating fail?

Or is it that Eldest Sister opposes you two being together, so you want to die for love?"

In the darkness, two identical, burly figures with golden glints in their eyes looked down at Zhao Cai and Jin Bao, who were tied up like rice dumplings on the ground, with teasing smiles on their faces.

"What's wrong? Cat got your tongue? Why don't you even want to speak?

Is it really that Eldest Sister scolded you two? Feeling down for a moment, so you want to commit suicide?"

Zhao Cai and Jin Bao looked at the two figures squatting in front of them. Although their eyes were glaring, their tails wagged like windmills, indicating affection.

Seeing Zhao Cai and Jin Bao's strange behavior, the two people exchanged puzzled glances. In the absence of any other options, one person lifted a giant wolf on their shoulders and headed towards the edge of the forest.

These two little wolf cubs seemed to sense that something was wrong.

Well, let's take them back and see what's going on.

After all, their Eldest Sister still needed these two little wolf cubs to protect her!

Early the next morning, Lin Zaozao looked at herself in the bronze mirror. Her face had returned to normal.

Her nose was no longer a pig's nose, and her ears were no longer those flappy ears. Even her speech had returned to normal.

After being a pig-headed mute for three whole days, Lin Zaozao now understood how precious it was to be a normal person!

Although no one had mocked her during these three days, every time she looked in the mirror and saw her pig face, she felt uncomfortable.

Plus, not being able to speak, even if she felt depressed, she couldn't vent it out.

Fortunately, the punishment from the dog system was only for three days. If it were for a lifetime, she really wanted to give up.

Better to be dead.

"Little Master, have some roasted meat."

"Thank you, Dashan."

"Hehe! Little Master, you don't need to be polite to me."

Seeing Dashan's honest smile, Little Xibei looked at the roasted meat in his hand with disgust.

"Dashan, how can you eat roasted meat so early in the morning without finding it greasy?"

"Lin Zaozao, if you don't want it, put it down."

Dashan slammed the chopsticks in his hand to the ground, saying fiercely.

"What I said was, can you digest meat so early in the morning?"

Little Xibei placed the roasted meat in his hand on the table, saying disdainfully.

"You don't cook, yet you complain about my cooking. Since you're so dissatisfied, from today on, you'll cook your own meals."

Dashan snatched the bowl from Little Xibei's hand, wanting to smash it on the ground.

Seeing Dashan raising his hand, Lin Zaozao quickly stopped him.

"Stop, Dashan, have mercy!"

Lin Zaozao quickly stood up and reached out to take the bowl from Dashan's hands.

"Don't be angry, don't be angry! It's not a big deal! Getting angry over a meal isn't worth it.

It's just food! If you like it, eat more; if you don't, eat less.

Little Xibei, you can't be picky about food! Let me tell you! Those who don't cook don't have the right to be picky about food."

Placing the bowl on the table, Lin Zaozao turned around to see Little Xibei sulking with a long face, unable to help but sigh.

Early in the morning, they were making a big fuss over nothing; why were they all so hot-tempered!

Normally, she hadn't seen the two of them get angry over a meal before!Fllw ew stories at n/v(e)lb/in(.)com

With a sigh, Lin Zaozao bent down and looked at Little Xibei, who was sulking beside her.

"Little Xibei, what's going on with you and Dashan causing such a scene early in the morning?"

Listening to Lin Zaozao's inquiry, the people sitting at the table involuntarily stiffened their bodies.

Seeing everyone's awkward expressions, Lin Zaozao's suspicion grew even stronger.

"What's wrong, what happened?"

"Zaozao, there's something I think I should tell you as soon as possible."

"Ye Yi, what is it?"

"Zaozao, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao are missing."


Seeing Ye Yi's serious expression, Lin Zaozao relaxed, not taking it seriously.

"I thought something serious had happened! Turns out it's this. Those two rascals, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao, whenever they have free time, they run into the woods to play with tigers and snakes.

Last time, those two disappeared for two whole days, and I was really worried. But guess what! Those two rascals actually brought back two tiger cubs from the woods for me to play with.

If I hadn't found them early and had someone send the little tigers back, their tiger parents might have come looking for me to settle the score."

Seeing Lin Zaozao's nonchalant attitude, Ye Yi and Gu Shan exchanged glances before he spoke again.

"Zaozao, last night, after you fell asleep, Zhao Cai inexplicably attacked the National Master.

Seeing that it couldn't beat the National Master, Zhao Cai ran into the woods, and Jin Bao followed.

The National Master originally sent undercover guards to follow them. If they did anything suspicious, the guards were supposed to bring them back.

But Zhao Cai and Jin Bao ran too fast. As soon as they entered the woods, they shook off the guards following them.

Early this morning, Gu Shan personally went to chase after them, but he lost their trail at a cliff."

"You mean, something happened to Zhao Cai and Jin Bao?"

"It shouldn't have."

"What do you mean it shouldn't have?"

Lin Zaozao asked, frowning.

"Zaozao, I sent people to check under the cliff, and there were no bodies of Zhao Cai and Jin Bao. Most importantly, I found a large number of wolf footprints and human footprints.

From the looks of it, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao were carried away by someone."

Listening to Gu Shan's analysis, Lin Zaozao's forehead creased into a deep furrow.

Zhao Cai and Jin Bao grew rapidly, their sizes now towering over her, weighing at least four to five hundred catties each.

With such immense size and formidable attack power, who could possibly carry them away!

Could it be? Has a giant appeared? Or have they encountered some great warrior?

"Dashan, can you carry Zhao Cai and Jin Bao?"

"I can carry one of them. However, I can only do so when they cooperate."

Little Master, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao are born warriors. Even if they get injured, as long as they are unwilling, no one dares to touch them."

"They need to willingly..."

Lin Zaozao abruptly dropped the chopsticks in her hand and looked towards the woods behind her. Besides the one who had been waiting by her side all along, who else could possibly make Zhao Cai and Jin Bao approach?

"Lin Wuwu, Lin Wanwan, is it you?"

Lin Zaozao stood on the stool, shouting at the top of her lungs.

"Lin Wuwu... Lin Wanwan... is it you? Have you come back? Little brats, have you returned?

Lin Wuwu, Lin Wanwan..."

"Zaozao, stop shouting. Lin Wuwu and Lin Wanwan are at the frontier now, even if you call them, they can't come back."

Little Xibei tugged at Lin Zaozao's sleeve, signaling her to get off the stool.

"Right, Wuwu and Wanwan are at the frontier, they won't be here. Besides, they are so thin, how could they possibly carry Zhao Cai and Jin Bao!

If it's not Wuwu and Wanwan, then who could have carried Zhao Cai and Jin Bao away?"

Hearing Lin Zaozao's desolate voice, Gu Shan stood up and helped her down from the stool.

"Zaozao, don't worry. I've sent people to track Zhao Cai and Jin Bao along the traces they left behind.

As long as Zhao Cai and Jin Bao are alive, even if they go to the ends of the earth, I will bring them back safely."

"Okay, okay."

Lin Zaozao bit her lip, suppressing the bitterness in her eyes, and nodded.

Sitting back at the table, Lin Zaozao looked at the roasted meat on the table but couldn't eat a single bite.

She was truly careless. Every morning when she ate, as long as there was meat in her bowl, Zhao Cai and Jin Bao would squat beside her, eagerly watching her eat.

By the end of the meal, all the meat in her bowl would end up in Zhao Cai and Jin Bao's mouths. She would always complain about them snatching her food, leaving her with nothing.

But now! She just wanted Zhao Cai and Jin Bao to come back soon and snatch her food away.

"My dear host, back to life again!"

"What kind of life! Dog system, my pig nose and pig ears have just disappeared, and you come out to deal with those monsters.

My Zhao Cai and Jin Bao are missing, you have a huge task, and I don't want to do anything. Unless, unless you can bring Zhao Cai and Jin Bao back to me."

"Deal! This system will safely bring Zhao Cai and Jin Bao back. Host, help me with the tasks!"


"What, steamed or boiled? Okay, enough chatter. Now, please, host, accept the task from this system.

Ahem, from now on, as the host travels to Fengshuo Country, they must travel on foot.

When the host encounters distressed refugees on the road, please, do whatever you can to help them through their hardships!"

"Refugees? Where do they come from?"

"They are refugees from the frontier. Host, the frontier is facing extremely rare extreme weather conditions.

In June, there's snowfall, and many people have already perished. They have lost their livestock, and more importantly, their loved ones and homes.

Host, do what you can to save them!"

"But what about Fengshuo Country?"

"Fengshuo Country will manage without issue. It won't matter if you arrive a few days late."

"Alright, I'll help those refugees next."

"Good, once the host completes this task, the system will reward you generously!"

"What reward?"

"An unexpected reward for the host. That is, duplication. As long as it's not a living thing, the host can duplicate anything into two."

Chapter end

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