unsheathed – Chapter 61: Helpless Pawn

Chapter 61: Helpless Pawn

Chapter 61: Helpless Pawn

After the troublemaking woman left, there was no more beautiful sight for the onlookers to behold. Thus, the shop assistants from the Yang Family's medicine shop quickly scattered and returned to work.

Zheng Dafeng timidly ran over and squatted under the eaves, staying far away from Old Man Yang. He didn't dare to get too close to him.

Both he and Li Er were disciples of Old Man Yang, yet the treatment they received from him couldn't be more stark in contrast.

Zheng Dafeng was also frustrated that his master was biased, but there were some things that he had no option but to accept.

"Master, it looks like Qi Jingchun is hellbent on breaking the rules. What should we do then?" he asked nervously.

Old Man Yang remained silent as he continued to puff away at his smoking pipe. At some unknown time, a black cat suddenly ran over from some unknown place, and it shook its body dry as it sat near the old man's feet, sending water flying everywhere.

Zheng Dafeng was filled with worry as he said, "That bastard from True Martial Mountain actually summoned a deity from his sect... Will that cause any trouble? After all, countless people have their eyes on this small world."

Old Man Yang continued to remain silent.

Zheng Dafeng was accustomed to his master's silence, so he didn't find the atmosphere awkward at all. His thoughts ran wild, and his mind wandered to Qi Jingchun again. "Fucking hell! Qi Jingchun, you've cowardly abided by the rules for 59 years, yet you can't persist for just a few more days? Sure enough, scholars are brain-dead fools! They're simply impervious to reason!" he cursed.

"You might not be a scholar, but you're also brain-dead," Old Man Yang finally said.

Zheng Dafeng wasn't embarrassed, and instead turned around with an obsequious smile, asking, "Master, do you want me to massage your shoulders and legs for you?"

"I don't have any wealth for you to inherit, so it's best that you give up now," the old man replied indifferently.

Zheng Dafeng was slightly red with embarrassment as he corrected his master, saying, "Master, your words are so hurtful! Your disciple might not be the most capable person ever, but I'm definitely a dutiful and respectful person! How could I be coveting your wealth? It's not like I'm Li Er's wife or anything."DiiScver w storis on no//e()/lbin(.)com

"Mhm, you're even inferior to her," the old man remarked.

Zheng Dafeng's expression became dark, and he hung his head in complete dejection. It was as if he had lost all his energy and spirit.

However, his face suddenly lit up with joy and delight. Even though his master's words were grating on the ear, he realized that his master had at least said so many words to him. This was a rare occurrence that called for a celebration! He decided to treat himself to some wine when he returned home.

With his spirits improved, Zheng Dafeng casually asked, "Can Senior Brother Li stop that person?"

Before Old Man Yang could even reply and berate him, Zheng Dafeng had already slapped himself and answered, "Things will only become interesting if he loses. Otherwise, if Senior Brother Li truly stops him, I'll definitely be even more screwed in the future."

"Zheng Dafeng, do you know why you're not successful?" Old Man Yang mysteriously asked.

Zheng Dafeng faltered upon hearing this.

He felt like there was a deeper meaning behind this question, so it was necessary for him to mull over it carefully.

Unexpectedly, however, Old Man Yang answered for him, saying, "It's because you're ugly."

Zheng Dafeng clasped his head in grief. As he stared at the splashing rain in the backyard, the middle-aged man felt like he was on the verge of tears.

There was no need for the steward of the kiln supervision office to analyze the atmosphere to know that it wasn't suitable for him to stay any longer. He found a random excuse to take his leave.

Chen Songfeng continued to search through the records. However, compared to his fear and diligence when Chen Dui had been present, he finally recovered some of his elegant and relaxed disposition as the descendant of a noble clan. The more this was the case, though, the more Liu Baqiao felt frustrated and stifled. His mind was full of grumblings that he wanted to spit out. However, being frank was one matter, while having a loose tongue was another matter. That being the case, Liu Baqiao felt like it was time to take a walk. Out of sight, out of mind.

Chen Songfeng looked up and asked with a smile, "Baqiao, finally not able to sit here anymore?"

Liu Baqiao had just started to stand up, yet he immediately sat back down after hearing this. "Hah, you're still in the mood to tease me? Seems like you're quite a tolerant person!" he chuckled in frustration.

Chen Songfeng put down the old record in his hands and said with a bitter expression, "I'm sorry you had to see me in such an embarrassing position. I wasn't ungrateful when you stood up for me just then, it's just that..."

Liu Baqiao wasn't someone who could tolerate listening to the complaints and plights of others, so he hurriedly waved his hands and said, "Please spare me. I was simply unable to stand your distant relative's bullying of the weak and cowering to the strong. Also, I only criticized her because I was unable to control my tongue, so there's no need for you to thank me."

Chen Songfeng leaned back and slowly rested on the back of the chair, exhaling softly as he did so.

If they were in the Chen Clan's residence in Dragon Tail County, this kind of lazy and uncouth sitting position would immediately draw punishment from the elders. Regardless of whether one was a legitimate or illegitimate child, all children would be subject to physical punishment if they dared to sit like this. Meanwhile, adults would receive a scolding.

Scholars from powerful clans were often ridiculed by martial artists and referred to as sanctimonious and pretentious people.

However, rules were rules, and descendants of these clans would be forced to walk this rigid path from birth. There was no exception, and this was the environment they would be raised in.

Of course, there was also Southern Stream Nation which was renowned for producing impractical and absurd scholars. These were scholars who were well-known for their unrestrained speech and strict adherence to rules.

"So, what's your actual relationship with Chen Dui?" Liu Baqiao asked. "Why are you so afraid of her? If this relates to a clan secret, then pretend that I didn't ask."

Chen Songfeng stood up and walked over to shut the door. He returned and took a seat where the steward had been sitting just then, and he softly retorted, "After several twists and turns, the porcelain buying right for Liu Xianyang's bonded porcelain has fallen into the hands of my clan. Are you not curious about why this is?"

Liu Baqiao nodded in reply.

Perhaps the Mountain-moving Ape wouldn't be able to think of this possibility even if he wracked his brains as hard as he could. The force that was vying for the sword scripture wasn't Sun Scorch Mountain's mortal enemy Wind Lightning Field, but it was actually Dragon Tail County's Chen Clan, a force that had seemingly arrived in this small town from nowhere.

Chen Songfeng looked exhausted as he spoke, and this was most likely because he had been pent-up this entire time. After all, those who thought about too much would naturally wind up with a tired mind.

Now, he was finally unable to endure anymore, so he was going to speak his mind to someone. Moreover, Liu Baqiao was someone whom he deeply trusted. Thus, he slowly said, "Even though my clan does indeed have a better relationship with Wind Lightning Field, our clan strictly abides by our ancestral rules which state that we shouldn't become involved in the conflicts of other sects and clans. We've adhered to this rule for so many years already, so why would we suddenly break it for a sword scripture that's almost useless to our clan? Our Chen Clan is a clan of scholars, not a clan of cultivators. So, what's the point of becoming involved in this?"

Liu Baqiao mulled over this, and he speculated, "It's Chen Dui's clan that wants to obtain the sword scripture? Perhaps her clan is full of powerful but hidden swordsmen?"

Chen Songfeng shook his head and replied, "No, that's not the case. Steward Xue mentioned just then that there are two different Chen Clans in this small town. Chen Dui belongs to the Chen Clan that left long ago, and they left very comprehensively, not even staying in Eastern Treasured Vial Continent. They moved directly to another continent. After many generations of growth and expansion, this Chen Clan is now regarded as an 'archway that assembles the characteristics of all teachings'. Of course, news of this hasn't spread around Eastern Treasured Vial Continent, and my clan in Dragon Tail County only knows about this because of our distant relationship with them."

"I reckon it's that woman blowing her own trumpet," Liu Baqiao sneered. "Is she trying to pick on me because she thinks I'm uneducated? Her clan is able to have a merit archway?"

Chen Songfeng put up two fingers.

Liu Baqiao rolled his eyes and said, "Listen carefully I'm talking about merit archways, not scholarly honor archways!"

Chen Songfeng didn't put down his fingers.

Liu Baqiao was slightly disgruntled, and he was unwilling to yield as he continued to insist, "Then does her clan have an academy archway?!"

The so-called academy archways that Liu Baqiao spoke of were naturally the achways related to the three schools and 72 academies of Confucianism. He most definitely wasn't talking about the ordinary academies in mortal empires.

In the vast Eastern Treasured Vial Continent, there were but two Confucian academies Mountain Cliff Academy and Lake View Academy.

Chen Songfeng slowly put down one finger, leaving one raised.

Liu Baqiao pretended that he was about to stand up, with his hands pushing down on the arms of his chair. There was mock fear on his face, and he exclaimed, "Oh, then I should hurry up and apologize to that esteemed lady! My heavens! With such a profound and powerful background, she even has the right to treat you as a slave, to say nothing of asking you to flip through a few records."

Chen Songfeng replied with a smile.

This was probably the reason for Liu Baqiao's charisma. This was something that should have been vexing and irritating, yet Liu Baqiao was able to say it in such a manner that wasn't infuriating at all.

Liu Baqiao sat back down and wrapped his arms around his chest, appearing calm and composed as he said, "Alright, I know that her background is terrifying now. You can continue."

Chen Songfeng smiled and said, "In fact, Steward Xue already told us the answer."

Liu Baqiao came to a sudden realization, and he guessed, "Liu Xianyang's ancestors were the graveyard attendants for Chen Dui's clan?"

"Very perceptive of you," Chen Songfeng praised with a nod.

Liu Baqiao frowned slightly and muttered, "Hmm? But how can this be? Didn't the traitor from Sun Scorch Mountain create that sword scripture? Of course, he can also be regarded as one of the ancestors of Wind Lightning Field. Regardless, these timelines don't match, so how can the Liu Clan have become the Chen Clan's graveyard attendant?"

"I can confirm that the Liu Clan was indeed the graveyard attendant for the Chen Clan in the very beginning," Chen Songfeng explained. "As for the swordsman who took refuge in your Wind Lightning Field afterward... There are probably some secrets regarding why he eventually came to this small town and became a member of the Liu Clan, even passing down the sword scripture. In any case, the Liu Clan now has two family heirlooms the sword scripture and the suit of armor.

"In terms of Chen Dui, she's actually not here to obtain treasures or anything. Instead, she's simply here to pay respect to her ancestors. Other than that, if the Liu Clan still has any descendants, she'll also bring them back with her. The Chen Clan will do everything they can to raise them, regardless of their talent. In some sense, this is their repayment to the Liu Clan for attending to their ancestor's graveyard for so many years."

Liu Baqiao was utterly perplexed. "They're such a large and powerful clan, yet they only sent a single young girl over to pay respects to their ancestors? And she was almost punched to death by Song Changjing as well! Chen Songfeng, I've read quite a few books even though some of them are about things that happen under blankets so I do indeed have some understanding of people and events. With what I know, I feel like she's definitely an imposter!"

Chen Songfeng shook his head, saying with a bitter laugh, "You weren't able to see just how... respectful my grandfather was when he saw her."

One shouldn't dwell on the shortcomings of their elders, so Chen Songfeng was truly unable to spit out the truth. He could only use the euphemistic description "respectful" to explain things.

His clan had opened the middle gate for her, and the clan leader had more so bowed as deeply as he could to show his respect. The entire clan had treated her as a most esteemed guest, and during the welcome banquet, she had even enjoyed the honor of sitting in the host seat.

One could imagine just how much of a shock this was for Chen Songfeng.

"Wasn't Liu Xianyang almost smashed to death by the old ape?" Liu Baqiao asked in puzzlement.

Chen Songfeng sighed and answered, "You said it yourself almost."

Chen Songfeng stood up and walked to the window. The rain had eased up for the moment, yet looking up at the sky, it appeared like a downpour was imminently about to arrive.

"It seems like Master Ruan is an old acquaintance with one of Chen Dui's elders. They traveled around the world together in the past, and they can be regarded as good friends," Chen Songfeng said softly.

"So you're saying that Ruan Qiong is able to succeed Qi Jingchun and overlook this small world because he received some help from Chen Dui's clan?" Liu Baqiao asked carefully.

"I didn't say anything," Chen Songfeng replied calmly.

Liu Baqiao clicked his tongue in wonder.

No wonder Chen Dui had been so tough and unyielding even when she had faced Song Changjing.

A powerful clan in the distance, and the protection of a Sage nearby... How could she not be arrogant?

"Why don't you tell me about bonded porcelains and porcelain buyers?" Liu Baqiao suddenly said. "I've always been fairly interested in this, and it's a shame that Wind Lightning Field has never taken a fancy to such things. It was only when I was forcefully dragged here by my master that I was able to learn a few things. Apparently, quite a few famous and powerful cultivators in Eastern Treasured Vial Continent have come from this small town?"

Chen Songfeng hesitated for a moment before deciding to answer honestly. "It's quite similar to the mortal activity of stone gambling. Around 30 babies are born in the small town each year, and depending on their position, each of the 30 dragon kilns will be assigned to a child as their 'porcelain'. For example, if 32 children are born one year, then the two dragon kilns occupying the top two positions will each be assigned two pieces of porcelain. If only 29 children are born the next year, then the dragon kiln in the bottom position won't receive anything for the year.

"Thus, people born in this small town will all have their own bonded porcelain. Right now, the fame of Cao Xi and Xie Shi is unparalleled in the continent. One is a Daoist True Lord who has the potential to become a Heavenly Lord, while one is a lone sword immortal who possesses remarkable power and might. Even though this small town is indeed capable of producing many powerful beings, the price of soaring to such a height is immense.

"Once these people 'porcelain' advance to the Middle Five Tiers, they'll lose the right to afterlife or reincarnation unless they manage to advance to the Upper Five Tiers. If they fail, their soul and spirit will shatter and vanish. Even the Dao Ancestor and Buddha will be unable to save them. Meanwhile, the porcelain buyers will also obtain the bonded porcelain that allows them to control the lives of these people. So what if they become as powerful as Cao Xi or Xie Shi? This is a fate that they can't escape.

"Of course, if one manages to become as profoundly powerful as Cao Xi and Xie Shi, the porcelain buyers will naturally feel the urge to treat them as esteemed guests. They wouldn't dare to act as haughty owners of the bonded porcelain anymore. After all, this is a mutually beneficial transaction, and any clan that has the support of Cao Xi and Xie Shi will feel much safer.

"The reason for this is simple. When it comes to trivial matters, there naturally won't be a need to employ their help. When it comes to matters regarding the survival of their clan or sect, however, they'll definitely receive help from these powerful beings. Granted, these powerful beings can indeed refuse to help. However, their bonded porcelain will be smashed, and everyone will end up dying together."

Liu Baqiao was astonished and amazed as he listened to this. It was no wonder the Great Li Empire had ferociously soared to such lofty heights in just a mere 200 to 300 years, becoming a powerful empire that controlled the entire northern stretches of the continent.

Liu Baqiao was enthralled, and he sat down cross-legged and stroked his chin, asking, "I know that reaching six years of age for girls and nine years of age for boys is a great hurdle for the people of this small town. This is similar to cultivation, where we're able to determine our future potential at that age. At that time, the porcelain buyers can come to the small town to bring with them those who have the potential to reach great heights. However, what about those who don't have potential? How do the dragon kilns deal with the worthless bonded porcelain of those children?"

"They'll be taken out of the dragon kilns before being shattered and thrown away," Chen Songfeng replied softly. "There's a mountain of porcelain outside the small town, and this is the reason behind its existence."

Liu Baqiao felt a slight hint of displeasure, and he asked, "Then what happens to those children?"

Chen Songfeng shook his head and replied, "I don't know. However, nothing good I assume."

Liu Baqiao sighed upon hearing this. He raised his hands and roughly massaged his cheeks.

This was a secret transaction that the Sages from the different forces had personally written the rules for, so it definitely wasn't something that a measly cultivator like him could challenge or interfere with.

However, he still couldn't help but feel displeased.

After a long period of silence, Liu Baqiao quietly remarked, "That being the case, everyone hailing from this small town is nothing but a helpless pawn."

"Who on the path of cultivation isn't?" Chen Songfeng asked.

With sadness in his heart, Liu Baqiao nodded and concurred, "Indeed."

The door creaked as it was carefully opened, and a young boy in straw sandals carried a pale expression as he quietly tiptoed inside. He then turned around and lightly shut the door.

Copying Old Man Yang, he also grabbed a small stool for himself and sat on the stairs. The raindrops were as large as peas, and the sky was as dark as midnight. For some reason, however, few drops of rain made it under the eaves even though it was absolutely pouring. The old man had been sitting here for a long time, yet there was only very little moisture on his sleeves. Chen Ping'an sat with his fingers intertwined as he quietly gazed at the small puddles in the backyard.

Old Man Yang continued to smoke, with large puffs of smoke wafting into the surroundings. However, the clouds of smoke and the curtains of rain didn't try to invade each other's territory.

It was as if an invisible barrier existed between them.

One of the main reasons that Old Man Yang didn't dislike this child was because he would never scream or shout no matter the situation. This child would never disturb him, nor would he ever try to.

In this sense, Chen Ping'an was quite similar to Li Er.

Meanwhile, Zheng Dafeng was far inferior to them

"Grandpa Yang, thank you for your help all these years," Chen Ping'an said softly.

Old Man Yang frowned and asked, "You're thanking me? If I remember correctly, I've never helped you for free before... Did you forget to pay one time?"

Chen Ping'an smiled in reply.

This was just like how Old Man Yang had agreed to let him enter the mountains and pick medicinal herbs for the Yang Family's medicine shop in the past. They would buy the medicinal herbs at a low price, yet they would also sell many of the pharmacy's medicinal herbs to him at a low price as well. This looked like a fair transaction, but Chen Ping'an was very aware that he was the one being helped.

Moreover, just how much was a handmade smoking pipe worth?

Meanwhile, the reason that Chen Ping'an was able to persevere for so many years and remain in good health was in large part thanks to the breathing technique that Old Man Yang had taught him.

The old man looked up at the sky and sneered, "When others offer the tiniest bit of help, some people feel an irresistible urge to treat them like a Bodhisattva who has rescued them from the grips of calamity and death. This is especially the case when the help comes from a powerful person. These people will become especially grateful, so much so that they'll even be moved by their own acts of gratitude. They'll feel like they're people who understand the concept of repaying kindness, making them some kind of noble scholar, loyal official, or some brilliant disciple or what have you. They praise themselves as people who will be willing to sacrifice themselves for the sake of their benefactors... Bunch of ungrateful bastards. They should never have crawled out of their mothers' wombs..."

Chen Ping'an scratched his head, an uneasy expression on his face. He didn't know if Old Man Yang was talking about him.

The old man retracted his gaze and added coldly, "I'm not talking about you."

Chen Ping'an suddenly saw a familiar figure at this moment, causing him to falter.

There was a roof corridor behind the main hall, and a middle-aged scholar with graying sideburns held an umbrella in one hand and a stool in another hand as he walked out from the side door and made his way over. He placed the stool under the roof corridor and sat down, before leaning the oil-paper umbrella against the stool and patting his knees with his hands. He sat upright as he smiled at the old man and young boy, and he said in a gentle voice, "Mountain Cliff Academy's Qi Jingchun pays his respects to Mr. Yang."

His shoes were soaking wet and covered in mud thanks to the pouring rain, and the bottom of his robes wasn't able to escape this fate either.

Old Man Yang was relaxed and carefree as he pointed at the Sage with his smoking pipe and said, "I already knew that you would be unsuccessful on the first day that you arrived here. However, I haven't heard a single word of complaint from you after all these years. How very strange. In any case, you don't seem like a meek or submissive person, so even though the outside forces are slightly baffled by your wild actions, I'm not surprised by them at all."

Qi Jingchun patted his belly and said with a faint smile, "Of course I have complaints. In fact, my entire belly is filled with complaints. It's just that I haven't voiced them."

Old Man Yang thought for a moment before remarking, "I'm not sure about your abilities, but the fact that your master dared to say those four words... In my eyes, he can be regarded as this."

The old man raised a thumb.

Qi Jingchun smiled bitterly and stated, "Master's knowledge is actually even greater than that."

Old Man Yang sneered and said, "Well, it's not like I'm a scholar, so I won't praise your master even if his knowledge has already surpassed Confucius."

"Mr. Yang, you feel like Master's four words were correct?" Qi Jingchun asked with a serious expression.

Old Man Yang laughed and replied, "I didn't feel like it was correct. It was just that all Confucian students used to believe in the previous four words, and that annoyed me quite a bit. The fact that someone stepped forward to oppose them made me feel quite good. That's all there is to it. You scholars setting up an arena and fighting until your decorum is no more brings me great joy!"

Qi Jingchun couldn't help but chuckle.

He was just about to speak, yet Old Man Yang had already waved his hands, understanding what he was about to say. "There's no need for polite words. I don't like listening to them, and we're not people with the same aspirations either. This has been the case for generations, so there's no need for you to break the tradition. Moreover, you're already akin to a rat who everyone's trying to beat, so I naturally wouldn't dare to get too close to you anyway."

Qi Jingchun nodded in reply. He stood up and gestured for Chen Ping'an to come over, saying, "I used the snake gall pebbles that you gave me to carve two seals. One's engraved using the official script, and one's engraved using oracle bone script. Here, take them."

Chen Ping'an ran through the rain and the pond-like backyard. Standing before Qi Jingchun, he accepted the white cloth pouch.

Qi Jingchun smiled faintly and said, "Remember to keep them safe. If you see paintings or calligraphy scrolls that you like in the future for example, a spirited painting of mountains and rivers you can stamp them using these seals."

"Okay," Chen Ping'an nodded and replied in a daze.

Old Man Yang glanced at the pouch in Chen Ping'an's hands and asked, "Where's the character 'Spring'?"

"I engraved another seal a while ago, and I gave it to a child from the Zhao Clan," Qi Jingchun replied with a smile.

"Qi Jingchun, are you a charity?" the old man chuckled.

Qi Jingchun didn't take the old man's teasing words to heart. He bade them farewell and took his leave.

Seeing Chen Ping'an still standing there like a wooden column, Old Man Yang chuckled in frustration, scolding, "After receiving a gift from someone, you're just going to skip home and indulge in happiness by yourself? You're not going to accompany Mr. Qi for a bit and see him off?"

Chen Ping'an hurriedly ran to the back door of the main hall.

"Bring the umbrella with you!" the old man scolded with a smile. "With the condition you're in right now, can you still endure such lashing rain and wind?"

Chen Ping'an borrowed an umbrella from a shop assistant before hurrying over to accompany Mr. Qi. They walked side-by-side on the main street.

Old Man Yang remained sitting under the eave the entire time, taking the occasional puff from his smoking pipe. Smoke billowed around him.

Even though the two seals had still been in the pouch, Old Man Yang had noticed something special about them. It was because of this that he had asked about the character "Spring".

The human heart was filled with grandeur.

After a short while, Chen Ping'an returned to the backyard. "What did he say in the end?" Old Man Yang asked.

Chen Ping'an sighed as he sat back down on the small stool, replying, "Mr. Qi said that virtuous people can be deceived through means within reason."

Old Man Yang was slightly annoyed as he grumbled, "Those old geezers who are honored in the temples... Have their brains short-circuited or something? Someone is clearly targeting Mountain Cliff Academy and Qi Jingchun, yet they're still standing on the sidelines with their hands clasped behind their backs? Do they genuinely believe that they're inanimate objects carved from wood and shaped from clay[1]?"

Chen Ping'an didn't hear him clearly, so he asked, "Grandpa Yang, did you say something?"

The old man remained silent.

Heh, so this is a man whos willing to become a virtuous person but not a Sage.

1. This is referring to the fact that the Confucian Sages have statues in the temples.

Chapter end

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